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King Mongkut's University of Technology

Company Profile

The Center of Operation for FIeld RoBOtics Development (FIBO) was established during th 7th Educational Development Plan under the purpose of promoting higher education and advanced research in the area of manufacturing automation and industrial robots. This center also aims to render consultant service to Thai industries. The service includes technology selection and diversification, which will promote productivity and creativity of Thai industry. At present, robots and mechatronic devices are extensively used in high precision manufacturing while maintaining minimum throughput time. Robots gradually evolved from simple mechanisms for moving some parts from one point to another point. Such ability allows us to accomplish only non-complicated tasks. In some countries having nuclear electricity generating plants some control instrument systems are developed and built to detect, measure and maintenance processes in hazardous environment. Robots are not only used in manufacturing but also used in space exploration. Examples of space robots are the Ambler, a Mar exploration robot, was built and developed at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, JEM (Japan Experiment Module) project, a part of the “Freedom” space station, will be composed of many types of robots. These robots will perform several experimental tasks such as crystal synthesis and biological interaction. NASA also developed Viking Lander Robot, Lunar Vayer and RMS (Remote Manipulator for System) etc. During this period of economic turmoil in Thailand, FIBO will,however, focus on activities that are related to productivity enhancement. FIBO aims to design fabricate and test some robotic systems, pertinent to the needs from local industry. Therefor, the immediate objectives is to shorten technological gabs from developed countries as well as eliminate technological handicap among local factories.