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Florida International University, Miami
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  • The group focuses on a variety of topics including mechatronic design of robotic and automation systems, implementation of fault tolerance to mechanical systems, fault-tolerant design, fault recovery systems, development of modular architectures, intelligent controllers, robotics technology for waste site operations, design of very light robots, long-reach arm development, biomedical use of robotics technology and teleoperation systems.
Product Portfolio
  • Projects

    • Teleoperation and Telesensation System Design

      • Force-Reflecting Manual Controller Design for Teleoperation
      • Construction of a Force-Reflecting Teleoperation Prototype
      • Strategies to Minimize Time Delay Problems in Teleoperation
      • Development of a Virtual Reality-Based Telesensation System
      • Design and Construction of a Wall-Crawler Robot for Nuclear Reactor Inspection Tasks
    • Humanoid Robots

      • Biped Humanoid Robot Design
      • Gait Development: Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis
      • Development of Automatic Gait Generator Software
      • System Miniaturization
    • Intelligent Controllers

      • Design of Intelligent Controllers
      • Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of Controllers
    • Fault-Tolerant Systems

      • Fault-Tolerant Controller Design for Robotic Systems
      • Design and Construction of an Intelligent Fault-Tolerant Mobile Platform
      • Development of Fault-Tolerant Robot Architecture
      • Measurement of Fault Tolerance Capacity in Mechanical Systems
    • Flexible System Modeling

      • Modeling Joint and Link Flexibilities in Multi-Degree-of-Freedom, Spatial Modular Manipulators
      • Control of Flexible, Spatial Robots
      • Controllability of Flexible Manipulators
      • Design and Simulation of Long-Reach Robotic Arms
    • Mechatronic Systems

      • Mechatronic Design of Mechanical Systems
      • User-Friendly Graphical User Interface Software Development for Mechatronic System Operations
    • Modular System Design

      • Development of Modular Architectures for Automation Systems
      • Crawling and Walking Robot Design
      • Design of a Sensor Enclosure Module for High-Temperature Environments