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  • Offer Profile
  • Since more than ten years, we design, develop and manufacture mobile robot systems of all kinds and for customers all over the world. We always try to improve the field of robotics where the traditional, industry approved robots meet the visions, prototypes and experiments of the high-end research facilities.
    This is where we want to convert the researchers enthusiasm for new ideas and concepts into reliable, affordable, yet ground-breaking new products.

    This is what drives Neobotix.

    We provide
    • Transport robots
    • Robots for research
    • Robots for entertainment and customer information
    • Film and studio automation
Product Portfolio
  • Mobile robots

    • MP-400

    • Small, agile robot for material flow and intralogistics in industrial applications.
      Automatic charging station and load handling system available.

      Payload: 100kg
      Dimensions: 590 x 559 x 380
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <1,5m/s
    • MP-500

    • Compact, industrial grade robot for material flow and intralogistics.
      Very good system for robotics research when equipped with a robot arm.

      Payload: 50kg
      Dimensions: 814 x 592 x 361
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <1,5m/s
    • MPO-500

    • Compact, omnidirectional robot with Mecanum wheels.
      Very good system for robotics research when equipped with a robot arm.

      Payload: 50kg / 120kg
      Dimensions: 986 x 692 x 409
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <0,8m/s
    • MP-600

    • Very versatile robot for research and entertainment applications.
      Reaches impressive uptime even with an integrated robot arm.

      Payload: 100kg
      Dimensions: 576 x 540 x 602
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <1m/s
    • MP-700

    • Strong and stable robot for transportation and research.
      Ready for integration of two or more robot arms.

      Payload: 150kg
      Dimensions: 786 x 717 x 411
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <1m/s
    • MPO-700

    • Strong, omnidirectional robot with innovative kinematics.
      State-of-the-art hardware for service robotics research.
      Payload: 300kg
      Dimensions: 741 x 509 x 348
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <1.0m/s
    • MP-800

    • Biggest and strongest mobile robot for industrial applications.
      Designed as mobile base for industrial robot arms.

      Payload: 500kg
      Dimensions: 1194 x 1074 x 877
      (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed: <0,5m/s
  • Mobile manipulators

    • MM-500

    • Mobile manipulator for industrial handling applications and research. Well-proven system with the great cost-performance ratio.
      Payload:   40kg (Pltf.) / 5kg (Arm)
      Arm:   Universal Robots, Schunk
      Dimensions:   818 x 592 x 424 (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed:   <1,5m/s
    • MMO-500

    • Omni-directional manipulator for service robotics research. Impressive features and easy to control kinematics.
      Payload:   70kg (Pltf.) / 10kg (Arm)
      Arm:   Universal Robots, Schunk
      Dimensions:   986 x 692 x 409 (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed:   <0,8m/s
    • MM-800

    • Strong mobile manipulator for industrial applications. High payload and very easy to customise or integrate additional components.
      Payload:   100kg (pltf.) / approx. 16kg (arm)
      Arm:   KUKA KR 16-2 KS
      Dimensions:   1194 x 1074 x 877 (LxWxH, in mm)
      Speed:   <0,5m/s
  • Telepresence robot

      • MG-500

      • The telepresence robot MG-500 is based on the MP-500 but is equipped with a sophisticated sensor head. With this extension the system is perfectly suited for most telepresence applications.
        The fields of possible applications include virtual visits of show rooms as well as remote inspection and diagnostics or even fully autonomous surveillance.

        The MG-500 can do much more than just go on arbitrary or predefined patrols and provide the controler with live camera feed. When controlled via the Neobotix PlatformCtrl the mobile robot can be moved and positioned freely in its work area.
        Once the destination has been reached, the fish-eye camera, the audio connection and the data of all installed sensors is available. Furthermore the platform's digital inputs and outputs allow the operation of almost any additional device.
        This way the headlights but also sirens, signal lights and many other systems can be used.

        814 x 592 x 548
        (LxWxH, in mm)

         < 1.5m/s
        up to 10h or up to 8km

        1 x 2D laser scanner
        5 x ultrasonic sensors
        1 x fish-eye PTZ-camera
        4 x passive-infrared detectors
        1 x microphone (optional)

        Control via:
        External PC (WLAN)
        On-board computer (keypad, LCD)
  • Transport systems

  • The transport robots MT-400 and MT-500 are based on the mobile robots MP-400 and MP-500. The big difference to traditional automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) is that transport robots can react dynamically to unexpected changes of their surrounding.
      • Transport system MT-400

      • The transport robot MT-500 is a modification of the basic mobile robot MP-400, featuring extensions for material flow applications. One example of a load handling device is the integrated roller conveyor which allows the MT-400 to automatically receive and deliver suitable goods, like boxes or crates.

        Payload: 100kg
        Dimensions: 590 x 559 x 600 (LxWxH, in mm)
        Speed: <1,5m/s
        Uptime: up to 10h
        up to 8km
        Sensors: 1 x 2D laser scanner
        6 x ultrasonic sensors (optional)
        Control via: External PC (WLAN)
        On-board computer (keypad, LCD)
      • Transport system MT-500

      • The transport robot MT-500 is based on the MP-500 but integrates application specific extensions for handling different loads. The cargo area can be fully customised according to the goods that are to be transported. For fully autonomous operation an active load handling device can also be integrated into the robot. Such a system enables the MT-500 to automatically receive and deliver boxes, crates and other suitable loads.

        Payload:   80kg
        Dimensions:   814 x 592 x 361 (LxWxH, in mm)
        Speed:   <1,5m/s
        Uptime:   up to 10h
          up to 8km
        Sensors:   1 x 2D laser scanner
          5 x ultrasonic sensors
        Control via:   External PC (WLAN)
          On-board computer (keypad, LCD)
  • Entertainment robot

      • Mobile entertainment robot "ME-600"

      • The mobile entertainment robot ME-600 is Neobotix' solution for a change in event marketing and customer contact.

        The ME-600 is, different from ordinary remote controlled robots, much more than a simple eye-catcher:
        Thanks to its two touchscreens, the audio system and the moveable head it is perfectly suited for the interaction with customers, visitors or guests, offering a lot of variety.

        The basic version is already fully mobile and equipped with a 12" touchscreen. It can be customised with a large range of options and extensions. Individual cover design can be realised as well as different light and special effects. The powerful on-board computer can be used for presentations or games, can display multimedia information or provide access to your website or an online catalogue.
        Special features:   Pan-tilt head
          12"- and 8"-touchscreens
          Fish-eye PTZ-camera
          Audio system
        Dimensions:   576 x 540 x 1402/1740
          (LxWxH, in mm)
        Speed:   <1,0m/s
        Uptime:   up to 10h
        Sensors:   1 x 2D laser scanner
          4 x ultrasonic sensors
        Control via:   External PC (WLAN)
          On-board computer (12" touchscreen)
  • Components

    • Omni-Drive-Module

    • Drive unit for omnidirectional platforms
      The drive modules that are used in the omnidirectional robot MPO-700 can also be ordered separately.
      Each ready-to-install unit consists of the complete gear box, two brushless servo motors and two high-performance servo amplifiers. Both axes can rotate infinitely. A position switch integrated into the orientation axis can be used for homing.
      • Maintenance-free 300W servo motors
      • Lifetime lubrication
      • Supply voltage 48V or 24V
      • Communication via CAN
    • USBoard

    • Ultrasonic board for 16 ultrasonic sensors and 4 analogue sensors
      • Up to 16 Bosch URF6 ultrasonic sensors
      • Up to 4 analogue sensors
      • Wide range supply voltage: 9VDC up to 60VDC
      • communication interfaces: RS-232, CAN-Bus
    • IOBoard

    • Input/output microcontroller board for control and measurement applications
      • 16 opto-isolated inputs
      • 12 opto-isolated outputs
      • 4 relays, max. current 2A
      • 4 analogue inputs, voltage range 0 - 5V
      • Communication interfaces: RS-232, CAN-Bus
      • Wide supply voltage range: 8 - 60VDC, 5VDC optional
  • Options

    • USBoard

    • Additional ultrasonic board for 16 ultrasonic sensors and 4 analogue sensors
      • Up to 16 Bosch URF6 ultrasonic sensors
      • Up to 4 analogue sensors
      • Wide range supply voltage: 9VDC up to 60VDC
      • communication interfaces: RS-232, CAN-Bus
    • IOBoard

    • Additional input/output microcontroller board for control and measurement applications
      • 16 optoisolated inputs
      • 12 optoisolated outputs
      • 4 relays, max. current 2 A
      • 4 analogue inputs, voltage range 0 - 5V
      • communication interfaces: RS-232, CAN-Bus
    • Sensors

    • Application specific sensor equipment
      • Up to 16 ultrasonic sensors
      • High accuracy localisation by laser measurement
      • Monitoring of the workspace
      • 360°-scan for optimised navigation
      • Presence check for parts and load
      • Virtually any sensor can be integrated
    • Navigation system

    • High accuracy localisation and navigation systems
      • Integration of different navigation systems from Sick
      • Localisation with accuracy of ± 4mm @ 28m or ± 10mm @ 70m
      • Different localisation techniques
      • Well-proven, industrial-grade systems
      • Highest reliability due to redundancy
    • Automatic charging station

    • Allows the robot to automatically recharge
      This weatherproof charging station can be connected to the standard battery charger included in delievery. If the station is available, the mobile platform can autonomously recharge its batteries. Once the station has been installed, no user interaction is necessary any more. Recharging can be initiated either on command, when reaching a critical charge or upon a programmed schedule. It can be stopped on command, after a fixed time or when reaching full charge. In case there are breaks of unknown duration between two jobs, the robot can spent this time at the charging station and so will always be ready for duty.
      Of course there is no danger for persons, neither by the station itself nor by the platform's contacts.
    • Manual control unit

    • Portable controller for easy teaching of manipulator arms
      • Optional use, e.g. with the MM-800
      • Allows user to safely enter the work space
      • Emergency stop button and dead-man-switches
      • Key switch prevents unauthorized use
      • 3D-joystick for direct control
      • Touchscreen and physical hotkeys
      • Access to all important functions of ArmCtrl
      • Fatigue-free operation for both right and left handed users
    • Safety controller

    • Programmable safety controller for complex systems
      • State-of-the-art from Sick
      • Complex safety functions can be implemented
      • Programmable and extendable
      • Supports all common safety features
      • Interaction with PlatformCtrl and ArmCtrl possible
    • Remote emergency stop system

    • Remote control for additional safety
      • Safe stop of the robot from a distance
      • Convenient reset via remote control
      • Operation from outside the robot's workspace
      • Fully safety approved
      • Additional commands via remote control possible
    • Customised design

    • Individual colouring, material and design
      • Several possible colours of the aluminium plates
      • Different materials and colours for the covers
      • Completely new design for unique applications
      • Developed by professional designers
      • Years of experience with customised robots
  • Software

  • Neobotix provides complete software solutions for both autonomous, mobile robots and robot arms.
    • PlatformCtrl contains everything necessary to install, operate, program, test and automate an autonomous robot vehicle.
    • ArmCtrl is the software solution to control almost any robot arm.
    Both packages can easily be linked together. Application control programs, written in the script language Python, can seamlessly interact with both modules at the same time.This makes working with mobile manipulators surprisingly easy.
    • PlatformCtrl

    • PlatformCtrl is the established control software for all mobile robots from Neobotix. It can be used for all robots with differential drive and contains all necessary functions for autonomous mobile robots:
      • Localisation: The information extracted from the laser scan of the environment is permanently matched with an internal map of the workspace. This enables the robot to calculate its position with high accuracy. Optional systems can be used to achieve even millimetre accuracy. Only natural landmarks (like walls) are required for localisation. No modification of the workspace is needed, saving costs and time. Very difficult situations can be handled by using simple paste-on reflectors.
      • Knowledge of the surrounding: The internal map not only allows the robot to find its correct position. It is also used to safely plan paths through areas which are not visible at the moment. If routes have been defined, the robot will choose the best path among these routes, avoiding difficult situations altogether. Due to the permanent scanning of the environment, dynamic obstacles are detected early and collisions can be avoided safely.
      • Motion control: PlatformCtrl makes all robots follow their predefined paths precisely and reliably. The destinations are reached with impressive repeat accuracy.
      • Simulation: The integrated simulation mode can be used to plan and estimate installations very close to reality without the need for a real robot. Optimising processes and cycle times early in the project also helps to reduce costs and to increase efficiency.
    • Intuitive graphical user interface

    • When installed on any computer and connected to the robot via WLAN the graphical user interface of PlatformCtrl provides a convenient tool to quickly set up the robot application. PlatformCtrl comes with an editor that is as intuitive as a drawing program: maps, routes and destinations can be created and modified by simple drag-and-drop. Once a map has been created, all important functions of the robot can immediately be tested. This reduces the installation time and gets the system operational literally within minutes.
      PlatformCtrl provides several user-friendly functions:
      • Mapping: The required maps can be created by almost anybody with the convenient integrated editor. Beside the landmarks that are necessary for localisation, a number of supporting elements can be used to make the programming even easier.
      • Routes: Destinations and the paths connecting them can be defined by drag-and-drop. Different kinds of paths can be used to exactly match the application's requirements.
      • Motion modes: The robot can be remote controlled while creating the map. With a simple mouse click it can also be ordered to autonomously move to any given position within the workspace. And of course all routes and destinations can also be tested directly after they have been created.
      • Programming: The user-friendly language Python can be used to create program for the robot. Anything from a simple script to a dynamic application control system is possible. PlatformCtrl can even interact with ArmCtrl.
    • ArmCtrl

    • ArmCtrl is a universal control software for almost any robot arm. It can handle an individually built Schunk light-weight arm as good as a KUKA industrial robot arm.
      All functions that are requested for an up-to-date robot arm are included in ArmCtrl:
      • Generic kinematics: ArmCtrl can be individually configured to handle different kinematics. Possible applications start with a single axis and reach up to a 7DOF robot arm with gripper and auxiliary axes.
      • Teach-in: New positions can be programmed in all motion modes, making it easy to work under different conditions. Teach-in is especially convenient when using a 6D-mouse or our manual control unit.
      • Motion control: The real-time operating system used with ArmCtrl guarantees very short and reliable cycle times. Different acceleration types provide smooth or highly dynamic movements.
      • Motion modes: ArmCtrl supports all important motion modes. Single-axis control can be used when teaching new positions. The point-to-point mode can handle even extraordinary kinematics or combinations of arm, gripper and other axes. Cartesian motion is very convenient in programming and for certain manipulations. Separate positions can be combined to complex trajectories.
    • Sophisticated graphical user interface

    • All functions of ArmCtrl can be accessed via a modern graphical user interface. The interface is network-compatible and can be used to control the robot arm from any remote computer.
      Many useful features are integrated in ArmCtrl:
      • Input choices: ArmCtrl can be used with mouse and keyboard but also conveniently with a touchscreen. A 6D-mouse is very useful for teach-in in Cartesian mode. The manual control unit features an interface that is optimised for working inside the robot's workspace.
      • Teach-in: New positions can be saved at any time. Their coordinates can then be changed manually. Positions within trajectories can be swapped, removed and added later on as well.
      • Testing: All positions and trajectories can be tested separately. ArmCtrl allows to adjust the motion speed steplessly. This increases safety and helps in finding the best cycle time for your application.
      • Programming: ArmCtrl can work with complete programs written in the convenient programming language Python. Almost any application, from a simple tradeshow presentation to a complex process control, can be realised. And interaction with PlatformCtrl is also possible.
  • Broadcasting

  • Robot systems for studio automation need to be customised in order to realise the desired effects.
    • CamRobot

    • The mobile camera robot is a special version of the mobile manipulator MM-800.
      Unrivaled camera trajetories become possible using the 6 degrees of freedom of the arm and its large workspace of about 1.8m radius. Camera positioning includes translation (X, Y, Z) and rotation (Yaw, Pitch, Roll). Target frames in space can be connected to obtain smooth trajectories running through all points without intermediate stop.
    • CamLift

    • The pedestal CamLift contains a high-quality servo column with 1m lift range. This pedestal can be manually placed in the studio and then can easily be locked at its target position due to its innovative fixing system. A single foot-operated lever firmly locks the castor wheels and allows even big pan-tilt-heads to operate safely and without undesired motion.
      The lift column can seamlessly be integrated into the cinneo software ControlPanel and works as a full robot axis capable of the same motion types as all other robot systems.
    • TrackDolly

    • TrackDolly is a track dolly carrying a lift axis and a pan-tilt head. It is possible to mount the track on the ceiling, on the floor or at a wall. The shape of the track can be defined by the customer. Possible track shapes are straight, circle, part of a circle or a mixture of both.
    • JoystickPad

    • JoystickPad is the unique input equipment for all devices of the broadcasting line. It provides easy-to-use control of pan-tilt heads, track dollies or robot arms. The joystick pad features 2 high quality 3-axis joysticks, 3 high resolution encoders, 8 buttons for camera selection, 8 buttons for shot selection and several buttons for special functions.
    • ControlPanel

    • ControlPanel is the unique control and operating software for all devices of the Neobotix broadcasting line. It provides a shot based user interface together with a multi-functional joystick pad. The main view is a scene which holds all camera motion devices like robot manipulator, track or pan-tilt head of one studio setup. The user can store an unlimited number of shots for each device which are displayed as thumbnail pictures. At time of broadcasting the predefined shots are recalled while the operator still has the possibility to correct motion with the JoystickPad.
    • CamMatching

    • CamMatching is a new, PC-based control system for parametrisation of studio cameras. At one central workstation the user has a clearly arranged graphical user interface that shows the camera parameters like gamma, flare, master black or tally-signal of up to 20 cameras. CamMatching needs little computational power and can run on the same PC doing camera motion control. That way one operator efficiently controls both motion and matching.