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Company Profile

Our objective is to research into the foundations, representations and applications of intelligent systems. This research in computer science is focused on Knowledge Technology and Knowledge Management motivated by natural systems, e.g. biology, cognition and neuroscience. We want to study and exploit nature-inspired, in particular hybrid neural and symbolic representations, in order to build next-generation adaptive knowledge-based systems, learning ambient intelligence systems, multimodal neural agents, self organising knowledge discovery systems and human robot interaction systems. Applications include medical reasoning under uncertainty, intelligent retrieval systems, interactive systems, adaptive engineering, data/text mining systems, cognitive and neuroscience-inspired robots, speech/language systems, intelligent web agents and hybrid techniques for medical diagnosis.

Product Range

  • AI artificial intelligence research
  • AI research: Autonomous navigation
  • AI research: Cognitive robotics
  • AI research: Communication
  • AI research: Cross-modal Interaction in natural and artificial cognitive systems
  • AI research: Human-Robot interaction
  • AI research: Neuron-based robot
  • AI research: Robot expression
  • AI research: Robot understanding
  • AI research: Robotics for development of cognition
  • AI research: Tactile recognition
  • Mobile robot research: Autonomous robots
  • Mobile robot research: Bipedal walking
  • Mobile robot research: Legged machines
  • Mobile robot research: Service robot
  • Mobile robot research: Service robot for aging
  • Research: Androids
  • Research: Neural network research