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Robotix Lab Research Academy (Chennai)

Company Profile

Robotix Lab Research Academy Robotix Lab Research Academy was an initiative by Mrs. Veejayshree and Dr. G. Satheesh Kumar with the sole aim of taking "THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE NEXT GENERATION" to people of all age groups and across all financial backgrounds. Robotix Lab Research Academy was a result of two years of intense research by Dr. G. Satheesh Kumar, a Ph.D. in Robotics from IIT Madras and Mrs. Veejayshree, a person with more than EIGHT years of experience involving various Educational Services and Education based events. During these two years of research, it was realized that there was a very high level of ignorance on Robotics in our country while the same field saw development by leaps and bounds in other countries. Thus it was decided that the best way to solve this problem of ignorance could only be solved if it was tackled right from the grassroots’ level. While there were organizations in India that were working on proving Educational solutions on Robotics, they could only cater to a specific domain Engineering College Students and sadly none of them could do anything for the School children. Robotix Lab Research Academy was thus formed to take Robotics primarily to Schools, and ensure that a specialized knowledge on Robotics was given to the College Students. Today Robotix Lab Research Academy has developed expertise in setting up Robotics Laboratories inside Schools for the exclusive use of the school students. Also, Robotix Lab Research Academy has developed an extensive syllabus on Robotics for the School students starting from Class 1 to Class – 12, which is being accepted as a part of the curriculum in the schools. The syllabus on Robotics has been aligned along the lines of the Science and Mathematics syllabus that the students learn in the classrooms. This curriculum on Robotics gives a Hands-on Experience with live physical models for the students on the subjects learnt in the class room, thereby giving the students a better understanding and an interesting learning experience.