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Company Profile

my name is Kamil, i was born in 1987 and I work as a Java developer in Procus. In the free time I’m enthusiastic robot builder, Haruki Murakami reader, pizza eater and FC Barcelona fan. I’ve tried to built few robots in the past, but I always failed – too little money, too little experience and small programming apparatus… I believe, my time as robot builder has come. I have good work, almost 5 years (since 2007 ) of profesional programming experience, I’ve tasted lot of different technologies – and the Spirit Junior was born. I intentionally choose name after the Spirit Mars exploration rover, that is now deceased, and is in my opinion greatest achievement of mankind (today Curiosity is still in JPL facilities). At this time the first version of Spirit Junior is fully completed – six wheeled Ackerman with space for 15” laptop and 5l beer barrel. This blog is about rebuilding current six wheeled Ackerman bogie to six wheeled rocker-bogie, just like original Spirit had. If you have any ideas or thoughts you want to share, comment on something, or write me to kamil szabo moonrabbit eu.