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Company Profile

Codian Robotics BV is established in June 2011 as an independent company. More than 1000 pick & place robots were sold since the first one was designed and produced in 2002.

In the beginning Codian belonged to a solutions manufacturer for the packaging industry and the first delta robot was called Unigrabber (this name changed later to D2-1000). Through the years this product was modernised and is still very successful.

As the market always request more and different payloads, we decided to make a complete range. Nowadays we can offer the following D2 range D2-800, D2-1000, D2-1000 TWIN, D2-1500 all with different working areas; the payload goes from 1kg till 40kg.

From the beginning we decided to have an open interface, giving our customers a free choice of a control system. We see our Delta robots equipped with different brands such as Beckhoff, B&R, Elau/Schneider Electric, Rockwell, Siemens (see also our reference page).

In 2006 we were asked to develop a high performance pick & place solution, a so called spider or tripod. Our first design of this D4-series was tested thoroughly before entering the market. At first we used three of these kind of “flex pickers” to construct a pick and place packaging cell. This became a great success. Combined with a vision system our customer was able to realise 350 picks per minute. Then history repeated and we were asked to develop different sizes due to the handling of all kinds of products. At first we designed a D4-1100 with or without rotation axis. Very soon universities approached us to develop a very small one so students could get knowledge of this product. The D4-500 delta robot was born and there is still the possibility to buy a demo version as well.

These so called spider robots are very flexible and have very high performances (max 200 picks per minute) for all kinds of industries and due to the very light and stiff construction these products become more and more well-known.

Very soon we designed the D4-800 and D4-1300. And this year we exhibited the D4-1600 with a payload of 8 kg at the Automatica Fair in Munich. Before this exhibition we tested this robot for about 6 months. These days we can offer the following D4 range D4-500 demo, D4-500, D4-800, D4-1100, D4-1300, D4-1600.

Now and again our customers are asking to help them in sanitary surroundings so we decided to copy our D2 and D4 series in a hygienic version. This looks a bit more simple than it is, but we are sure to have this whole series ready in 2013. We are thinking of new names for these series hygienic pick & place robots. Maybe HD2 and HD4 or SD2 and SD4, we do not know yet. We like to continue this story as soon as our hygienic or sanitary high speed/high performance pick and place robots will be ready and tested.