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  • ST Robotics makes and sells 4 completely different types of robot arms: the low cost R12 500mm articulated robot, the R17 750mm articulated robot, R18 Delta format robot and the R19 cylindrical format robot. R12 and R17 are available in both 5 and 6 axis versions by means of 6th axis modules so if you don't need 6 axes there is no need to pay for the extra axis. The R17HS is the high speed version of R17 and is phenomenally fast for applications requiring speed such as production¬† and recycling.

    Any of the robots can be mounted on an optional track which is made to order to any length the customer requires.

    We have a wide range of accessories, grippers, tool changers, I/O, bluetooth, IoT, voice control and many other innovative products.

    Our maxim is 'keep it simple'. Complexity causes stress and costs time. Simplicity equals reliability, a shorter learning curve and a shorter time to get up and running.

    Our robot software, RoboForth is neither graphic nor script based but is a kind of conversation between the user and the robot. The user has a dictionary of English words and entering one or more of them gets instant response from the robot and a sequence of such words defines the final task.

Product Portfolio
  • Fast and accurate 5 and 6 axis version

      • Low cost longer reach robot arm

          • Oil Sample measurement

              • Dual robot system

                  • Linear Track

                      • Pharmaceutical Research

                          • Software

                          • The most powerful feature of ST robots is the RoboForth embedded software. It is not GUI based, neither is it script based but is interactive and conversational (in fact you can even use voice to command the robot). It consists of a dictionary of words in the controller and programming is achieved by defining new words in terms of words already in the dictionary. It is absolutely the fastest system to get up and running in literally just a few minutes and yet is also capable of highly complex programming far ahead of any other software system.