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Company Profile

Academy of Robotics is the brain child of skilled professionals, providing Education in the field of Robotics Technology . Here @ Academy of Robotics, we provide a Platform to the students, to unleash their Dreams, Skills, and Creativity, and assist them to explore their budding Hidden potentials. Let them explore the Hidden Horizons and cross the boundaries they never though they could. Team & Founders : Founded by an elite team from across the world with more than 2 decades of experience in IT industry, Directors from India and abroad have worked a lot to put their expertise in the organization and tailor make it for Indian Learning Standards. Academy of Robotics is constantly working in its R&D Center to provide the Latest Updates to give the best in the industry to the ‘Todays’ Children and Youth. At AOR, we strive to provide the best services at an affordable Price Tag to make Robotic Education reachable to all. With the best of the Labs provided, your child / student can unleash the best of their potential and create unbelievable Robots in just no time! Education @ its Best At Academy of Robotics, we believe The best Education is possible only in the Best Atmosphere with abundant resources and perfectly Hands on Experience which is far better than theoretical Training.

Product Range

  • Research: Junior robotics