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  • Photron's varied product range makes it the first choice for designers, manufacturers, R&D and test engineers to solve their most challenging motion problems.

    Whether it's testing a new product design or piece of equipment or trouble-shooting a high-speed production line, Photron's digital camera systems can capture thousands of high resolution images for playback and analysis. And with Photron Motion Tools software, users can automatically track the motion of any point within a recorded sequence.

    Photron's continuing development of new state-of-the-art products shows our commitment to furthering research and development in the areas of digital imaging and motion analysis solutions.
Product Portfolio


    • The world's leader in ultra-high-speed, high resolution recording
      312 (horizontal) x 260 (vertical) pixels
      Recording Speed up to 1,000,000 frames per second

      The ultra-high-speed, high-resolution Fastcam IS-1M camera system is a revolutionary 312 x 260 pixel resolution ISIS (in-situ image storage) CCD sensor system designed to capture a wide range of ultra high-speed phenomena at up to 1,000,000 frames per second (fps). The key feature of the new camera is the sensor where the signal storage areas for the recorded images are incorporated within the chip. Light entering the light sensitive part of the IS-CCD is converted into an electrical signal before being transmitted sequentially to the storage areas immediately adjacent to the sensitive area of the pixel before being transmitted to the output stage. This 'in-situ' storage method avoids the sequential backlog, caused by the limited number of output circuits, of conventional CCD's, enabling much higher framing rates to be achieved. Extremely light sensitive, the 10-bit monochrome Fastcam IS-1M captures a wide range of high speed events, even in low light conditions, while the 100 frame image buffer provides adequate synchronous record duration for the majority of ultra high speed phenomena such as ink jet droplet measurement, micro PIV, combustion, crack propagation or blast dynamics. The Fastcam IS-1M is provided with easy to use software via USB.

    • Frame rates:
      50 fps @1,920 x 440 up to
      75,000 fps @256 x 32

      The FASTCAM SA6 has been developed to permit high definition recording and detailed high speed analysis of large spatial areas in applications such as automotive safety testing, fluid dynamics and solid mechanics. The system provides 1920x1440 pixel image resolution at all frame rates up to 1,125fps, 1920x1080 full HD resolution at frame rates up to 1,500fps and recording rates up to 75,000fps at reduced resolution.
      The system utilizes a high performance CMOS image sensor to provide excellent light sensitivity allowing high speed recordings to be made with the minimum of additional lighting. The utilization of 12bit dynamic range output yields exceptional image quality and superior color fidelity. Photron's experience in the field of high quality broadcast imaging provides a stable camera operation and superior imaging performance.
      The camera may be controlled via the optional remote local keypad or over a Gigabit Ethernet network, and is fully compatible with the Photron J-BOX for multiple camera installations. Integrated capping shutter to facilitate automated calibration and automated lens control options further extend the ease of system operation. The system is supplied with intuitive Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software and Photron Device Control SDK(software development kit) allowing integration with user specific software.

    • Frame rates:
      1,000 fps @1,024 x 1,024 up to
      775,000 fps @128  x 24

      Built upon Photron's Emmy award winning high speed video camera success, the FASTCAM SA5 once more raises the bar on what a high speed camera should be capable of.

      Providing a staggering 7,500 frames per second (fps) at mega pixel resolution and reduced resolution operation to one million frames per second, the FASTCAM SA5 delivers unsurpassed light sensitivity (ISO 10000-test compliant with ISO12232 S sat) and dynamic range through its 12-bit monochrome (36-bit RGB color) sensor with twenty micron square pixels.

      The FASTCAM SA5 is available with three memory configurations:
      • 8GB for 5.46 seconds record time at full resolution
      • 16GB providing 1.56 seconds at full resolution and 7,000 fps
      • 32GB for 3 seconds at 1K x 1K at 7,500 fps
      The FASTCAM SA5 is provided with a remote control keypad, complete with built in five inch LCD screen for full, computer free, operation. And our award winning Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software comes complete with Software Developers Kit (SDK) for users wishing to integrate camera control, replay and download into their own dedicated software.

    • Frame rates:
      1,000 fps @1,024 x 1,024 up to
      500,000 fps @128 x 16

      High performance CMOS sensor technology providing 3,600 fps operation at 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution and frame rates up to 500,000 fps at reduced resolution.

      To complement the existing range of Photron high-performance high-speed imaging products, the FASTCAM SA4 delivers a fully featured system including mega-pixel resolution, high light sensitivity, high dynamic range and low noise at an attractive price level. For demanding applications that do not require the highest frame rates but where all other aspects of system specification are important the FASTCAM SA4 is the correct choice. Applications include fluid dynamics, biomechanics, material test, airbag development and test, microscopy and automotive safety testing.

      The FASTCAM SA4 is 100% compatible with the existing range of Photron products and shares features such as remote keypad with built in view finder for remote operation and support of Photron data acquisition devices.
      For applications where ingress of dust would be hazardous or external fans are undesirable a sealed case option (FASTCAM SA4 RV) is available.
      Target applications include:
      Materials research, Ballistics, Aerospace, PIV, Combustion, Cavitation, Fluid dynamics

    • Frame rates (depends on model):
      1,000 fps @1,024 x 1,024 up to
      120,000 fps @128  x 16

      New from Photron, the FASTCAM SA3 utilizes the same CMOS sensor technology as used in their Emmy award winning high speed cameras and provides mega pixel resolution (1K by 1K pixels) up to 2,000 frames per second (fps). Engineered to survive hostile environments to 100G's in any axis, the FASTCAM SA3 is a compact and rugged camera ideal for those applications requiring reliability and superior image quality, regardless of the situation.
      The super light sensitive sensor provides 12-bit dynamic range from its large seventeen micron square pixels without falling back on interlacing or interpolation trickery, a serious consideration for anyone requiring precise motion analysis. A two microsecond global electronic shutter ensures your images are blur free regardless of speed.
      Two models of the FASTCAM SA3 are available; starting with the 60K model that provides full resolution to 1,000 fps, with a top speed of 60,000 fps at reduced resolution, and culminating in the FASTCAM SA3 120K that provides 2,000 fps at 1,024 by 1,024 pixel resolution, and reduced resolution operations as fast as 120,000 fps. Both models are available with either two, four or eight Gigabytes onboard memory, color or monochrome.
      STOP PRESS: Photron has just released a new model with battery backup included. The built in battery provides one and a half hours data retention in the event power is lost.
      Optional accessories include an RS422 remote control keypad with built-in 5" LCD display to make setting up and operating the camera without a computer needing to be connected via the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port. The camera is provided with both C-mount and F-mount lens mountings, and can be supplied with an optional high-G block mount for use in high-G environments.

    • Frame rates:
      1,000 fps @2,048 x 2,048 up to
      86,400 fps @256 x 32

      Full HD Resolution to 2,000 frames per second (fps)
      The FASTCAM SA2 represents the very latest in high speed camera technology, its 2,048 by 2,048 pixel sensor provides full 12-bit resolution to over 1,000 fps and Full HD resolution at 2,000 fps!
      Engineered to Photron's usual very high standards (we enjoy the best reputation for reliability and user satisfaction in our industry) the FASTCAM SA2 utilizes a purpose-built electronically cooled 12-bit monochrome, 36-bit RGB color, sensor for excellent light sensitivity, color fidelity and dynamic range. If you're fed up with the dull, muddy images from other high speed cameras provide, perhaps it is time you took a look at the SA2.

      Operating as fast as 86,400 frames per second at reduced resolution, the SA2's CMOS sensor is perfectly suited to provide our PIV and DIC customers with a new solution for their high speed imaging applications requiring greater resolution than our proven FASTCAM SA1 and 1024 PCI systems provide. The FASTCAM uses an RS-422, hot-pluggable, remote control keypad for easy operation without needing a computer connected at all times.
      The FASTCAM SA2 is available in three memory configurations; 8GB, 16GB and 32GB providing affordable record durations to over five seconds at full HD resolution at 2,000 frames per second. To help ensure your images are crystal clear a 2.7 microsecond shutter is used, independent of frame rate, to remove any blur from subjects moving fast within the sequence.
    • FASTCAM SA1.1

    • Frame rates:
      1,000 fps @1,024 x 1,024 up to
      675,000 fps @64 x 16

      The FASTCAM SA1 improved provides blistering fast speed, unmatched light sensitivity and true 12-bit performance. Capable of over 5,000 full frames per second (fps) at mega pixel (1K x 1K) resolution, the brand new CMOS sensor provides true twelve bit pixel depth and is now capable of reduced resolution faster than 650,000 fps! Building on the experience gained with the EMMY award winning ultima APX and ultima APX-RS cameras, the FASTCAM SA1 is our most light sensitive camera yet, as well as providing the greatest color fidelity of any high speed camera available, thanks to true 12-bit performance. The FASTCAM SA1 provides the perfect tool for those looking for mega pixel resolution at high speeds, as well as those demanding sensitivity and performance with an SDI digital output for TV/movie and commercial work.

      Available with three memory options:
      • Eight (8) Gigabytes for around six seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.
      • Sixteen (16) Gigabytes for over twelve seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.
      • Thirty two (32) Gigabytes for over twenty four seconds record duration at full resolution 1,000 fps.

      The FASTCAM SA1 is supplied with our new RS422 LCD equipped keypad, making computer-free setup and operation a good deal easier. Rear panel BNC connectors provide users with two HD-SDI and one composite (NTSC or PAL) outputs.
      The option of a one micro second shutter (previously 2µs) and reduced time between two frames make the FASTCAM SA1 ideal for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV, Digital Image Correlation(DIS) and ballistics research.



    • Frame rates (depends on model):
      250 fps @512 x 512 up to
      10,000 fps @512 x 96

      The FASTCAM MC2 is an affordable high speed camera specifically designed to provide production line engineers with the tools they need to be able to quickly locate and fix costly faults on the production line.

      Its twin camera heads and tiny (35mm or 1.5" cubed) and very light sensitive and are connected to the processor via 7m (23 foot) flexible cables to enable the FASTCAM MC2 to be easily mounted on and around trouble hot spots, and does not require bulky bracketry or an employee permanently standing by to hold the camera. When a fault occurs, a signal can be sent via the TTL or switch closure connector on the front panel to trigger the cameras to make a high speed recording that shows exactly what caused the blockage, jam or other common but troublesome problem.

      Recording at speeds as fast as 10,000 frames, or pictures, per second, the FASTCAM MC2 provides the tools required to find and fix problems, improve line efficiency, and so provide you a fast ROI. Available in three models (both color or monochrome versions) of 500 fps top speed, 2,000fps, and the top of the range 10,000fps, and with 1GB or 2GB memory options to provides up to eight seconds record time at 1,000 fps (4sec with the 1GB option). Gigabit Ethernet, or the optional RS-422 remote control keypad with built in 5" LCD display, make setting up the camera and downloading recorded high speed videos easy and intuitive. The FASTCAM MC2 is a powerful tool, especially given the pressure of maintaining optimum line speeds and efficiency in today's ever more competitive world.


    • FASTCAM MH4-10K

    • Frame rates:
      250 fps @512 x 512 up to
      10,000 fps @512  x  96

      The multi head FASTCAM MH4 from Photron provides superb light sensitivity from an unbelievable small package. Four camera heads, each less than 1.5” (35mm) square can be connected to the compact DC processor to enable easy high speed imaging in the most difficult to access and hostile environments.
      The FASTCAM MH4 utilizes an 8-bit monochrome/24-bit color, 10μm pixel CMOS sensor that supplies excellent sensitivity throughout the cameras 60 to 10,000 frame per second (fps) operating range with full 512 by 512 pixel resolution available from 60 to 2,000 fps. The standard built-in battery provides a full hour of 'power-loss' security, while the optional expansion battery pack enables umbilical-free complete camera operation and data retention for a full sixty minutes.
      Three camera cable types (90° right, straight, 90° left) and two camera head connector configurations (rear or top mounted) and highly flexible camera cable greatly simplify mounting and positioning the tiny camera heads, especially when combined with the high-G tilting camera mount and compact NF style lenses (C-mount adaptor available).
      Expandable memory; 1 Gigabyte per camera (4 GB total for 4 seconds @ 512 x 512 @ 1,000 fps) is standard, and is expandable to 2 gigabytes per camera head (8GB total = 8 seconds at 1K fps), mean the FASTCAM MH4 can easily be configured for just about any application requiring high-G, high performance imaging.
      A simple to use keypad is supplied and, with the 'live video' (NTSC or PAL) output, removes the necessity of connecting a computer camera for setup or operation or for every small set up change. If a computer is to be used, the Gigabyte Ethernet connection makes this, and image download very easy and fast.

    • Frame rates:
      60 fps @2,048 x 2,048 up to
      86,400 fps @256 x 62

      Max 2,000 fps @1920 x 1080

      Full 1080 High Definition image resolution at up to 2,000 frames per second

      The FASTCAM BC2 HD camera system has been engineered to provide a complete solution to high speed video requirements in broadcast, commercials, television, sports OB and motion picture production applications.

      Photron has drawn on knowledge gained from over thirty years experience in high speed imaging technology, including Academy and Emmy awards for technical achievements to produce a camera providing 12bit dynamic range, high light sensitivity and the highest possible image quality and colour fidelity. The BC2 HD provides four megapixel resolution (2048x2048 pixels) at 1,000 fps, full 1080 HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) at 2,000 fps and frame rates up to 86,000 fps with reduced resolution.
      The BC2 HD is compatible with industry standard broadcast accessories: PL, B4, F and EF lens mounts, HD viewfinders, matte boxes, broadcast tripod plates and rechargeable battery packs/belts.
      Complete camera control is achieved via an RS-422 port utilized by the camera's remote keypad or with Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software through an RJ45 GigaBit Ethernet port.
      Instant image playback is achieved through dual HD-SDI outputs on the camera's rear panel.


  • Photron FASTCAM Viewer

  • Photron's FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software had gained many fans over the years for its robustness, reliability and ease of operation. With the release of several new cameras, specifically the super-fast FASTCAM SA5 and multi-head FASTCAM MH4,
    PFV has been given a face lift and major overhaul to improve its functionality and give it a fresh new look - introducing PFV3.