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Business Profile

We are an established developer and manufacturer of high-precision optomechanical inspection modules and devices, with facilities in the UK, Germany and France.

Since our inception in 1980, we have been a provider of optical inspection and digital imaging engines to some of the worlds most technologically advanced industrial and bioindustrial applications – including high throughput cellular imaging, laser eye surgery, stent inspection, laser fault injection, and many more.

With this deep heritage in industrialised embedded microscopy and imaging, and comprehensive international manufacturing capabilities, we are able to deliver technically perfect optomechanical inspection solutions in serial production to the most demanding applications in machine integrated vision and inspection.

Our Vision
To be a global market leader for embedded imaging module technology

Our Mission

To produce optomechanical components and modules with innovation and efficiency

Our Proposition

To deliver solutions that are 'reduced to the needs' - optimised precisely to the application and budget


1980 Founded as Opto Sonderbedarf GmbH

1992 First to use CCD’s from handycams in machine vision

1994 Pioneer in using stereo microscopy for fluorescence microscopy

1996 Company taken over by Markus Riedi

First to use microscopy with video capturing

2006 Opto expands into the UK

2008 Opto expands into France

2012 Establishing the growth strategy ‘Vision 2020‘

2014 Opto has received the ISO certification ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The Opto Group GmbH & Co KG acquires Alliance Vision sarl located in Montelimar, France.

2015 Opto expands to Asia with foundation of Opto Asia in Hong Kong.

2016 Opto is expanding into Switzerland by acquiring the majority of RobSwiss, located in Lausanne