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Company Profile


Unigraf is an innovative Finland based company specializing in Test Equipment and Software for testing video interfaces, Video Capture Boards and Custom Video Solutions. Its technological strengths are the deep understanding of various kinds of display interfaces, the PC architecture and the requirements of environmental ruggedness.


Unigraf is a worldwide leader of DisplayPort testing tools. Unigraf's CTS test SW and HW are authorized for Link Layer and HDCP certification testing for both Sink and Source Devices. Most leading providers of DisplayPort
enabled devices and components use Unigraf test tools in their laboratories.

Test Automation

Unigraf test automation solution is a complete test system for testing the functionality of display interfaces. Unigraf Test System, UTS, provides an easy to integrate set of software and hardware for production line test stations. The available test equipment hardwaee cover most of the interfaces used in display electronics.

Frame Grabbers

Unigraf is one of the worldwide leading providers of high definition streaming frame grabbers. They are used in Medical, Industrial, Maritime, Simulation and Educational applications in all continents. Unigraf frame grabbers are known for their high fidelity, easiness of use and compatibility to various kind of applications.

Marine Monitors

Unigraf has a long experience for providing system components for industrial control systems. Its Marine LCD Monitors, custom designed PCs and user interface terminals are used in Maritime, Light Defence and Transportation applications.

Unigraf Oy
  • Established in 1990
  • Privately owned
  • About 20 employees
  • CEO Mr. Marko Tiesmäki
  • Located in Espoo, Finland

Product Range

  • Frame grabber
  • Frame grabber: PC frame grabber card
  • Video board for PCs