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  • Offer Profile
  • For more than 30 years, Hörmann Logistik is specialized in the design, development, implementation and installation of sophisticated warehouse and conveyor systems and customized intra logistics system solutions for many different industries and applications.

    We realize tailor-made innovative solutions for high-bay warehouses and small-parts warehouses ensuring the highest possible level of productivity and cost-effectiveness.
Product Portfolio
  • Innovative material flow processes

  • Dynamic markets require complex warehousing strategies that guarantee maximum availability, flexible connection to production and sequential dispatch provision.

    Whether it is an automated high-bay warehouse, small parts and tray warehouse, the innovative miniload solution AutoStore®, picking system or conveyor system: We have tailor-made, economical solutions with varying degrees of automation for every requirement. Flexible and customized - designed to meet your needs and those of your load.

    The HÖRMANN intra Logistics System HiLIS manages, controls, and monitors all functional areas online, and ensures maximum transparency and system availability with its flexible interfaces.
      • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

      • Individual and highly available

        If goods and merchandise are to be stored compactly in a small area, we recommend the individually adapted high-bay warehouse system with fully automatic storage and retrieval from goods receipt to dispatch. For pallets, boxes, rolls, stacks, trays or cartons in different formats and with different weights.

        High-bay warehouses for high performance and for a large variety of articles can be built in single-deep or double-deep storage.

        As a particularly space-saving and efficient solution for warehouses with larger stocks per article, we build channel warehouses with multiple-deep storage and the highest degree of automation.

        With a special telescopic fork technology, we achieve pallet storage up to four times deeper and with channel storage technology, storage can be even deeper. Modern canal vehicles can place each pallet measured before storage at the canal position specified by the WMS with millimetre precision for optimum volume utilisation.

        We achieve the highest flexibility in terms of performance and the storage of different format sizes by means of a special technology with which we can store or retrieve load units with up to nine sub-pallets or single pallets, pairs, triple and quadruple with one SRM game.

          • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

          • Rack systems

            • Clad rack systems
            • Built-in rack constructions
            • Single-position systems Multi-position systems

            Storage method
            • Single-deep
            • Multi-deep

            • Pallets Stacks without pallet
            • Special customer load carriers

            Storage and retrieval machines
            • One mast construction
            • Two mast construction
            • Four mast construction
            • Telescopic fork technology
            • Shuttle technology
            • Shuffle cart
          • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

          • Technical features

            • Travel control
            • Energy recovery Indirect converter for immediate reuse of released energy
            • Compartment fine positioning with laser or camera system
            • Self-learning fine positioning
            • Variable acceleration depending on device load
            • Algorithmic path optimization
          • Automatic High-Bay Warehouse

          • Periphery

            • Roof and wall cladding
            • Smoke and heat exhausting
            • Fire alarm system
            • Sprinkle ring system
            • Oxyreduct system
            • Fire protection gates
            • Lockages
            • Lighting
            • Heating
            • Air-conditioning
        • Corrugated intralogistics

        • The future of the corrugated board industry

          With decades of experience in the corrugated board industry, we have specialized in special handling and gentle storage of corrugated board. Supporting the competitive edge of our customers, we design and implement the next generation of conveying and storage technology. From the corrugator to the automatic format goods warehouse, further on to processing, packaging lines with palletizing to the finished goods warehouse.

          Your benefit: The comprehensive one-stop solution for your corrugated intralogistics.

            • Corrugated intralogistics

            • Our services:
              1- Paper roll infeed to corrugator
              2- Conveyor connection to work in process buffer
              3- Day buffer converting
              4- Conveyor system for non-palletized finished goods
              5- Palletizer
              6- Empty pallet storage with infeed to palletizer
              7- Deck board/deck pallet feeder, strapper, stretcher
              8- High bay warehouse for finished goods
              9- Empty pallet inspection
              10- Shipping preparation
              11- Truck loading

            • 1. Paper roll infeed to corrugator

            • Storage and retrieval machines

              • Trough conveyor
              • Feeding of the paper rolls to the unwinders of the corrugator
              • Gentle, damage-free transport
              • Floor level-installation and traversable
            • 2. Conveyor connection to work in process buffer

            • Modular belt conveyors, cross-distribution carts, turntables

              • Transport of stacked sheet goods from the corrugator
              • Modular belt conveyor for palletless, safe and damage-free transport
              • Accumulation of multiple single stacks to transport units
              • Transfer carts for collecting transport units
              • Possibility to rotate the transport units
            • 3. Format Goods Storage - corrugator storage vertical

              • Large storage volume on a small footprint
              • Flexible compartment allocation with different formats
              • Palletless storage in racks
              • Optimal use of building height
              • 500 thousand to approx. 5 million m³ storage volume

              Format goods storage - corrugator storage horizontal

              • Large space requirements
              • Parallel arrangement of several modular belt conveyors
              • Feeding with transfer carts
              • Easily expandable with existing space
              • Single or multi-level
            • 4. Day buffer converting

            • Modular belt conveyors, transfer carts

              • Parallel arrangement of multiple modular belt conveyors
              • Feeding with transfer cart
              • Transfer cart for feeding the converting machines
              • Possibility to rotate the stacks
              • Separation of the transport units into individual stacks
            • 5. Conveying of unpalletized finished goods

            • Conveying of stacked finished goods from the converting machines with

              • Modular belt conveyors
              • Transfer cart
              • Overhead monorail system for high-capacity lines
            • 6. Palletizer

            • Central single or multiple palletizer

              • Palletizing of stacks with finished goods
              • Parallel palletizing of two separate stacks, each with multiple pallets
              • Palletizing of oversized stacks with multiple pallets
              • Cover sheet feeding for bottom edge protection
            • 7. Empty pallet storage with feeding to palletizer

            • Empty pallet storage lines with line gantry for empty pallet feeding

              • Supply of empty pallets on the floor or on conveyors
              • Line gantry for feeding empty pallets
              • Gripper for picking up to two empty pallets at the same time
            • 8. Deck board/deck pallet applicator, strapper, stretcher.

            • Integration of different technologies

              • Cover board/cover pallet applicator with line gantry
              • Integration of strappers from different manufacturers
              • Integration of stretchers from different manufacturers
            • 9. High bay warehouse for finished goods

            • Silo construction, multi-deep storage with telescopic forks or channel cart

              • Fully automated high-bay warehouse
              • Multiple deep pallet storage
              • Stacker cranes for simultaneous transport of multiple load units
              • Flexible storage of finished goods of various sizes
              • Load units with up to nine sub-pallets
              • Gentle and damage-free load unit storage
              • Overall height up to 45 meters
              • Capacities from approx. 7,000 to 70,000 load units
              • Clad rack construction incl. roof and wall cladding
              • Connection by means of conveyor system or electric forklift trucks
              • High storage capacity on a small footprint
              • Stacker cranes with energy recovery
            • 10. Empty pallet inspection

            • Testing of different types of pallets for trouble-free storage.

              • Board present
              • Blocks present
              • Tension/compression test
              • Nail roller
              • Pallet cleaning
              • Sorting according to qualities
            • 11. Shipping preparation

            • Precise load unit presentation

              • Fully automatic truck tour presentation on conveyor dispatch lines
              • Sequencing according to unloading points
              • No waiting times for truck drivers
              • Large displays for loading information
              • Camera-based load control
            • 12. Truck loading

            • Rear and side loading

              • Loading with electric high-lift truck or forklift truck
              • Passable pick up places on the conveyor system
              • Longitudinal and transversal pallet removal
              • Floor level load unit staging
              • Possibility to pick up several load units with one loading stroke
          • AutoStore®

          • The ultimate space miracle

            AutoStore® is a modern and innovative system for automatic storage and picking of small parts in plastic containers, developed by Jacob Hatteland Computer AS from Norway. The system was born out of the idea to optimize volume utilization, dynamics, energy efficiency, expandability, material usage and connection of picking stations compared to conventional automated small parts storage and retrieval systems or shuttle systems.

            With its compact storage solution, which dispenses with aisles and shelves, AutoStore® reduces the space requirement by 75%. The totes are placed on the floor one above the other in stacks. A rail system (grid), on which high-speed robots travel, is mounted above the stacks of containers. Tirelessly, they pick up containers, sort them and deliver them to the directly connected ports for incoming goods and picking. AutoStore® is a completely modular system, with the number of robots and workstations determining the throughput capacity.

            As an official distributor, Hörmann Logistik offers AutoStore® with the customized WMS HiLIS AS as a general contractor. AutoStore® can be installed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an overall logistics concept.

            The Hörmann Logistik Team is available for customer service and maintenance around the clock, 365 days a year.

            Densely packed with best availability

            AutoStore® achieves ultimate space efficiency with the best storage density ratio of all automated storage systems. Since the grid can accommodate almost any room geometry, it allows for optimal use of existing buildings. An availability rate of 98.5% makes AutoStore® the most efficient storage system in the world.

            Red Line and Black Line

            As an extremely versatile and reliable system, the multiple award-winning AutoStore® Red Line meets the throughput and efficiency requirements of most customers.

            The AutoStore® Black Line serves for extremely high throughput requirements in a small space and offers innovative extra performance with additional features such as the replaceable battery.

            The combination of both lines enables an optimal system design.

              • AutoStore® - how it works

              • Bins (container)
              • Grid
              • Robots
              • Ports (picking modules)
              • Controller
              • Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS
              • Bins (container)
                The maximum weight of the stable and stackable containers, which are available in two or three different heights, is 35 kg. An antistatic ESD version is also available.

                The self-supporting aluminium structure holds the container stacks and guides the robots on the rails. It can be arranged modularly in any shape. The new Double-Double Grid, with double lanes in the X and Y direction, makes it even easier for the robots to cross and overtake each other.

              • Robots

              • Wheel pairs arranged in X- and Y-direction allow the AutoStore® robots to move in two directions to any position within the grid for retrieving, forwarding and parking of the bins.

                Red Line Robot R5
                With their energy-efficient motors and a recovery system, they are tirelessly in action. When the battery is running low or there are no tasks to be performed, the robots move to their charging stations located on the edge of the grid.

                Black Line Robot B1
                With a new design, the Black Line robot creates space for labour-intensive robot groups. The standard bins, as well as a higher bin variant, are transported in the robot housing. The B1 robots no longer need to be charged stationarily. Thanks to the patented BattPack technology, the robot can pick up a new, fully charged battery at the BattPack stations around the grid at any time.

              • Ports (consignment modules)

              • The AutoStore® grid allows for installation of ports on all sides. The robots supply the ports continuously. The ports serve for efficient picking and filling of the bins - with different movement and design features in terms of accessibility, efficiency and cost benefits.

                The picking performance is between 160 and 650 items per hour, depending on the port type.

                RelayPort – fast bin availability
                This modular workstation consists of a picking module and buffer modules, the so-called tabs. Each picking station can have from 3 to 6 tabs. The robots are able to reach the selected positions from any direction. With the buffering system, the robots will retrieve a bin back to the grid whenever another bin is released.
                Max bin throughput: 650 Bins/h
              • Controller

              • This module is the command center, traffic control and database management of AutoStore®.
              • Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS

              • The AutoStore® controller autonomously executes the transport orders for all robots, but does not know the contents of the containers. Hörmann Logistik has developed the higher-level warehouse management system HiLIS AS for this purpose. This is tailored to the requirements of AutoStore® and is directly connected to the customer's HOST systems.

                HiLIS AS provides the goods receipt and picking information at the ports, maps all operator functionalities and enables operator interventions.

              • AutoStore® - Maximum performance in the smallest space

              • We configure your AutoStore® based on a simulation according to your individual requirements. Your bill of quantities, article / order structure and performance requirements will determine the size, the number of robots and the number of picking modules.

                AutoStore® is suitable both for requirements with low cycle times and large storage capacity as well as for highly dynamic requirements with several thousand storage and retrieval cycles per hour.

            • Pick-by-robot

            • Order picking with artificial intelligence

              With the robobrain® solution, HÖRMANN logistics partner robominds has created a modular platform for process intelligence that operates based on real artificial intelligence. State-of-the-art hardware components and smart software modules form a unique system that enables tailor-made pick-by-robot picking, for example in addition to an AutoStore® system.
                • Cobot Arm

                • Hardware centrepiece is the flexible cobot arm. With mechanical force, speed, simple programming, ergonomic design and integrated sensor, the cobot takes over all picking handles. Different gripping tools (parallel pick) or a vacuum picker guarantee a wide range of applications. Visual capture takes over the robobrain eye: The award-winning solution enables the cobot with the industrialized 3D camera for hand-eye coordination without prior training – the Smart Picking System of the future.
                • Advantages of Robo-Pick with Artificial Intelligence

                  • 24/7 operation
                  • Low operating costs
                  • High productivity
                  • Error-free picking
                  • Uncomplicated commissioning and integration into existing picking stations
              • PickMore

              • The starting point

                • The AutoStore® system proved to be successful in many different applications – customer satisfaction is high
                • However: limitations in dimensions, weight and handling of stock stored in the im AutoStore® system

                The goal

                Development of a goods-to-man picking solution for the whole scope of SKUs:
                • Small parts to picked from AutoStore®, more bulky and heavier SKUs from PickMore
                • Scalable system sizing
                • Rack geometries and bin sizes customizable and fully scalable to customer SKU scope
                • Order picking work stations, number of racks and bins is flexible, the number of AGVs is flexible
                  • PickMore standard components

                      • Robot

                        • SAFELOG AGV L1 / X1
                        • Dimensions 1350mm / 700mm / 340mm (L / W / H)
                        • Uni- / bidirectional navigation
                        • Carries loads up to 1.500 kg / 1200kg
                        • Cruising speed up to 1.0 m/s
                      • Storage Area

                        • Flexible rack layout
                        • Standardized rack frame
                        • Dimensions 1284mm / 900mm / 2504mm (W / D / H) modular rack interior
                        • Space capacity per rack unit V=2,0m3
                      • Picking Zone

                        • To be designed analogous to AutoStore
                      • WMS

                        • A Warehouse Management System is required
                        • Administrates the rack locations, rack slots/bins and stock as well as storage and retrieval orders
                        • The WMS is in charge of administrating and controlling the material and data flows
                        • GUIs for storing SKUs to the racks and order picking
                        • Passes transport orders to the SAFELOG AGV controller
                    • Micro-fulfillment solutions: HÖRMANN Logistics

                    • Extremely fast fulfillment close to customers

                      Micro-fulfillment is an innovative strategy for the efficient fulfillment of orders in online retail close to the end customer. Especially in growing cities with traffic congestion and massively rising space costs, fast delivery coupled with low space and personnel requirements offers great opportunities for retailers.

                      E-commerce has been changing the retail sector sustainably over the years. Above all, the expectations of consumers are becoming more demanding and are based, for example, on the delivery speed of the benchmark. As a result, new logistics strategies that can efficiently meet these expectations become indispensable. With micro-fulfillment centers, orders are picked on the same day and made available to customers immediately for collection or delivered directly to their homes.

                      Micro-fulfillment as an efficient problem solver

                      Micro-fulfillment is characterized by a network of small, flexible warehouses. These are placed directly in the city or on the edge of the city. Due to the high degree of automation and a high storage density, little space and few personnel are required. The proximity to the customer enables Click & Collect offers as well as a reduction in time and costs for delivery. Micro-fulfillment centers can be operated as independent storage and picking centers or dynamically integrated into existing retail stores. Applications are available for retail and wholesale as well as for industry.

                      E-Commerce & Logistics Systems of the Future

                      • Mega-trends & social discourses
                      • Fulfillment strategies at a glance
                      • Micro-fulfillment center in the detail perspective
                      • Practical examples from food to electronics
                        • AutoStore – smart, dynamic, individual

                        • HÖRMANN Logistik offers with AutoStore an innovative system for automatic storage and picking in micro-fulfillment centers. Due to its modular design, AutoStore can be installed quickly and easily and individually expanded at any time. The ultra-high storage density and availability makes AutoStore the ideal solution for micro-fulfillment centers. Micro-fulfillment can be used in many different industries, including fashion, food, sporting goods, electronics and much more.
                        • Fashion

                        • In fashion retail, micro-fulfillment is the ideal solution for ultra fast delivery and collection. When integrated into a retail store, the store warehouse can partially be integrated into the micro-fulfillment solution. This creates more space for the customer's shopping experience and the presentation of goods in the store. This results in a synergy from the advantage of customer proximity for online business and local customer service. Customers are also becoming less dependent on opening hours and can pick up their goods via Click & Collect.
                        • E-Food

                        • Micro-fulfillment is the ideal solution, especially for online food retail. The customer proximity enables Click & Collect as well as very fast deliveries. Hybrid store concepts can also be implemented, in which customers choose fresh products themselves, while all other goods are automatically assembled and simply taken away when leaving the store. Micro-fulfillment thus ensures a perfect shopping experience for customers, while at the same time simplifying processes and making them highly efficient.
                        • E-food fulfillment strategies

                          • Current developments and growth forecasts
                          • Fulfillment strategies at a glance
                          • Model calculation to increase efficiency
                          • The Micro-fulfillment center as the ideal type

                          Our modular micro-fulfillment offer
                          Depending on whether you already operate a successful webshop or are still at the beginning of your e-commerce activity: We can offer you exactly the solution that ideally meets your needs. There are 4 modules available, which can also be inserted individually and individually adapted into your existing system landscape:
                          • AutoStore
                          • Warehouse Management System HiLIS
                          • Webshop
                          • Digital operations platform
                      • Miniload or Tray Warehouses

                      • Flexible warehouses for small parts

                        For small, sensitive or even heavy warehouse items with high turnover, we implement tailor-made miniload warehouses or automatic tray warehouses with conveyor systems, picking stations, dispatch buffers, and the like.

                        Depending on requirements, we also design miniload warehouses for mixed storage of cartons and totes of different sizes. We use steel or plastic trays in the tray warehouses, which can be equipped with special inlays depending on the requirements for safe and gentle storage of the contents.

                        Depending on customer requirements, we use shuttle systems in addition to stacker cranes.

                        Picking is carried out as required "goods to person", "person to goods" or in combination. Due to an ergonomically optimized goods provision the picker can work with high performance and low error rate.

                        A variety of modern technologies, such as "Pick-by-Light" "Put-to-Light", "Pick-by-Voice", handheld terminals, PC terminals and other tools support him.

                        The HiLIS warehouse management system provides online interfaces to various parcel services with automatic label printing for each package.
                          • Miniload or Tray Warehouses

                          • Rack systems
                            • Clad rack systems
                            • Built-in rack constructions
                            • Single-position systems
                            • Multi-position systems

                            Storage method
                            • Single-deep
                            • Multi-deep

                            • Bins Corrugated boards Boxes trays
                          • Miniload or Tray Warehouses

                          • Storage and retrieval machines
                            • One mast construction
                            • Two mast construction
                            • Telescopic fork technology
                            • Shuttle technology
                            • Gripper technology

                            Technical features
                            • Travel control
                            • Energy recovery
                            • Indirect converter for immediate reuse of released energy
                            • Compartment fine positioning with laser or camera system
                            • Self-learning fine positioning
                            • Variable acceleration depending on device load
                            • Algorithmic path optimization
                          • Miniload or Tray Warehouses

                          • Periphery
                            • Roof and wall cladding
                            • Smoke and heat exhausting
                            • Fire alarm system
                            • Sprinklering system
                            • Oxyreduct system
                            • Fire protection gates
                            • Lockages
                            • Lighting
                            • Heating
                            • Airconditioning
                        • HiLIS AS warehouse management system

                        • HiLIS is our high-performance warehouse management system that maps all your intralogistic processes from simple warehouse management to the control of complex logistic systems. Tailored to your individual requirements, the modular warehouse management system HiLIS guarantees highest flexibility and transparency.

                          You want more?

                            • HiLIS

                            • Performance and system availability
                              Continuous process integration and intelligent intralogistics strategies ensure maximum efficiency and plant availability. In addition to warehouse management and material flow control, HiLIS also includes the integration of PLC-based control technology. In this way, we realize a fully comprehensive interface and process integration for the entire control of your intralogistic systems.

                              Flexibility gives you a competitive edge
                              You want to be one step ahead of the competition? The modular structure of HiLIS with its easy-to-use configurability and adaptability supports you in achieving this goal by means of the customized, accurate mapping of all your intralogistic processes.
                            • HiLIS

                            • Transparency and reliability
                              The user-friendly, intuitive HiLIS user interface visualizes all important system information in real time and gives your employees a sense of security. Maximum transparency guarantees sustainable inventory security and delivery capability.

                              Scalability and forward compatibility
                              The scalability of HiLIS enables you to adapt to future growth and to changing requirements of your processes. The longevity, support and service guarantee you a predictable ROI and investment security.

                            • HiLIS high performance

                            • Energy saving for off-the-shelf cost efficiency
                              The intelligent energy efficiency system “HiLIS ECO power management” saves up to 25% of both the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of standard storage and retrieval machines. An optional regenerative power supply unit can even significantly increase these results. Just ask us!
                            • App to date - more digital mobility for you

                            • The interactive HiLIS app displays the most important plant information on smartphones and tablets.

                              Trust in our experience!
                              Our know-how as a general contractor for individual intralogistics systems makes us a specialist for tailor-made warehouse management solutions in a wide range of industries.

                          • Conveyor Systems

                          • Optimal conveying
                            We work with state-of-the-art conveyor technology in accordance with the specific needs of the goods and the required throughput rates.

                            Our performance
                            • conveyor systems for pallets, grid boxes, corrugated board stacks or rolls
                            • conveyor systems for bins or cardboard boxes
                            • conveyor system for trays, workpiece carriers, et al.
                            • roller conveyors, chain conveyors, plastic chain conveyors, slat conveyors
                            • shuttles
                            • carls elevators
                            • overhead monorail systems
                            • floor conveyors
                            • automatic guided vehicle system
                            • radio-controlled fork lift trucks
                            • automatic truck loading systems for coils, including special truck trailers
                              • Picking Systems

                              • Different technologies and tools integrate picking systems into automating processes. For example: Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice ...

                                  • Picking methods

                                    • Person-to-goods
                                    • Goods-to-person
                                  • Methods

                                    • Pick-by-Light
                                    • Put-to-Light
                                    • Pick-to-Belt
                                    • Pick-by-Voice
                                    • Pick-by-Vision
                                    • handheld terminals
                                    • PDA
                                    • tablet computer
                                    • Forklift control systems

                                  • Order picking

                                • Solutions

                                • Customized solutions for your Intralogistics

                                  Dynamic markets with order-related and batch size-optimized production and distribution of goods require customized just-in-time and just-in-sequence processes.

                                  Whether construction of a new plant or modernization and optimization of existing systems - we offer a single point of contact from finding a solution to the final turnkey handover.

                                  As a general contractor, we design and implement individual intralogistics systems for distribution and production logistics.

                                  The HÖRMANN logistics hotline is available for you around the clock, 365 days a year.

                                  Our services

                                  • We offer conception, realization, training and service from one single source.
                                  • You have only one contact person from the idea to the turnkey delivery.
                                  • Optimal stock flow, transparent information flow, shortened throughput times and inventory reductions.
                                  • You get the most economical solution with full transparency of costs.
                                  • State-of-the-art, future-proof technology guarantees optimal functionality.
                                    • Our competencies

                                        • Greenfield projects

                                        • New installations
                                          Having us as a general contractor means that you have only one contact person for your automated warehouse and material flow system.

                                          Our services
                                          • General contracting
                                          • Functional responsibility
                                          • Operational responsibility
                                          • Fully integrated project management
                                          • Controllership for costs and deadlines
                                          • Supplier assessment

                                          Your advantage
                                          • One face to the customer most economical solution
                                          • Optimal interaction of all components
                                          • Functional and P&L responsibility
                                        • Retrofit

                                        • Do you already use conveyor systems or high-bay warehouses?
                                          Mechanics, hardware and software of your logistics system are no longer up to date resulting in high maintenance and downtime costs? Perhaps you can no longer update the installed software? If so, your system is now ready for modernization.

                                          Our performance
                                          • Analysis of the need of retrofit
                                          • Project Planning
                                          • Modernization of mechanics
                                          • Modernization of control systems and sensor technology
                                          • Modernisation of computer systems
                                          • State-of-the-art software modification
                                          • Experienced project management

                                          Your advantages
                                          • Modernization during ongoing operation I
                                          • ncreased system performance Increased availability
                                          • Guaranteed maintainability
                                          • Latest state of the art
                                        • Distribution logistics

                                        • Dynamic markets require complex storage strategies for fast, direct availability, variable production flows, flexible order picking and tour-specific dispatch preparation.

                                          Our modular system allows creation of customized, economical solutions with different degrees of automation for your individual requirements.

                                          From automatic high-bay warehouses to conveyor systems and order picking: we create the best possible solution tailored to your needs.

                                        • Production logistics

                                        • Order-related, customer-specific production, picking and provision of goods require continuous, intelligent and flexible workflow concepts.

                                          We implement highly redundant production logistics systems for various industries, which enable significant increases in productivity and efficiency.

                                          Complex emergency processes guarantee just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery capability.

                                          Our performance
                                          • Production systems
                                          • Assembly systems
                                          • Daisy chaining
                                          • Handling systems for production buffers
                                          • JIT and JIS sequence buffer
                                          • Control and emergency processes for traceability
                                          • Use of redundant systems for highest availability
                                        • Customer service

                                        • The HÖRMANN Logistics Service Team is always there for you around the clock, 365 days a year.

                                          Regular maintenance, system care and update service ensure system availability. In case of a breakdown, our hotline service provides immediate assistance and, if necessary, immediately sends a team of specialists.

                                          Our error database records every hotline message immediately and is online available at any time. Consistently evaluated statistics serve as a basis for the development of preventive measures.

                                          Our performance
                                          • 24/7 hotline service
                                          • Preventive system maintenance and update service
                                          • Individual maintenance concepts
                                          • Spare parts management
                                          • Remote maintenance for software and control
                                          • Failure statistics and analysis

                                          Your advantages
                                          • Maximum system availability
                                          • Online access to failure database
                                          • Optimized total costs
                                          • Lifetime contact person