• Online Show presenting solutions & Services for industry 4.0 & IOT projects
  • A1: IOT and Internet Industry 4.0 Products and Solutions

    • 01
      • Industry 4.0 Devices

      • Industrial robotics, lasers systems, logistics enabled for with industrual internet applications...
    • 02
      • IOT Devices

      • Androids, unmanned vehicle systems, smart factory, iot gateways...
    • 03
      • Mobile Robots

      • Unmanned vehicle systems, ROVs, AGVs, hazardous environments robots...
    • 04
      • Robots

      • Industrial robots enabled for industry 4.0 applications...
    • 06
      • Smart Factory

      • Smart factory systems with artificial intelligence for the modern digital factory...
  • A2: IOT and Industry 4.0 Hardware

  • A3: IOT & Industry 4.0 Software and IT Solutions

  • A5: Energy

    • 34
      • Smart Grid

      • Intelligent grids, generator to grid connections, circuit-brakers, panels, current compensation systems...
    •   Expo
    • Robot sensors
    robot industry 4.0

    Sensors for mobile service robots


    The movement of robots needs to be fully controllable at all times. The sensors from SICK help master these challenges. [...]

    •   Expo
    • collaborative robotics
    collaborative robotics

    State-of-the-art lightweight robot

    Voith Robotics

    State-of-the-art lightweight robot technology paired with the assets and domain know-how of Voith [...]

    •   Expo
    • collaborative robotics
    robot industry 4.0

    High performance collaborative robot

    Rethink Robotics

    Sawyer is the revolutionary collaborative robot designed to execute tasks that have been impractical to automate with traditional industrial robots [...]

    •   Expo
    • IoT Starter Kit
    IoT Starter Kit

    Your Geteway to the Internet of Things (IoT)


    Advantech collaborates with Intel and Microsoft to provide an IoT gateway starter kit that integrates hardware, software, and services [...]

    •   News
    • Presswerk 4.0
    presswerk 4.0

    Presswerk 4.0 aims to reduce downtimes by 50%

    Fraunhofer IWU

    Fraunhofer’s Presswerk 4.0 project employs targeted data networking in manufacturing to help employees recognize and correct failures more quickly [...]

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    • Industry 4.0
    kuka goes digital

    “Hello Industrie 4.0 – We go Digital”


    KUKA will showcase numerous solutions in the sector of Industry 4.0 and will present also a world premiere [...]

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    • laser marking
    laser marking

    Laser marking system featured in SAP’s “open integrated factory” demonstration


    The SAP showcase “open integrated factory” at the Hannover Messe will feature cab’s laser marking system THS+ Basic [...]

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    • scalable electrical drive
    indutry 4.0 framework

    scalable electrical drive systems with “Industrie 4.0” framework

    Getriebebau NORD

    Machine and plant designs that live up to concept of the “Industrial Internet of Things” require smart drive technology with high flexibility [...]