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  • Recytex GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1993 and is part of the group of Gebr. Achter.

    Recytex is a flexible and competent developer and supplier of non-woven and acoustic solutions thereof. Additionally Recytex produces coated yarns which are used in the automotive-, carpet- and furniture-industry.

    In the early 90s a so-called Tandem-Project was launched in cooperation with the Mercedes Benz AG and 2 more partners in order to form a closed material cycle for polyester-fibres from the first use in fabrics to the final use as recycled fibres in our non-woven.
Product Portfolio
  • Acoustic Fleece

      • Products

          • Rigid Acoustic Fleece

          • Our universal fleece for a wide area of applications.
            The fleece is easy to process (cutting, milling, embossing) and is available in thicknesses from 5 - 18 mm. Compared to acoustic foams the surface of our fleeces is less pressure-sensitive, easy to print on and it can be finished many ways.
            The most important properties at a glance:
            • excellent noise-absorption
            • low weight
            • flame retardant acc. to DIN 4102 (B1)
            • 100% Polyester, recyclable
            • dimensionally stable and self-supporting
            • can be tailored in numerous ways
          • Flexible Acoustic Fleeces

          • Soft acoustic fleeces for special requirements.
            We offer soft and flexible acoustic fleeces in various thicknesses and dimensions. As a single layer or in combination with other non-wovens or other materials we achieve an excellent absorption. Uneven surfaces are leveled-out by the soft fleece and therefore it is also applicable in hollow areas.
            The most important properties at a glance:
            • excellent noise-absorption
            • low weight
            • flame retardant acc. to DIN 4102 (B1)
            • 100% Polyester, recyclable
            • levels-out uneven surfaces
          • Special Fleeces

          • Specific problems require specific (fleece) solutions.
            For special requirements we have developed certain fleeces which have special properties. For example we produce fleeces with a progressive construction which combine the advantages of a multilayer construction within one fleece. Basically all our fleeces can be produced with recycled fibres. The acoustic properties are identical but the flame retardation must be safe-guarded by a special finishing.

            For upholstery we have a number of fleeces which are used both in the automotive- as well as in the furnitutre - industry. These products can be also produced from recycled or from virgin fibres.
          • Combinations of Fleeces

          • Improve the effectivity of your acoustic products by a specific combination of fleeces.
            Depending on your requirements we develop tailormade solutions with an excellent sound-absorption and which are easy to process. Together with our customers we develop multiple-layer constructions with changing air-flow so that the resulting absorption is ideal for the respective application.

            The combination of our SilentColor and our flexible acoustic fleece for example results in a class-A absorber
          • Finishing

          • From semi-finished parts to the final product - all from one source.
            No matter whether you want to laminate a fabric to the fleece or whether you want to have a picture printed on the surface, we deliver the finished product. We also cut to exact dimensions or even deliver the fleece mounted into a frame.
            We offer the following services:
            • lamination
            • printing
            • embossing
            • cutting
            • self-adhesive backing
            • production of complete acoustic products according to customer specifications
        • Applications

          • Yarns

              • CoreCoat Yarns

                  • CoreCoat Yarns

                  • Our coated yarns were initially developed as effectyarns for flat-woven fabrics for the automotive industry. By using thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) our yarns have an excellent lightfastness, ageing stability as well as a very good rub fastness. In comparison with using monofilaments the textile character of the fabrics is preserved.

                    Besides the thermoplastic Polyurethane other materials like PE, PP, TPE and PVC can be used, whatever suits the application best.
                  • CoreCoat Applications

                  • Weaving:automotive (seats), carpet, furniture (indoor + outdoor), architecture, narrow strip fabric

                    Tufting: carpet
                    Knitting: seat cover
                    Stitching: seat cover
                    Braiding: furniture indoor + outdoor
                    Special use:cable industry, heating technology, fender strip
                  • CoreCoat Properties

                  • Depending on the area of application these properties can be adjusted:
                    • light fastness at high temperatures automotive (also transparent yarns and light colours)
                    • fogging automotive
                    • chemical resistance
                    • abrasion resistance
                    • PVC-free, no softening agents
                    • flammability (FMVSS-302 / B1 / B2 / M1)
                    • resistance to weathering
                    • softness (cellular rubber character)
                    • various haptics
                • Fabric

                      • 100% CoreCoat Upholstery Fabrics

                      • Our CoreCoat upholstery fabrics suitable for indoor + outdoor use.
                        • PVC-free, contains no plasticizer
                        • excellent abraision resistance ( > 100.000 martindale rubs)
                        • flame retardation (B1/B2) adjustable
                        • resistance to weathering
                        • good colour fastness
                        • high tensile strength
                      • PES / CoreCoat Upholstery Fabrics

                      • PES/CoreCoat - upholstery fabrics for indoor use.
                        • various fabric-bindings available
                        • different primary colours
                        • wide range of various options possible through different CoreCoat yarns
                        • CoreCoat yarn in transparent (matt + shiny), coloured (matt + shiny), luminescent
                        Available as
                        • rolled material
                        • tailored and sewed
                        • upholstered on frame