Company Profile

Recytex Textilaufbereitung GmbH & Co KG, established in 1993, is part of the company group Gebrüder Achter.
Recytex is a capable supplier of both non-woven and glue-lamination of various textile and non-textile materials.

Quite rightly we can call ourselves pioneers of recycled non-woven for the automotive interior.

Project \"Tandem\": During the nineties the development and implementation of a closed recycling concept of textiles for the automotive interior was realized in close cooperation with the Mercedes Benz AG and two more partners, a textile-producer and a seat-manufacturer.
The textile waste from the different stages of the production process is collected, recycled and reworked to a non-woven which is used instead of PU-foam.

Not only unburdens this our environment from some hundredthousand Kilograms of textile waste but it also saves the natural resources.

Due to the numerous features of our non-woven a great variety of applications have developed. This lead to the use of high volume non-woven asheat- and sound-insulation products for engine-rooms and cabins on boats.

Independent of the production of non-woven and the glue-lamination a third production-sector was established in year 2000: The coating of effect-yarns.
So-called core-yarns, made of various materials, are coated with extrudable TPU.
Besides a lot of design-effects some specific functions of textiles canbe achieved with these yarns.

Additional synergies for the solution of complex customer requests are achieved by the cooperation of the other companies of the Gebrüder Achter Group.

Product Range

  • Ceilings: Acoustic ceilings
  • Ceilings: Clip in ceilings
  • Ceilings: Self supporting ceilings
  • Ceilings: Suspended ceilings
  • Maritime: Noise and Vibration Control
  • Maritime: Sound and thermal insulation
  • Partition: Accoustic panel
  • Partition: Mobile partition
  • Partition: Noise-absorbtion
  • Partition: Partition wall
  • Partition: Portable panel
  • Partition: Wall panel
  • Partitions, general
  • Yachting: Sound and thermal insulation