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Company Profile

When item Industrietechnik GmbH was established in 1976 in - Solingen, its initial areas of operation included the design and construction of customised machines and assembly equipment. From the very outset, our company set itself a prime goal - to reduce the cost of building machines by rationalising machining and assembly operations and by standardising components. This resulted directly in the item MB Building Kit System - a machine-building kit for labour-saving and cost-cutting constructions of various kinds, from assembly work benches and facilities to automated production equipment. Functional, economic and flexible in use - these are just some of the many requirements which need to be met by an industrial building kit system covering the wide spectrum of modern plant and production installations. The modular design of the MB Building Kit System ensures that the elements of the individual product groups can be combined at will. Over recent years, item has become the market leader on the market for modular building kit systems. The standard values which item defined for e.g. modular dimensions and system grooves are now accepted worldwide and are often copied. By constantly developing the MB Building Kit System and its range of products, we are ensuring that item will maintain its technological lead in the years ahead.

Product Range

  • Al profile: Aluminium profile
  • Al profile: Conduits
  • Al profile: Extruded aluminium profile
  • Al profile: For custom machine builders
  • Al profile: Groove profile
  • Al profile: Profile for machine building
  • Al profile: Profile system
  • Al profile: Rectangular profile
  • Al profile: Square profile
  • Al profile: T-slot nut
  • Assembly systems
  • Assembly systems: Assembly workstation
  • Assembly systems: Workbench system
  • Bearings: Ball bearings, linear bearings
  • Bearings: Bearing unit
  • Fastener
  • Fastener: Profile fastener
  • Guidance rail
  • Guiding systems: Linear ball bearings
  • Guiding systems: Precision rail guides
  • Guiding systems: Precision shafts
  • Guiding systems: Profile rail guides
  • Linear actuator: Mechanical linear drive units
  • Linear guide
  • Linear guide rail
  • Linear motion: Ball screws
  • Linear slides
  • Machine casing: Guard system
  • Machine casing: Machine door
  • Machine casing: Machine enclosure
  • Machine construction: Aluminium profiles
  • Machine construction: Building kit systems
  • Machine construction: Linear construction modules
  • Rail guide system
  • Slide