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  • Offer Profile
  • Eurosort Systems is located in Weesp, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2001. EuroSort Systems specializes in manufacturing high-speed unit sortation systems for a variety of applications, including order fulfillment, returns, postal sorting, kitting and store replenishment.

    EuroSort sorters improve the productivity, accuracy and efficiency of companies specialized in pharmaceuticals, books, multi-media, mail, reverse logistics, jewelry, office supplies, e-commerce, accessories, apparel and garments, to name a few.
Product Portfolio

      • Active chute

      • An active chute or exit is increasingly becoming part of a sorting system.

        An innovative system is often required, particularly if large numbers of different products have to be sorted and there is limited space for the system.

        We have already designed many different chutes, which have been delivered with our sorting installations.
        Many of these chutes have been developed in close cooperation with both the end user and the system integrator via whom we deliver our machines and chutes.

        Feel free to contact us if you are currently looking for a solution or if you expect your company to grow and think you will require automation in the future.

        Many machine constructors, system integrators and consultants throughout the world have worked with us to produce suitable solutions for their clients. We will be pleased to introduce you to one of these companies.
      • Sweeper Belt sorter

      • Sorting element which is to integrate on existing belt systems. Sweep Sorter has been developed from years of experience. The modular system is ideal for applications in the field of relatively light items like books, pharmaceutical products, small packages, mail, multimedia and jewelry. The maximum capacity is 7,200 items.

        Products may vary from a minimum of 20 x 20 x 2 to a maximum of 500 x 425 x 100 (LxWxH) if the product is not higher than 100 mm.

        The operational process The supply is effected by means of a standard conveyor belt, which can be entered automatically or manually. It is particularly easy to put a crate, box, chute, next to the exits of the sorter. Also sort in bags with some adjustment option.

        The main advantages
        • Increased productivity
        • Saving valuable floor space (sort compact)
        • The width of the sorter is only 1,000 mm
        • The pitch of the units is at least 300 mm
        • Easy mechanism
        • Low maintenance
        • Easy to expand
        • Can also be mounted on existing systems
        • Suitable for sorting of smaller products
        • Low investment
        • Simple operation
        • High accuracy
      • Split Tray sorter


        Generally speaking, a flat sorter (also known as a Bomb-bay sorter) is used for the automatic sorting of relatively lightweight and flat items. These items include garments, books, pharmaceuticals, small parcels, flats, mixed mail, multi-media, jewelry, accessories and more. The machine is suitable for products that normally might not be handled on standard sorters.

        Flat Sorters from EuroSort come in various carrier configurations such as a split tray, tilt tray or a combination of both .  

        High level operation of sorter Items to be sorted  on a flat sorter are inducted onto a EuroSort tray by a simple manual process or by an automatic induction system.  When the patented tray is positioned above the destination the tray is opened.  The content then drops flat (Bomb-bay) or slides out (tilt tray) into the destination which can be directly into a carton/tote or into an engineered packing chute.

      • Push-Tray Sorter

      • Carton and poly-bag sorting on one machine

        A unit sorter for sorting the combination in one machine such as cartons, polybags and all other odd-sized articles. From a 200 gram small polybag upto a 10 kgs carton, herefore you  can use the EuroSort Push-Tray sorter. An efficient way of sorting when you are in need of a capacity untill a maximum of 12.000 articles per hour. The combination of small cartons with polybags is not an easy one to sort. Therefore EuroSort created the Push Tray sorter based on our profound experience with the Flat sorter (Bombay).

        An universal sorter of both cartons, polybags and other odd-sized articles. The combination of sorting heavy cartons and light polybags on the same sorter has been a difficult task. Until now. The EuroSort Push-Tray sorter is ideal for sorting products in the range from approx. 200 gram (7 oz.) and small polybag to approx. 10 kgs (40 pound). The capacity of sorting is up to 12,000 units per hour. 

        Induction options:

        • Items can be inducted either manually or automatic (with toploading.)
        • Manual loading is of course more economical and as the position of the product is less sensitive then in a Bombay-sorter, it is reliable.
        • Inducting on various sides of the sorter is possible to increase the capacity per hour.

        • Pharmaceutical products

        • EuroSort sorters are ideal for sorting pharmaceutical products. E.g. Eurosort installed several Flatsorters with the tilt tray version in distribution of medicines, mail order pharmacies, central fill facilities, store distribution warehouses and return centers.
          EuroSorts unique Flatsorter tray has a built in cavity which is ideal for sorting indivudual pharmaceutical products in bags or boxes which are sent directly to endusers. 
          Auto induction in combination with weight check verfication and labeling can minimize the handling labor. In your shipping department you can, with the EuroSort Slide Belt sorter sort the sorted totes or shipping boxes, to chutes and place them on pallets, into mail sack, mail cart or Gaylord container.

          When you are using the combination of larger bags or boxes for your pharmaceutical product the EuroSort Push Tray sorter is the ideal machine to sort out directly to shipping cartons or mail bags. 
        • Books

        • EuroSort has supplied more high-speed book sorters worldwide than any other manufacturer. Retailers, wholesalers, libraries and e-commerce book companies use EuroSort Flatsorters for outbound store replenishment, returns, inbound sorting and  orders on  e-fulfillment.

          The EuroSort Flat Sorter using the patented split-tray is well known for being the most accurate, economical and gentle book sorter technology on the market today. The split tray carrier (with its patented synchronized rod) forces both doors in the carrier to open simultaneously which allow books to drop flat into the sorting destination. 

          Other sorting technologies slide, push, or sweep the book which can cause damage by the diverter itself or how the book slides into the destination.

          When sorting out books auto induction is generally used on the EuroSort sorter as auto-induction assures proper book placement on the EuroSort tray which assures a flat drop. 

          For small orders, books can be sorted directly into a shipping carton, tote or small consolidation chute. For larger orders an indexing belt is an option to gently handling your books while providing accumulation for your packers so efficiency on manpower.
        • Garments

        • The garment "world" is where actually life started for the so-called "Bombay"/ Flatsorters as many "fashion" retailers looked for a solution, next to their hanging goods, to sort out the flats, packed in polybag or unpacked. The EuroSort Splittray Flatsorter is ideal and most used for sorting garments in a variety of applications including retail replenishment, direct to consumer fulfillment and returns. EuroSort is currently sorting for various garments, enterprises on a worldwide scale including small apparel accessories, underwear, children's clothes, socks, shirts, pants, shoes, coats and even wedding dresses. The EuroSort Split Tray Flatsorter (with its patented technology) allows the tighttest drop centers in the industry which will provide huge footprint savings in your facility.

          As nowadays many retailers are having the combination of footwear & garments in their scopeof supply, the shipping is done in own shop-delivery and therefore the EuroSort Push Tray Sorter has been developed, a machine which can do both article groups on 1 machine. 

          It is easy to manually induct onto a EuroSort sorter which keeps the system simple and affordable: the products can be inducted manually or automatically. Also EuroSort offers many options when it comes to sorting destinations. we can sort direct to an outbound carton, tote, Gaylord or to an engineered packing chute whichever solutions fits your needs and applications.

          Depending on the type of carrier the capacity of the machine can vary from 7.200 till 19.400 trays per hour. By using large cartons for your shipping department, a dual split tray (2 trays in 1 carrier) can either bring 2 small items to the carton or 1 large item deposited on top of 2 trays to the carton.

          The EuroSort machines are designed as modular machines which means that if the demand increases like your shops grow it can be established by increasing the length of the sorter very simple.
        • E-commerce

        • From single DVD’s till bundled CD's or other fragile multi-media articles, EuroSort  can sort them all. Depending on the type of product the capacity per machine can vary from 9.000 till 28.000 trays per hour.  By using the EuroSort Flatsorter with tilted trays in combination with  "product friendly" chutes with special features the operator can pack manually your tote or carton for shipping. 

          As the returns of web-orders in your business are often a large variety of SKU types, it is good to know that there are various solutions for it. For example on one side many different SKU's in one destination below the sorter (returned articles) and on the other side various "dynamic" compartments to accumulate just a few articles for one customer in a small chute.

          Depending on the type of carrier the capacity per machine can vary from 9.000 til 24.000 trays per hour. By using "product friendly"chutes with special features the operator can pack manually your tote or carton for shipping.

          For Multi-Media products, EuroSort mostly applies her Flatsorter Tilt-tray version. This enables to  slide out gently  the product into special designed chutes. But at lower needed capacity or in combination with larger bundles of dvd’s the EuroSort Slide Belt Sorter is a good alternative.

          DVD's are the perfect products to be deposited into the sorter automatically which makes it in combination with an automatic de-stacker a big reduction on your labor costs. In case the product labels are of "bad quality" or the product is "not conveyable" you can add a small mezzanine to the sorter for manual induction. Also the future growth in the number of shops, which demands more exits in the sorter, can be established by changing the length of the sorter as the machine is built up in modular sections.
        • ​Cartons

        • The Slide Belt sorter and Push Tray are both suitable for sorting cartons, DVD’s, CD’s, shoe boxes and totes that weigh between 200 grams (7 oz) and 35 kgs carton (75 lbs). Both machines are very economical, simple, easy to expand, compact in design and can sort up to approx. 7.000 units per hour for the Slide Belt and approx 12.000 units for the Push Tray. Capacity is related to the speed, speed is related to type of product in combination to the length of the carton.

          But what if you do not need to sort out that kind of numbers per hour and you want a simple machine, able to run 3 dimensionally through your building, without a lot of electrical controls on it? Because of the lower speed that the EuroSort Slide Belt Sorter runs at, the distance between the destination chutes can be much smaller than other solutions.

          When you are handling smaller packages & cartons (which can stand a drop) at higher rates the EuroSort Flatsorter is ideal for sorting at much higher rates (up to 28,800 units per hour) and is generally used for items under 4 kgs. (10 lbs). If your product-range is a mixture of cartons and polybags, the EuroSort Push Tray sorter is the right choice.

          Sorting with all EuroSort machines can be done directly into a Gaylord, chutes, roller container or accumulation gravity lanes.

        • Accessories

        • Sorting of accessories is not the most simple job to be done. Funny shaped articles,  slippery packaging, small items, they all need a lot of creativity to solve sorting out. EuroSort specializes in sorting small items such as jewelry, eye-care products and apparel accessories by using the EuroSort Flatsorter  often in combination with special designed chutes. EuroSort’s patented twin tilt and quad tilt tray allow customers to sort up from 7.000 up to 28,800 units per hour from one induction area. By using small size trays we can have a small pitch between the exits, resulting in a short sorter or when needed many exits on a small foot-print. The  unique sorter tray provides a cavity that keeps small and lightweight items in the EuroSort tray until the product has reached its sorting destination.

          EuroSort can sort your small item directly into shipping carton, tote, sack or engineered packing chute. We can maximize the floor space required for your project using multiple level chutes or destinations.
        • Mixed & Rest-mail

        • EuroSort sorters are ideal for handling mail from a single envelope (the EuroSort Flatsorter with tilt trays) up to heavy bundled magazines or even flyers & jiffy bags with the EuroSort flatsorter with split tray carrier but also with the EuroSort Push Tray sorter. 

          Depending on the type of product/carriere the capacity per machine can vary from 7.300 till 14.400 trays per hour, which can be increased, by adding more in-feed stations, up to 28.800 trays per hour.

          Before the EuroSort auto induction stations the system integrators can install various special equipment by e.g. weighing/dimensioning of the packages.