Business Profile

Eurosort Systems is located in Weesp, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2001. EuroSort Systems specializes in manufacturing high-speed unit sortation systems for a variety of applications, including order fulfillment, returns, postal sorting, kitting and store replenishment.

EuroSort sorters improve the productivity, accuracy and efficiency of companies specialized in pharmaceuticals, books, multi-media, mail, reverse logistics, jewelry, office supplies, e-commerce, accessories, apparel and garments, to name a few.

EuroSort Systems believes in simplicity, whenever possible. We manufacture our sorters as a “plug and play” machine, simple and robust. We already made it the preferred sorter system of choice for many system integrators and end users.
As a recognized leader of state-of-the-art technology in Bombay and slide belt sorters we encourage customers worldwide to challenge us with their issues, needs and projects.
EuroSort Systems, along with its worldwide strategic partners and partnerships, deliver systems that will optimize your process. It will become more efficient, save valuable floor space and improve and boost your productivity.

Demo and test center
EuroSort is always seeking more effective, economic, simpler and better ways to develop our sorting solutions. In order to do this, we have installed test sorters at our R & D centre near Amsterdam.
Our demo machines are equipped with many different discharge stations, tray and chute configurations.
These machines are so versatile that it is possible to test the behavior of almost every product we receive at different discharge stations and in-feed options.
Feel free to send us your product and we will test it for you.