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  • Eurosort Systems is located in Weesp, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2001. EuroSort Systems specializes in manufacturing high-speed unit sortation systems for a variety of applications, including order fulfillment, returns, postal sorting, kitting and store replenishment.

    EuroSort sorters improve the productivity, accuracy and efficiency of companies specialized in pharmaceuticals, books, multi-media, mail, reverse logistics, jewelry, office supplies, e-commerce, accessories, apparel and garments, to name a few.
Product Portfolio


        EuroSort’s Single Cross Tray Sorter can easily sort the smallest, lightest, and least conveyable items. The sorter is suitable for small parcels, e-commerce items, fashion, shoe boxes, sportswear and pharmaceutical product.

        The trays are enclosed on all four sides, meaning every product – large, small, flat or round - remain in place throughout its entire journey on the sorter. The cleats on both sides of the tray provide a forced discharge, so each item will end up in the correct exit while making two-sided discharging possible.

        Single Cross Tray Sorter Advantages
        • Enclosed Trays - trays are enclosed on four sides so items stay in place around turns
        • Two Sided, Forced Discharge – maintains a compact footprint and eliminates sort errors and rework
          • Works well with small, lightweight, smooth and cylindrical items
        • Proven Friction Drive System - extremely low energy consumption
        • Modular Design – lowers maintenance and spare parts costs
        • Light Construction – enables installation on standard mezzanine floors
        • Lower Investment Costs - no motors in the carriers, and no expensive automatic induction system required

        The EuroSort Split Tray Sorter (also known as a Bomb-Bay or flatsorter) is used to automatically sort relatively lightweight items (under 25lbs) for high throughput applications (up to 28,800 items/hr) for e-commerce, omni-channel, retail fulfillment, postal, laundry, and pharmaceutical applications. Due to the unique tray shape, non-conveyables and round objects can be handled on this sorter in addition to standard products, such as apparel, postal flats and packages, books, pharmaceuticals, poly-bags, multi-media, jewelry, accessories and more.

        A Bomb-Bay style sorter is named after the iconic way that the Bomb-Bay doors on an aircraft open. On the EuroSort Split Tray Sorter, both sides of the tray open simultaneously using a patented linkage rod that allows the item to drop completely flat into outbound tote or carton.

        With three different tray configurations and 17 unique tray sizes, the EuroSort Split Tray Sorter can be optimized to your product and desired throughput.

      • The EuroSort Dual Split Tray is a favorite among customers with a large variety of products who require a high throughput in the smallest possible space.

        The Dual Split Tray provides the ability to sort one large item, or two small items using the same tray. This eliminates the need to size trays according to the largest item and doubles the possible throughput without increasing the overall size of the sorter.

        • Double Tray = Double the the throughput capacity of our Single Split Tray
        • Ease of Manual Induction
        • Flex Drive Functionality
        • Safe Tray Design
        • Flat-Drop Technology
        • No Touch Pack-Out
        • No-Weld Framework
        • Smallest Drop Zone in the industry
        • Manual or Overhead Auto-Induction

        The EuroSort Push-Tray Sorter was designed from the ground up to be a new solution to an age-old problem and represents a unique product for the industry.

        At it's heart, it is a high-speed unit sorter, capable of sorting up to 13,300 items/hour and can handle everything from polybags/apparel/odd-shaped items to heavy cartons at the same time

        The push tray sorter was designed to help eliminate the need for multiple sorters saving cost and space, increasing productivity, and enabling a more efficient pick.

        Max Size 26 in
        Max Weight  55 lbs
        Min Weight .5lbs
        Throughput 13,300 items/hr

      • Our award winning Twin-Pushtray sorter is designed around flexibility and throughput. This is our response to the typical use of a cross-belt or tilt-tray at a much lower cost and significantly reduced footprint.

        Sorting anything from a business card to a 50lb carton on the same tray, the twin-pushtray is incredibly useful in the e-commerce, postal, and retail worlds. It can handle polybags and cartons on the same sorter, reducing the need for two sorters, and can do so at rates of up to 13,300 items/hour.

        • Twin Tray = Double the the throughput capacity of our Single Push Tray
        • Manual Induction Ease
        • Flex Drive Functionality
        • Safe Tray Design
        • Gentle Push Product Handling
        • Small Destination
        • No-Weld Framework
        • Heavy Duty Version Available

      • The EuroSort Quad Tilt Tray is our answer to the customer who handles small products and needs extremely high throughputs. It is unique in the industry as it is the only sorter that can sort jewelry and small items accurately and gently at rates of up to 39,600 items per hour. It uses a gentle tilting motion to discharge the product, and can be configured to work within extremely low ceilings.

        It is unique in the industry as it is the only sorter that can sort jewelry and small items accurately and gently at rates of up to 28,800 items per hour.

        • QuadTray = Quadruple the the throughput capacity of our Single Split Tray
        • Manual Induction Ease
        • Flex Drive Functionality
        • Safe Tray Design
        • Gentle Tilt Product Handling
        • Small Destination
        • No-Weld Framework

      • Originally developed as a sweeper for no-reads during auto-induction, the Sweeper ​Sorter has developed into a compact, low budget sorter, with a dense sort, and a reasonable throughput.

        The EuroSort Sweeper Sorter is ideal for applications involving items under 5 inchs and 5 lbs. With the ability to add destinations and track with ease, this modular system is ideal for applications such as books, pharmaceutical products, small packages, polybags, mail, multimedia and jewelry.
        It's small, linear footprint is great for existing facilities that cannot fit a loop sorter, and need to increase throughput.

        • Extremely Dense Sort, Space Saving Design
        • Low investment
        • High accuracy
        • Low maintenance
        • Easily Expandable
        • Suitable for sorting smaller products

        • E-commerce

        • E-Commerce is the fastest growing segment of the material handling industry, and needs a sorter that can keep up with an ever increasing demand, and changing requirements.

          EuroSort sorters excel in the area of e-commerce where it is desired to fit the most destinations in the smallest footprint. With the smallest drop-zone in the industry and custom-designed chutes, the EuroSort Sorter Suite allows for the high throughput required by e-commerce operations and the tight footprint to fit within the existing operation.

          We know that returns are a large part of e-commerce, with the ability to handle incoming returns and outgoing product on the same EuroSort Sorter, at the same time, you gain the flexibility of adapting to a changing demand and eliminating the need for two machines, or two shifts.

          From 10 destinations to 3,000, EuroSort has the experience and knowledge in designing and building e-commerce focused sorters for some of the largest names in the retail industry.
        • Omnichannel

        • The ability to do store fufilment, e-commerce, and returns on the same sorter using differing styles of chutes opens up the world of omni-channel commerce. The ability to handle an ever-changiner variety of products is crucial to this and both the Split-Tray and Push-tray sorters excel at this. We subscribe fully to the theory "if it fits, it sorts". No more worrying about whether your product will roll off the tray, or not divert correctly.

          As long as that product makes it on the tray, it will get diverted into the correct destination. We take the worry out of inducting.
        • Apparel and Accessories

        • When you are considering a unit sorter for your apparel and/or accessories operation, trust in the experts in apparel. EuroSort started in the apparel industry and has 16 years of experience sorting everything from the smallest of socks to the largest of wedding dresses for the biggest names in apparel. With the smallest drop-zone in the industry and the ability to sort direct to box or to custom-designed chute, the EuroSort Split Tray allows for the flexibility you need day in and day out.

          Looking to sort both cartons and polybags on one sorter?

          The EuroSort Push Tray sorter is ideal for those operations that are sorting many cartons or shoeboxes in addition to apparel and accessories, or who are using the sorter as both an order consolidation and shipping sorter. Our Split Tray (Bomb-Bay) and Twin Push Tray Sorters can live up to your throughput, spatial, and reliability needs at a price you can afford. Whether your apparel and accessory application, is retail replenishment, e-commerce, or returns processing, you can be sure that our sorters can handle it
        • Post, China mail and restmail sorting

        • Eurosort: the right sorting solution for every mail flow
          There are various different sorting machines available for the processing of mail flows. Irrespective of whether it concerns small, light packages (sometimes also referred to as Chinese mail), or large, heavy packages. Every type of machine will have its own unique characteristics and speciality. Following is a selection of our sorters, which you can use to offer your customer the optimal solution.

          Small, light packages and envelopes
          The Split Tray sorter and Tilt Tray sorter are ideal for sorting mail, small and light packages and postal packages. The (patented) trays can quickly and simultaneously be opened, making sure the mail, Chinese mail and packages accurately fall straight down onto a very small area. This means this type of sorting machine is even suitable for very light products. The tray also completely encloses the often small and round Chinese mail packages, making sure this mail and these postal packages don’t roll off the sorting machine.

          Innovative Push Tray sorter: the solution for large packages
          The Push Tray sorter, developed by Eurosort, presents the perfect solution for large and heavy packages. This sorting machine has even been nominated for the Sorting Center Innovation of the Year 2017 at the Post Expo 2017.

          Bundles, especially magazines or brochures and padded envelopes, are suitable for sorting on a Tilt Tray sorter or Push Tray sorter. Thick, thin and high envelopes, boxes and packages can be effectively sorted with a Push Tray sorter or Twin Push Tray sorter.
        • Books & Magazines

        • Book sorting is simple on the surface, as a product that is generally uniform with a consistant shape and dimensions, however the issues arise due to the need to maintain the condition of a unpackaged product that is unsealed and prone to opening and damage.

          EuroSort sorters excel in book sorting because of our flat-drop sorting technology and experience in the industry. Every book will drop flat to a clean landing surface, eliminating damage, and maximizing throughput.

          We will work with you to automatically sort up to 14,400 books/hr giving you an unprecedented view into your inventory and a more efficient operation.
        • Jewelry

        • EuroSort is proud to be the only unit sorter company that can sort individual jewelry items, without damage, at rates of up to 29,000 items per hour.

          Our Quad Tilt Tray Sorter handles small items gently and efficiently, allowing for high capacity and accurate sorting every time, and its industry leading small drop zone and creative chute design allows for a large amount of chute destinations in a small area.

          Perfect for e-commerce and store replenishment applications, our sorters make your operation more efficient and effective, increasing your throughput, decreasing labor hours, and increasing accuracy.
        • Pharmaceutical

        • EuroSort sorters excel in the pharmaceutical industry. With the concave tray design, and tight drop zone, we can handle both your polybags and your non-conveyable bottles on one sorter within your existing facility.

          ​Utilizing clean electric motors and with noise levels below 70 dB, they are proven successful in clean rooms and automated bottling facilities. Some of the biggest names in pharma are using our sorters, shouldn't you?
        • Third Party Logistics

        • The 3PL marketplace is getting ever more vast as companies are asking to sort more and more quantity and variety of items which may be completely different from the next customer. You need a solution that offers the flexibility to use one sorter to sort it all. Thats why we designed our pushtray sorter around the philosphy "If it Fits It Sorts". Offering throughput up to 13,300 items/hr from one induction area, and maintaining the ability to sort anything from a business card to a 50 lbs carton this sorter can keep up with your ever changing clients and demands with a lower cost and smaller footprint then comparable cross-belt and tilt-tray sorters.

        • Laundry

        • The ability to sort loose items without polybags allows us to extend into the world of industrial laundry facilities, whether it is sorting soiled laundry incoming from major hotel chain, clean wet laundry heading to the proper dryer, or outgoing folded clean laundry heading back to the hospital, the EuroSort Laundry Sorter will handle it all at rates of up to 6,200 items/hour.

          The use of RFID tracking and identification allows for an unprecedented level of accountability and tracing all the way through the cleaning process, and the EuroSort sorter ensures that every customer always gets the back their same garments.