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  • Offer Profile
  • The head office of the BSS Materialflussgruppe is in the heart of Solingen-Ohligs in a listed industrial building.

    More than 120 employees from administration, sales and implementation have been planning and developing intelligent logistics solutions for customers around the globe since 1991 – in cooperation with 40 additional employees at our sites in Ilmenau / Thuringia and Katowice / Poland.

    Our range of products and services as a general contractor includes the construction, expansion and modernisation of intralogistics facilities and systems. This includes
    • Automated high bay warehouses
    • Automated small parts storage (mini-load)
    • Stacker cranes, aisle-bound or curve-going
    • Order picking equipment
    • Sorting systems
    • Handling equipment for pallets, trays, containers and special load carriers
    • Electric overhead tracks, electric pallet tracks
    • Logistics and distribution centres
    • Production buffers
Product Portfolio
  • Scope of Supply

      • Advice & Planning

      • Are you thinking about modernising or setting up an automated facility?

        Then you should make use of our specialist knowledge gained in over 20 years of project development and implementation. We will be happy to visit you and discuss your logistical problems, wishes and expectations.

        On request we even carry out complete neutral tenders for certain subsections including all required documents, market analyses and evaluations.

        Planning is a matter of trust and can never take place without your active support – this is something we promise all our customers.

        Always with the goal of making things as easy for you as possible and providing you with future-proof advice, because only a carefully and responsibly planned logistics system will be able to secure your competitive advantage over many years.

        We plan with you, for you!

        We provide you:
        • Recording and evaluation of logistical data
        • Concept plans
        • Layout and process planning
        • Specifications for control and computer equipment
        • Simulations
        • 3D views
      • Automated Storage Systems

      • Automated storage systems are our world. As a general contractor we provide turnkey installations.

        You will receive a turnkey installation from us as a single provider, including all required subsections such as construction shell, roof and wall coverings, building technology, automation equipment, computer equipment and all secondary services.

        The start of efficient storage.

        • High bay warehouse (AS/RS) for pallets
        • Automated small parts storages
        • Tray storage
        • Handling equipment for bins, trays or pallets
        • Stacker cranes
        • Production buffers
        • Special facilities, e.g. for heavy loads or special load carriers
      • Modernising & Expanding

      • The requirements of your logistics processes change over the course of the years. New technologies are emerging on the market and the distribution of goods is becoming more and more sophisticated.

        We can help you to counteract this so you can remain competitive in the future.

        Whether individual shelf aisles, conversions or extensions of handling equipment elements or entire warehouses – BSS will modernise and expand your storage including all equipment and controls. We also assist you when moving premises, transfer entire logistics facilities – from steel construction to automation – and ensure that everything is set up and put into operation again at the new site to your satisfaction.

        And if any mechanical replacement parts should be unavailable because the manufacturer has gone out of business, BSS can offer you the special service of in-house manufacturing.

        We can bring your facility back up to speed!
      • Warehouse Technology

      • Standing up to the requirements of highly efficient warehousing requires smoothly functioning systems that guarantee the distribution of goods.

        Would you like to become a long-term member of this league? Then BSS can offer you a complete package with all required hardware and software components for management, control and organisation of your logistics processes.

        BSS-LMS is suitable for small, partially automated storage as well as for high-capacity logistics facilities and will adapt to your growth and new processes over the years.

        Benefit from our longstanding experience in the field of integrating control and computer systems. A dedicated material flow computer, the BSS-M, allows the BSS system to directly control the PLC level. A special feature which so far is unrivalled in the industry, increasing the performance of your facility many times over.

        Our warehouse management software BSS-L has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute every year for over 10 years.

        Warehouse plc-technology (BSS-S)
        This includes:
        • Drive levels, motors, controls
        • Sensor system / actuators
        • Scanner
        • Control cabinets
        • Operating panels (manual terminals)
        • General system installation
        • Wiring
        • Special installations
        • PLC equipment

        Warehouse control technology (BSS-L)
        Provided services:
        • User-friendly dialogue and window guidance
        • Use of the most current Oracle and operating system versions
        • Paperless order picking systems, e.g. Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Voice, radio data systems
        • Pick & Pack (order picking directly in the carton)
        • Multi-Picking (parallel order picking of several customer orders)
        • Integration of peripheral systems (e.g. weighing, labelling, carton erector, lidding, strapping or delivery note inserting machines)
        • Double-/multiple-depth storage
        • Handling equipment
        • Automated small parts storage
        • High bay storage
        • Aisle-bound and curve-going stacker cranes (STC)
        • Lateral order picking for automated small parts storage
        • Processing of returns and shipping
        • Simple connection to higher and lower level software
        • High integrability for SAP
        • Interfaces to all current ERP systems
      • Logistics Buildings

      • As one of the few general contractors for logistics systems and facilities, BSS not only plans and builds the inner life of your warehouse, but is also your partner for the construction of the corresponding cover.

        Are you planning a new building or the extension of an existing hall? We take care of the planning and implementation of your complete building and accompany you from the first design to the final delivery.

        More than in other sectors, the realization of logistics facilities is a matter of profitability and schedule. Thanks to our complete solutions, you can reduce your costs and significantly speed up the construction process.

        Of course, we also attach great importance to the fact that ongoing operations are affected as little as possible, and carefully protect the refitted area.

        Our project managers look after your project during the complete planning and production phase, so you always have a firm contact at your side.

        We also will be happy to advise you regarding resource-saving and energy-efficient options for your buildings and logistics systems.
      • Simulation & Emulation

      • Reliable execution is the key to success in logistics – regardless of whether the facility is a small or a large project. We create simulations and/or emulations of your future logistics facility to ensure that everything will be in the right place at the right time.

        The simulation is an animation (3D computer model) of your logistics system, already showing the future facility in full operation with moving pictures. The throughput capacity as well as different strategies can be checked in advance and technical processes can be analysed and optimised with ease.

        With this transparent representation of the processes any errors can be detected and removed before the start of the project.

        The emulation is the continuation of the simulation and it is an accurate and functioning reproduction of the logistics facility with all drive and equipment details. This model is so exact that it can be coupled with a PLC and controlled by it – just like the real facility later on.

        A so-called online coupling can shorten the expensive and time consuming introduction phase of the PLC many times over. It reproduces a data exchange between the control software of the real facility and a corresponding simulation model. In this way, the PLC can already be tested under nearly real conditions before start-up.

        In contrast to conventional software tests this process allows the PLC to be dynamically monitored during an entire work period. Problem areas can be identified in advance and removed.
    • Services

        • Service and Spare Parts

        • Our BSS "Comprehensive no-hassle package“
          • 24/7, 365 days/year
          • Stand-by service
          • Short reaction times
          • Instant help via online access
          • Direct contact to our specialists
          • Documentation of all error messages and redressals
          • Repair service
        • Customer Service - After Sales

        • Customer service – for as long as our installations last!

          As a general contractor for logistics installations we are not just a service provider but also your partner after acceptance of your logistics system.

          We solve your problems, provide advice and look after your future storage projects – and that for as long as our installations last!

          We are always there for you – that's our promise!
        • Training

        • We train your employees before every start-up so they can operate our facilities with perfect ease and also know the technical details. The induction is based on a practical approach and is carried out by our experienced specialists to ensure ideal operability. This includes extensive customer-specific operator's dialogues, interfaces to host and PLC, hardware, safety concept and required server processes, reports, accompanying documents as well as statistics.

          The focus of the training lies on the handling of malfunctions of STC or handling equipment. You will receive extensive documentation from us for each system area, describing every process in detail.

          We pass our know-how on to you. That is our promise!