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We swear by solid walled, hot-rolled standard steel. Especially when it gets heavy and awkward, the robust cantilever and pallet racks keep to their promises.

Contrary to conventional sheet metal shelves, the stacking systems from hot-rolled steel profiles have proven themselves as a safe and durable storage solution in all the industries.

The highest demands in quality and load bearing capacity are fulfilled without the least problem.

Absolutely not from tin! Superior technology from hot-rolled quality steel

Choose quality “Made in Germany”. Hot-rolled steel of the highest quality standard S235JRG2 yields elastically and, as opposed to sheet metal, retains its static properties in the hard day-to-day business in the storage facility.

Particularly important for the handling, as already with the lightest knock of a fork, the sheet metal profiles buckle and the carrying capacity drops considerably.

Hot-rolled steel for the highest load bearing capacity
Highest safety for goods and shelf
Highest quality and longevity
Slender construction for optimum use of the area

Highest robustness and reserves in load capacity for safety in your storage unit!

Contact us! Our trained specialist consultants are looking forward to showing you application examples in your industry and will be pleased to give you advice about economic storage solutions, if you wish, also in your storage unit.