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  • Racking and Storage Systems

    We swear by solid walled, hot-rolled standard steel. Especially when it gets heavy and awkward, the robust cantilever and pallet racks keep to their promises.

    Contrary to conventional sheet metal shelves, the stacking systems from hot-rolled steel profiles have proven themselves as a safe and durable storage solution in all the industries.

    The highest demands in quality and load bearing capacity are fulfilled without the least problem.
Product Portfolio
  • Cantilever Racking Systems

  • For storage of overlong items and bulky components. Constructed from solid-walled, hot-rolled IPE profiles for durability and safety in the warehouse.
      • Cantilever racks

      • Cantilever rack storage
        Cantilever racks are particularly suited for the storage of long goods and bulky parts. This kind of storage system allows the arms to be horizontally inserted into the vertical columns. Despite the heavy loading capacity of the arm, this remains flexible and moves sidewards and upwards when hit for example by a forklift truck. Arms and goods remain undamaged. The columns are punched every 100 mm in order to fit with the sizes of your existing warehouse. The arms can be adjusted without any use of tools. The cantilever racks can be used one-sided or double-sided, many variations are possible.

        • Continuous storage space for an optimised space requirement
        • Columns height up to 9 mtrs (further heights are possible)
        • Arm loading capacity from 500 kgs up to 15 tons per arm
        • Arm lengths from 600 mm up to 2,500 mm
        • storage levels adjustable each 100 mm
        • suitable for forklift truck and crane handling
      • Heavy duty cantilever racks

      • OHRA doesn’t give in. Heavy loads are a challenge for every type of rack but not for the OHRA cantilever racking. The product benefits of our racking system become even more distinct with higher load requirements. With standard arm loads of up to 2,500 kg and support loads of up to more than 10,000 kg the OHRA cantilever racks can easily handle even the heaviest burdens.

        Whether its slabs, metal sheets, wood packages, coils or heavy long boards, regardless of indoor or outdoor storage, our experts will develop an ideal solution for your storage demands. OHRA racking meets your technical requirements and is in compliance with the applicable standards.
      • Light cantilever racks

      • for the handling with forklift trucks or cranes
        • arm lengths from 400 mm up to 1,200 mm
        • standard height up to 9 mtrs
        • high usage of existing room heights
        • lots of accessories usable as roll-off Stops or pvc-strips for delicate goods
        • the racks can be fitted to your existing warehouse dimensions and your existing transport devices
        • can be used as narrow aisle warehouse for commissioning trucks or side-loading trucks, thus provides less truck space or higher storage capacity
        • particullarly suited for the storage of light but bulky goods and long loads. For the storage of containers or loose material
        • lot of accessories like roll-off Stopps for round material
      • Cantilever racks with roof

        • the economical solution for the exterior storage
        • racks are produced for exterior use
        • complete planning, from the laying of the foundations and drainage
        • clearly laid out and professional exterior storage
        • for the storage of goods insensitive to the weather, thus provides more space in your warehouse
        • other accessories like wall-panelling or bulkhead available
        • planning and construction with modern CAD-technology, economical and clear
        • as required with inclined roof-arms. The roofing can be made by the customer. We will advise you as you wish.
        • as required, we will calculate for you the structural engineering regarding wind and snow loads.
        • concrete foundation is to be provided by the customer. We will advise you on questions regarding planning and consideration of building laws and regulations
        • advice, planning, production
        • roof arms up to 3,200 mm
      • Mobile cantilever racks

        • mobile racks for light loads
        • nearly 100 % more storage capacity
        • no aisle between the racks
        • quick, low-noise, high exploitation of storing space
        • highly economic

        Mobile racks are suitable to make the most use of storage space of your warehouse. The racks are fixed on a carriage. These carriages are motorised and can be moved by pushing a button. The selected aisle will be open. The carriages move on rails, which are installed into the floor prior to installation. A later assembly of the rails for existing cantilever racks is possible. The mobile rack system is fitted with safety devices in accordance to the regulations of ZH 1/428 trade association.
      • Cantilever racking supporting mezzanine

      • Available on top, or an intermediate level mezzanine – our solid cantilever racks can be the basic supports for a mezzanine floor.
        Advantages - to maximise your warehouse and to create storage options .
        From the static calculation to the assembly on site, we offer a complete service from one source.
      • Cantilever rack with inclined arms

      • Cantilever racks with inclined arms facilitate the storage with a crane.
        • tube profile to facilitate storage
        • load capacity per arm up to 800 kgs
        • top storage-container provides additional storage space
        • 50 mm adjustment grid (model A and B)
        • length of rack (c/c): 4,500 mm
        • Distance column-column: 1.500 mm
        • long goods up to 6.000 mm
        • standard colour is RAL 5015 (sky-blue)
        • Delivery includes cross ties, distance tubes and floor anchors
        • possible extension
    • Pallet Racking Systems

    • The sturdy racking system for sustained use. Intended for use in large and high-efficiency warehousing operations.
        • Pallet racks

        • OHRA pallet racks for individual solutions

          • bolted frames made of hot-rolled steel profiles for highest storage requirements
          • bolted frames made of hot-rolled steel profiles for highest storage requirements
          • beams made of IPE-steel profiles with welded connection-elements guarantee a strong connection with the frame
          • easy assembly – only a few components
          • big storage levels, possible high loads for frames and beams
          • frames with adjustment grid of 100 mm
          • secure transfer of loads into the floor ground through solid foot-plates
        • Pallet racks for heavy loads

          • solid construction
          • use of hot-rolled quality-steel
          • high security reserves, consideration of horizontal and dynamic forces
          • load capacity up to 15,200 kg at a height of first level at 2,000 mm
          • particularly suited for the storage of heavy goods and the application in robust, well organised, industrial environments

          Hot-rolled steel is flexible and maintains its advantages regarding the high vertical load and its static characteristics. Other pallet racks made from folded sheet with 2 mm thickness can be damaged through light impacts. It can bend and loose its load carry capacity. This is very important for the frames. Therefore our frames are made of hot-rolled steel.
        • Medium and light duty pallet racking

        • For light and medium loads (up to 3,000 kg beam loads) OHRA offers the P5 range of pallet racks, with is more favourably priced. In configurations where for forklift trucks are rail-guided, the requirements for robust uprights in the racks are lower. Our P5 rack uprights made of optimised steel sheets as well as the matching beams comply with the requirements for a safe and versatile pallet rack.
        • Pallet racks with roof

          • goods which need to be protected against weather conditions, can be stored in an exterior pallet rack. The various roof possibilities protect your goods against rain
          • from a one-line pallet rack up to a complete pallet rack warehouse with covered aisles, different individual solutions are possible
          • complete planning, from the laying of the foundation and drainage
          • clearly laid-out and professional exterior storage
          • the covering of the pallet racks for exterior use is influenced by the additional effects of snow and wind loads
          • powder-coated or galvanised applications are available
        • Pallet racks on trolleys

        • Movable pallet racks are dynamic racking systems and are suitable for palletised goods that require compact storage with a low footprint. With this storage system, the robust pallet racks are installed on torsion-resistant moving trolleys. The complete rack is moved as a single racking unit by means of either electronic or manual control. The trolleys are moved on rails, which can be implemented both in new systems and retrospectively in existing floors. In this way, only one active aisle is required per rack run of the pallet rack. This results in a high degree of utilisation of the available space since only one aisle is open, i.e. in the position where goods are stored into or retrieved from the rack.

          OHRA racking - optimum utilisation of space due to trolleys

          Movable racks ensure low-noise movement and are pushed together without any gaps. Outside the operating hours, the racking system can be switched to “night position”. In that case, the individual racks of the pallet racking system are opened at equal distances, which are so narrow that none of the aisles can be accessed with a forklift truck. In this way, the movable racks also provide efficient theft protection.

          OHRA pallet racking on trolleys – your benefits
          • Very compact system for storage of large amounts with a small footprint
          • Very efficient utilisation of space
          • Increased storage capacity
          • Protection of valuable goods from theft due to “Night position” of the rack blocks
        • Pallet rack mezzanine

        • Reduce costs by doubling your existing storing space. No loss of valuable storage space above your racks. Maximising storage space up to a higher level. Our solid pallet racks made of hot-rolled steel profiles are the basic supporting elements for the mezzanine floor. Clearly laid-out creating effective enhanced space for your individual use.

          • planning, static calculation and assembly, all provided by our professional team
          • competent consulting and processing
          • Can be used for exterior storage with roof and walls
        • Drive-in racks

          • compact block storage
          • convinient storage
          • effective usage of space
          • last-in-first-out principle

          Especially with drive-in racks you can see the advantages of the solid construction made of hot-rolled steel profiles for the columns. In particular, the columns do not require protection against collisions from forklift trucks, when driving into the rack.
      • Rack-Clad Warehouses

      • More cost-effective than a conventional hall building. One-stop shopping, from planning to finishing the roof.
          • Cantilever rack-clad buildings

            • Weather-protected storage of long and bulky goods
            • High bearing loads of the IPE sections verified by static calculations
            • Cost reduction, space saving and flexibility
            • Customer’s contributions possible
            • Different roof shapes can be realised, depending on the plot of land and rain drainage conditions
          • Pallet rack-clad buildings

            • Cost-effective storage option compared to conventional hall structures
            • Saving of costs due to customer’s contributions for roofing and wall cladding
            • Determination of sections, drawings and assembly plans are included services
            • Consulting, planning, production and assembly - all from the same company
            • Large range of accessories for individual design options
        • Dynamic Racking Systems

        • Dynamic racking systems are modular rack systems which, in comparison with static racking systems, can achieve increases in storage capacities due to their type and technical components and thus accelerate the order-picking process.
            • Push-back racks – roller conveyor systems

            • The benefit of push-back racks with roller conveyor systems is in the quantity of goods that can be stored in the available depth. Up to 10 pallets in a row. In comparison with push-back racking with trolley systems, the building height is lower. Due to the high push forces required to move the pallets, push-back racks are particularly suitable for insensitive goods.

              OHRA push-back racking – your benefits

              • Modular standardised components
              • Storage depths of up to 10 pallets possible
              • Can be used with insensitive goods
              • Optimisation of travel routes and order-picking times

            • Pallet flow racking

            • Pallet flow racks are among the most compact methods for storage and picking according to the first-in-first-out principle. Thanks to the channel formation, high utilisation of the surface area is generated and with uniform pallets, optimum degree of filling is achieved. The smooth roller system with integrated brake support rollers, the product’s own weight moves it to the removal position. The pallet separation unit on the removal side ensures safe handling.
              • Modular standardised components
              • High load-bearing capacities and durability
              • Safe handling through pallet separation
              • Suitable for all smooth-running surfaces
              • FIFO principle - optimisation of transport routes and order-picking times
            • Order-picking flow racking

            • The order-picking flow racks are used in a similar way than the pallet flow racks, however, preferably for cardboard or plastic boxes that are suitable for transport on roller conveyors. Particularly for order-picking of products with regular turnover (medium-moving items) and with high turnover (fast-moving items), flow racks are the proper and most effective storage solution.

              OHRA order-picking flow racking – optimised times

              Thanks to the FIFO principle, the stored goods are transported to the removal position by their own weight and are then ready for order-picking. Work routes become shorter, picking times are optimised and refill aisles are separated. In planning of order-picking racks, ergonomics of the workplaces always has very high priority.
            • Push-back racking – trolley systems

            • Push-back systems, also referred to as trolley systems provide a space-saving storage option based on the last-in-first-out principle. These racks are ideally suited for applications involving batches of the same types of articles.

              OHRA push-back rack – contact-free storage on trolleys

              With the push-back trolley system, the pallets are deposited on a rail system in the channel system, one after the other. Then, they are also removed from the same side: Stacking depths of up to 6 pallets are possible. Advantage over push-back racking with conventional gravity roller conveyors: During the storage process, the uppermost loaded trolley with pallet to be stored next is pushed back. This pallet is then deposited on the next free trolley. Direct contact with the goods is thus prevented..
          • Vertical Racking Systems

          • For vertical storage of long goods, such as sections, tubes, rods or strips, an OHRA vertical rack is the best solution. For vertical storage of chipboard sheets, the chipboard sheet rack is the first choice, particularly in cutting applications of wooden products. OHRA provides vertical racking systems for a large variety of applications and various industries. Vertical racks and chipboard sheet racks are an integral part of storage technology, particularly in carpenter’s and woodworker’s shops, as well as specialised wood shops and DIY shops.
                • Chipboard sheet racking

                • A special OHRA product is the sturdy chipboard rack for vertical storage of chipboard sheets and materials in various qualities and dimensions. The sturdy racking system guarantees high bearing loads and fast handling in the workshop.

                  OHRA chipboard sheet racking – varied models
                  The OHRA chipboard rack is available in 3 different depths. 2,500 mm, 4,000 mm and 5,000 mm. The clear bay height is 2,200 mm. In this way, all conventional chipboard panel sizes can be vertically stored in the rack. The clear bay width is 400 mm. The rack can be ordered as a modular system comprising the base and attachment elements with either 2 or 3 bays. The surface finish is a high-quality powder coat. In addition, the top side of the chipboard plate rack can be covered with a chipboard plate, which can then be used as additional storage area with a surface load of up to 380 kg/m².
            • Shelf Racks

            • Racking systems for flexible warehousing. Shelf racks for the storage of small parts, samples, or documents in archive and office spaces.
                  • Shelf racks

                    • the best solution for flexible storage
                    • no difficulties in adapting to changing requirements
                    • stable and heavy load-bearing capacity
                    • height adjustment every 25 mm
                    • conforming to the regulation BGR 234
                    • easy and quick assembly
                    • shelves with triple-edges and edge-protection
                    • rack systems with several levels including system-stairs for an effective use of space
                    • various modular systems for several levels – from the planning to the extension all from one source
              • Automatic Storage Systems

              • According to the requirements for a semi-automatic or fully-automatic warehouse, our specialists will plan and configure the selection of the appropriate conveyor device and the suitable racking systems in close collaboration with our customers. Configuration of the crane stackers is based on the type of automation task, the products and the spatial conditions. All stacker cranes may be designed both aisle-bound or with curve-operation option. Thus, the customer can operate several rack aisles with only one device.
                  • Stacker cranes

                  • With a load-bearing capacity of up to 8 tons, the device from this model range is particularly useful when handling heavy and large-volume goods in high-rise racks is required. This is particularly the case in the building materials, timber, slab or paper-processing industries.

                    OHRA two-mast stacker crane for long goods and heavy products
                    Thus, economic storage is possible with a small footprint. Using the “man at the goods” principle, the manual standard devices with standard platforms can be used for direct order-picking at the rack.
                  • Warehouse management software

                  • The entire material flow of a warehouse or a production facility can be controlled fully automatically. Our strengths are especially in scenarios with new products, where the goal is to adjust the logistics system to your existing organisation structure, not the other way around(!). The basis for this is an initial analysis of the actual situation and a jointly deduced future forecast. Based on the data collected on item turnover and company structure, we will develop solution concepts together with your employees. These will later be used as a specification book for automated storage.

                    OHRA warehouse management software - digital automation
                    The WMS is a comprehensive and optionally configurable standard system. You can achieve fast and lasting cost savings through optimum deployment of employees and technical system and simultaneous improvement of the process quality and reduction of the storage volume.