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  • Offer Profile
  • transprotec GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, specialises in individual, customised energy and data transfer solutions for mobile consumers. Apart from crane systems, we also offer extensive product- and application solutions in the area of hoisting equipment, such as electric rope winches, electric chain hoists, pneumatic chain hoists, pneumatic rope winches and hydraulic hoisting equipment. Depending on the requirements of our customers, the products are projected for each case of application and then manufactured. 
Product Portfolio
  • Energy Transfer

  • Generally speaking, energy supply systems are used when a mobile consumer is supplied with the energy and/or intelligence required by the consumer for its movement of any kind from a fixed feed point.
    Mobile consumers are technical systems that take over transport and connection work at many locations throughout the world of technology. For example, from port handling to material flow technology.

    Energy supply systems are used for a wide variety of media, such as electricity, water, air, gas, oils of all kinds and in particular - but with increasing frequency - for data traffic between the feed point and the mobile machine.

    Machines or devices as energy supply systems for the above mentioned applications can be designed differently. They differ in terms of the length of the path, the medium to be transmitted, the frequency of the movements, the speed of the consumer or the specific location of use.

    Cables or hoses are used to transport the media within the transmission distance from the feed point to the moving consumer.
    Machines and devices as energy supply systems that meet the requirements for the above applications are, for example:

    • Conduits (cables) - Reels or hose reels
    • Cable (cable) - trolley systems or hose reel systems
    • Cable - chain systems or hose chain systems

    Before deciding which energy supply system is ultimately to be used, it is essential to consider all boundary conditions such as

    • Place of use ( with all environmental influences )
    • Distance travelled by consumers
    • Speed of the consumers
    • Frequency of operation
    • Type of media
    • Number of media required.
      • Cable rewinders

      • Various cable lengths and cross sections
        Protection classes IP42 up to IP65
      • Cable drums

      • Energy and data transmission for mobile consumers
        Orderly winding and unwinding
      • Battery charging drums

      • Flexible cable connection
        Avoidance of tripping hazards
      • Hose reel

      • Winding length max.: 21 m
        Max. pressure: 20 bar (2 Mpa)
      • Hose reels

      • Transmission of air, water, oils, gases
        Use in food & Ex areas
      • Cable trolley systems

      • Transport of cables or hoses
        for flexible transmission of power & media
    • E-Mobility

    • transprotec GmbH offers movable energy supply systems as well as load supply systems for individual supply as well as depot and fleet supply or loading areas. In both private and commercial areas, our charging drum systems adapt flexibly to all environmental and operating conditions. For example, we provide systems that supply car parks, carports as well as vehicle fleets in the commercial vehicle sector or in local public transport with charge current.
        • Flexible loading drum systems for wall, ceiling, floor and underfloor mounting

        • Our solutions can be adapted to a wide range of conditions with almost no problems. In addition to manual operations, we also offer automated plug-and-socket cable feeds.
        • Energy supply for mobile consumers without battery use

        • Stationary consumers are e.g. truck trailers which must continue to be supplied with energy during their standing time due to the load to be cooled. To minimize the risk of tripping and injury, we offer flexible charging current systems. By means of movable or rotating spring cable reels on portals or swivel arms, refrigerated trailers can be supplied with energy during loading and unloading or during logistically induced downtimes, thus maintaining their interior temperature.
          Another example concerns electric forklifts that are transported on their way to the customer without batteries for weight reasons. During loading, the forklifts are supplied with energy via our energy supply system (180° swivelling spring cable drum on the 180° swivel arm).

          Our spring cable reels for energy supply can be used flexibly in all conceivable areas - via wall, ceiling or floor/underfloor mounting they supply your vehicles with energy without hindering your work or producing supposed sources of danger.

        • Load feeding systems

        • Optimization of battery charging processes
          transprotec Gmbh develops various mobile load feeding systems for all parking, depot and fleet loading areas. We offer you safe, space-saving, efficient solutions for optimising battery charging processes for car parks, bus depots or even forwarding companies. The central component of our respective solutions are cable drums, which are flexibly mounted to the structural conditions and can be moved if required.

          This allows different vehicle types and models to be connected to the respective charging systems. Depending on the application, the cable reels can be designed with a spring motor or electric drive in 230 V or 400 V versions.

          In addition to energy transmission, we also offer the possibility of transmitting signals for system safety and system monitoring. On request, we can offer you solutions for the transmission of signals such as Ethernet 100 Mbit/s, Profinet, CAN bus, Profibus.

          This enables us to realize charging voltages of up to 1000 VDC and charging capacities of up to 200 kW with our system solutions.

      • Rope Winches

      • transprotec cable winches for individual use

        We manufacture cable winches for lifting, pulling and positioning loads - electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically operated. Thanks to their modular design, the cable winches can be individually configured. Buy proven industrial quality - made in Germany.

        We offer a precisely fitting design and manufacture of cable winches for your specific requirements for a wide range of applications. In doing so, we always pay attention to highest quality in compliance with applicable standards.

        Every transprotec cable winch is an individual project in which functionality, quality, safety and sustainability are our focus. Our solution-oriented approach ensures that you will not receive an undersized or oversized cable winch. We always keep an optimal price-performance ratio in mind.

          • Electric cable winches

          • Load capacities up to 37 t
            Flexibly assemblable
            Durable and robust
          • Pneumatic cable winches

          • Load capacities up to 20 t
            For difficult environments
            Comprehensive range of accessories
          • Hydraulic cable winches

          • Load capacities up to 60 t
            Modular design
            Very easy to maintain
          • Electric construction hoists

          • Load capacities up to 37 t
            Flexibly assemblable
            Durable and robust
        • Chain hoists up to 100 t

        • Chain hoists in various designs

          Chain hoists belong to the hoist family alongside wire rope hoists and cable winches. They are basically used for lifting and lowering loads. Chain hoists are used as hoists in rail systems or for crane systems and in stationary operation as an aid for assembly work or for loading machines and systems.
          In addition to the normal operating conditions in indoor and outdoor operation, the chain hoist can also be manufactured in an Ex version (operated with compressed air) for use in explosion-protected environments.

          Chain hoist with or without motor?
          If the chain hoist is operated manually, it is a manual hoist. The range of manual hoists is divided into spur gear pulleys and ratchet hoists or lever hoists
          Motor driven chain hoists are used as Electric chain hoist or Air chain hoist manufactured.

            • Electric chain hoists

            • Load capacities up to 25 t
              230 V / 400 V
              Low maintenance

              For electrically operated chain hoists, the hoist motors can be supplied in 230 V or 400 V versions. The control of the electric chain hoists can be in the form of direct control or contactor control. The contactor-controlled chain hoists also have adjustable limit switches which are designed as operating limit switches. Load capacities of up to 25 t can be achieved with electric chain hoists.

            • Pneumatic chain hoists

            • Load capacities up to 100 t
              For continuous operation
              duty cycle: 100%

              For the use of air chain hoists, it must be taken into account that the devices generally cover the performance data specified in each case at a flow pressure of 6 bar. Furthermore, when selecting a unit, it should be checked whether the air consumption at full load operation can be ensured by the compressed air supply. A compressed air chain hoist can be designed with a chain control or button control. A decisive advantage of a compressed air chain hoist is that the lifting and lowering speed can be infinitely varied. Compressed air chain hoists can be supplied with load capacities of up to 100 t.

            • Manual hoists

            • Load capacities up to 30 t
              Pulleys & Lever hoists
              Individual packing
          • Spring balancers and balancers

          • For an ergonomic design of commercial workplaces, both the spring balancer (recuperator) and the balancer (weight balancer) are almost indispensable.
            • Crane technology from transprotec- Robust and flexible in use

                • Jib Cranes

                • Column-Mounted and Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes
                  Customer-specific requirements need suitable solutions. We offer jib cranes and wall-mounted jib cranes with different boom lengths and load capacities. Jib cranes, available as articulating crane respectively handling crane or wall mounted jib crane in ex-version - the product range covers an enormous range of application areas. If desired, we offer complete solutions which also include, next to the delivery, the assembly of the crane and the provision and commissioning of hoisting equipment and load suspension devices. Of course we also offer the required acceptance of the jib cranes by a crane specialist of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association as a service.
                • Aluminium Gantry Cranes

                • Load Capacities of up to 3.000 kg | Optional Moveable Aluminium Gantry Crane
                  Aluminium cranes are available as quick-mount gantry cranes or frame cranes. Because of its low weight due to the aluminium construction and the sophisticated, push-fit assembly technique, the aluminium crane can be mounted or demounted easily. Special tools for mounting are not required. Load capacities up to 3.000 kg or beam lengths up to 8.000 m enable an enormous flexibility regarding the usage conditions.
                  The aluminium crane is available for stationary use and as variants moveable under load. Each aluminium crane can be adjusted in height and clear width. There is an even wider range of applications for the aluminium cranes due to the folding side frame. The double beam variant has a maximum clearance due to the overhead carrier.
                • Tripods

                • Our tripods can be delivered with or without winch.
                  In both cases, the tripod is characterized by its low weight due to the aluminium construction. Depending on the version, load capacities up to 1,000 kg are possible. Due to the telescope feature, the tripod is easy to transport. In its standard version the tripod has spikes.
              • Load Handling Equipment

              • transprotec GmbH provides an extensive range of load handling equipment. In addition to lifting beams and grippers, we supply lifting magnets and vacuum lifting devices.
                  • Crane cross beams - light construction
                    Beam cross beams with load capacity of up to 5 t

                  • Crane girders from transprotec are designed as mechanical girders in various variants and designs, taking into account current safety regulations and standards.

                    The crane girders are used for fastening or connecting, but also for stabilising assemblies. For example, the crane girders from transprotec GmbH are used in various industries in constructions or as load suspension devices for attaching loads.

                  • Crane cross beams - heavy construction
                    Load capacity up to 25 t

                  • Crane cross beam with a load capacity of up to 10,000 kg

                    • Without adjustment
                    • Laterally mounted hooks (cow horns)
                    • Star cross beams on request

                    Crane cross beam with a max. load capacity of 25,000 kg

                    • With adjustable hooks
                    • Optional middle hook
                  • Concrete pipe - Transport hangers
                    Load capacity up to 3 t

                  • The concrete pipe transport hanger is a sling, exclusively for the vertical transport of concrete pipes and manhole rings. The transport sling can be used in three strands to transport concrete pipes up to Ø 2000 mm and with a weight of 3,000 kg safely and gently. The gripping ranges allow pipe wall thicknesses of 40 - 220 mm. Safe handling is guaranteed by the existing carrying handles in the clamps.

                    Transport suspensions for concrete pipes according to DIN 4034.

                  • All-purpose gripper TPTAG
                    Load capacity up to 10 t

                  • Due to its design, the TPTAG all-purpose gripper is extremely versatile in terms of its possible applications. Due to the omission of chains and ropes, the all-purpose grab is very effective in various loading or lifting operations of loads due to the time saved.

                    The grab is suitable for:

                    • universal transport tasks in steel construction, in apparatus engineering
                    • the welding or assembly of parts of all kinds
                    • the feeding of a wide variety of production equipment

                    The all-purpose gripper is characterized by a very large gripping range.

                  • Sheet metal gripper
                    Load capacity up to 10 t

                  • Our sheet metal grabs are available for loads of up to 10 t. Depending on the model, they are equipped with a safety lock and a swivelling eye.
                  • Block gripper
                    Load capacity up to 5 t

                  • The block grabs are designed as scissor grabs and can be used for all parallel-walled goods.

                    It must be noted that the goods must be able to withstand the contact pressure of the grab jaws, which is twice as great as the weight lifted. The grabs are supplied with a protective coating on the jaws.

                    The operator must ensure that grease, oil, dirt and/or moisture do not break the frictional connection between the load and the grab.

                  • Lifting clamps
                    Load capacity up to 9 t

                  • Lifting clamps are primarily used for the horizontal transport of sheets and slightly sagging sheets when used in pairs. The lifting clamps can be used as single clamps for feeding machines such as presses, rollers and shears.

                    The angle of inclination of the sling gear must not exceed 30° when used in pairs. The surface hardness of the transported goods must be less than HRC 30.

                  • Internal gripper
                    Load capacity up to 5 t

                  • The internal grippers have been developed for holding cylindrical and rectangular hollow bodies.

                    The internal grippers differ according to the type of their clamping jaws. They are available with a protective coating, steel tips or with a hard manganese toothing.

                    Please indicate the required type of jaws when ordering!

                  • Profile iron gripper
                    Load capacity up to 3 t

                  • The profile iron grabs are designed as scissor grabs for the form-fit transport of profiles and beams. The gripper jaws guarantee a form-fit and absolutely secure hold.
                  • Roll gripper
                    Load capacity up to 3 t

                  • The roll grabs are designed as scissor grabs and can grip rolls and tubes up to a diameter of 1050 mm. The grabs are optionally equipped with a protective coating, which also allows the transport of loads with sensitive surfaces. The grabs are used, for example, to transport paper rolls, fabrics or sheet metal as well as pipes and barrels.

                    If the centre of gravity is shifted, the surface must be dry, clean and free of grease and oil.

                  • Round material gripper
                    Load capacity up to 4 t

                  • The round material grabs are designed as scissor grabs and can grip round material and pipes up to a diameter of 600 mm. The grabs are optionally equipped with a protective coating, which also allows the transport of loads with sensitive surfaces.
                  • Care gripper
                    Load capacity up to 1.5 t

                  • Gentle grabs are preferably used for vertical transport as well as for lifting and turning of panels with sensitive surfaces. Professional handling does not guarantee any damage or indentations. Gentle grippers can be used for stainless steel, aluminium or sheets with extremely hard surfaces.

                    Please note that the friction coefficient of the coated jaws must be maintained. For this purpose, the surface of the material to be transported must be clean, dry and free of oil and grease.

                  • Beam gripper
                    Load capacity up to 7.5 t

                  • Beam grabs with a lifting capacity of up to 7.5 t for the horizontal or vertical transport of sheets, profiles and beams.
                  • C-Hook
                    Load capacity up to 10 t

                  • C-hooks were developed for the safe transport of rolls, coils, rings and similar products. The C-hooks vary in the areas: Tine length, effective height, load capacity. The listed C-hook models cover the most common coil sizes, taking into account the above parameters.
                  • Coil tilting hook
                    Load capacity up to 3 t

                  • Coil tilting hooks were developed as universally applicable C-hooks, which, due to their well thought-out concept, prevent, among other things, the coils from slipping off unintentionally. With the help of the 90° swivelling tilting device, coils can be safely picked up or deposited both standing and lying down. Due to its design, the tilting device is able to pick up or deposit the coils to be moved without jerking.
                • Rubber- / Cellular Buffers

                • To complete its product range, transprotec supplies both rubber buffers with steel plates or threaded bolts, and cellular buffers with base plates made of plastic and steel, depending on the size, as well as rubber-to-metal elements.
                    • Rubber Stop Buffers

                    • With Steel base plate, 1 threaded bolt, 2 threaded bolts, internal thread
                      Rubber stop buffers from transprotec are distinguished by a vulcanised steel plate and / or embedded, twist-free threaded bolts. They are chiefly used to absorb impacts.
                      transprotec provides rubber buffers in the following specifications:
                      Steel base plate
                      • With 1 threaded bolt
                      • With 2 threaded bolts
                      • With internal thread
                    • Vibration Absorbers

                    • Rubber-to-metal elements (also known as vibration absorbers) from transprotec are used to insulate dynamically loaded components. Natural rubber is used by standard and offers high elasticity and tear resistance as well as non-ageing. The operating temperatures lie within
                      the tolerance range of -30°C of +80°C.
                    • Cellular Buffers

                    • Resistant against grease and oils, ozone, petrol, UV radiationCellular buffers from transprotec are characterised by long compression lengths and high energy absorption capacity. The result is good deceleration values and low final forces.
                      Cellular buffers from transprotec are manufactured from cellular polyurethane elastomers. The normal
                      quality has a volumetric weight of 0.53 g/cm³.
                      In contrast to rubber stop buffers, cellular buffers are:
                      • Resistant against grease and oils
                      • Resistant against ozone
                      • Resistant against petrol
                      • Resistant against UV radiation