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    SIVAplan - for over 40 years a specialist for complete logistics solutions. As a developer, manufacturer and service provider, SIVAplan implements fully automated solutions for a safe and efficient material flow.
Product Portfolio
  • High-bay warehouses

  • Whether single-deep, double-deep or in the variant as channel storage: When designing our systems, the engineers at SIVAplan mainly rely on the economical silo construction method, in which the roof and wall elements are supported by the shelf steel construction.

    Our high-bay warehouses - all advantages at a glance

    From compact channel storage to temperature-controlled deep-freeze or fresh food storage to highly dynamic high-speed storage: All high-bay warehouses from SIVAplan offer numerous advantages.

    • High bay warehouse for Harry bread in Soltau.
    • High bay warehouse for Harry bread in Soltau.
    • Optimum use of space and space
    • Can be used in three-shift operation with low personnel requirements
    • Problem-free connection of existing ERP systems and versatile networking
    • with other areas such as production and shipping possibleSafe material flow without forklift trucks or other transport systems
    • High throughput for storage and retrieval
    • Excellent picking capabilities
    • Fast access to all stored goods
      • Single-deep telescopic bearing with 6 RBGs

        • Direct access to every single pallet
        • High turnover rates
        • Fast access to picking warehouses
        • Optimal for storing many different articles in small quantities
      • Double-deep telescopic warehouse with 4 RBGs

        • 33% higher storage capacity than 1-place systems
        • Quick access to every single pallet
        • Storage and retrieval speed in the middle range
        • Optimal for storage of a medium number of articles and high turnover rate
      • Channel storage with 2 RBG and one SAT device each

        • 58% higher storage capacity than 1-place systems
        • Lower investment requirements
        • Simple connection to the conveyor system
        • Optimal for storing a few articles in large quantities
    • Channel storage

    • Maximum storage density in the tightest of spaces

      For a fast material flow: SAT device from SIVAplan in the channel storage.
      Conventional high-bay warehouses work with single or maximum double deep storage. Channel warehouses are a real alternative here when it comes to storing large quantities of the same articles.

      Instead of many, the channel storage system relies on only a few storage and retrieval machines. With the help of SAT devices, the pallets are stored one behind the other in the racks.

      Functional SIVAplan channel storage systems

      The decisive question when planning a plant is: Which storage concept is the right solution? Compared to single or double-deep storage, channel storage with multiple-deep storage (e.g. up to 20 pallets) can be the more economical solution in many cases.

      SIVAplan channel storage systems offer the highest possible storage density and, thanks to their compactness, also reduce construction and investment costs. In addition, they convince through economical operation, low maintenance requirements and low maintenance costs.

      Particularly in the area of temperature-controlled warehouses, our customers appreciate the advantages of our compact warehouses, whose concept has proven itself in countless projects in recent years.

      A special feature of our channel warehouses is the use of channel reverse technology, which enables the satellites used for pallet transport to be used in both directions in the channel.

      Advantages of channel storage

      • Reduced space requirement and very high bearing density
      • Storage both transverse and longitudinal possible
      • Channels can be operated from several storage and retrieval machines
      • Increased redundancy through channel reverse technology
      • Dynamic channel depth allocation
      • Conveyor technology installed directly in the warehouse in one or more storage levels (e.g. supply lanes, storage buffers)
      • Simple integration of picking areas into the warehouse area
      • Low investment requirements (compared to conventional 1- and 2-place systems)
        • Standard SAT device

        • Standard SAT device for the transverse storage of pallets with two-point support
        • Special SAT device

        • Special SAT device for the transverse storage of pallets with three-point support
        • Special SAT device

        • Special SAT device for the longitudinal storage of pallets with three-point support
      • Storage and retrieval machines

      • Fully automatic transport of goods

        As one of the pioneers of modern warehouse technology, SIVAplan develops, manufactures and installs robust and reliable storage and retrieval machines at its main plant in Troisdorf near Cologne.

        Thanks to the possibility of individual equipment, these can also transport special loading units in addition to standard transport media such as Euro pallets, Düsseldorfer pallets or industrial pallets.

        Storage and retrieval machines are the workhorses in a high-bay warehouse. Loads must be stored and retrieved quickly but safely - often around the clock.

        SIVAplan is familiar with these requirements and offers fully automatic storage and retrieval machines tailored to them. Whether in production, trade or logistics - SIVAplan's storage and retrieval machines have been trusted by customers throughout Europe for more than 40 years.

        The basis of the extensive portfolio is the multivariable standard range "RBG Vario", which impresses with its diverse possibilities for customised system solutions over 30 metres in height and payloads from 0.75 kN to well over 20 kN.

        Long service life, low wear

        Storage and retrieval machines in the warehouse of Coppenrath & Wiese.
        Storage and retrieval machines in the warehouse of Coppenrath & Wiese.
        All storage and retrieval machines share the high quality levels and safety standards typical of SIVAplan. The robust design, powerful drive motors and precise controls ensure an uninterrupted and reliable material flow.

        No wonder, then, that the SIVAplan operator interfaces have been performing their job perfectly for many years, even under the toughest conditions - for example in the dusty heat of a foundry or at -30° C in a deep-freeze warehouse.

        SIVAplan storage and retrieval machines achieve optimum values for storage and retrieval by means of dynamic drive technologies with high acceleration values. State-of-the-art control components ensure exact positioning in the warehouse aisle - within the shortest possible time.

        Translated with

          • The SAT-Mobil® from SIVAplan - The solution for the warehouses of the future

          • The SAT-Mobil® revolutionizes the material flow in large warehouses

            SAT-Mobile® from SIVAplan - Innovative material flow solutions from intralogistics experts
            SIVAplan further developed the already successfully introduced SAT technology as a future-proof solution for ever larger bearings.

            The starting point is the channel storage technology, which is particularly suitable for stored goods with a smaller variety of articles. Through the combination of SAT devices, which are brought to the various levels of the warehouse by means of vertical conveyors, where they store and retrieve pallets.

            High-bay warehouses are reaching ever larger dimensions; 50,000, sometimes even more than 100,000 pallet spaces are no longer a rarity. At the same time, the demands on speed, goods turnover and flexibility are increasing and can hardly be met with conventional technology. Warehouses with 80,000 pallet storage locations with material flow values of 800 to 1,200 pallets per hour for storage and retrieval will be standard in the future.

            The SIVAplan concept breaks away from the previously used stacker cranes and instead relies on a combination of several SAT-Mobiles® and a few vertical conveyors. SIVAplan pursues the idea that fast moving masses must be kept to a minimum. The SAT-Mobil® and the vertical conveyor therefore move less than 10 percent of a conventional storage and retrieval machine as "dead weight".

              • The SAT-Mobil® - innovative and economical

              • The SAT-Mobile® are transfer wagons which operate on one level of the high-bay warehouse and carry one or two channel vehicles (so-called SAT devices), each of which transports a pallet into the depth of the channel. The SAT-Mobil® itself is transported between the levels via special vertical conveyors. In this way, a SAT-Mobile® can be used on different levels. For maximum performance, however, a separate SAT-Mobil® is positioned on each level.

                • Vertical pallet transport is carried out with vertical conveyors, each of which transports several pallets.
                • Storage and retrieval is carried out using standard conveyor technology in conjunction with accumulation functions.
                • The vertical conveyors can be positioned in the middle of the rack to optimise performance.
              • Flexibility for fastest goods turnover

              • Due to its compact and robust design, the SAT-Mobil® meets the increased requirements for reliability and flexibility. In addition, it allows applications that cannot be realized with traditional storage and retrieval machines:

                • In the event of maintenance or failure, other SAT-Mobil® units take over the "representation" or increase the performance in another part of the warehouse.
                • High-bay warehouses with SAT technology are significantly more compact, as the floor and roof areas as well as all side walls are smaller.
                • The structure of a warehouse can be extended modularly: For example, you can start with 10 levels and 4 SAT-Mobil® and add more mobile units later for higher performance.
                • Whether at normal temperature or in a frozen storage area with -30 °C - SIVAplan's SAT technology has proven itself successfully in all areas of application.
              • Deep-freeze and fresh food warehouses

              • Tough: The SAT-Mobil® can easily be used in deep-freeze and fresh food warehouses.
            • Conveying technology

            • Conveying technology is our profession

              SIVAplan: Robust and reliable intralogistics components for smooth material flow
              SIVAplan designs and implements conveyor systems tailored to requirements for all common pallets and numerous special loading units.

              The portfolio ranges from components for internal material flow to individual special solutions. The conveyor systems installed throughout Europe are convincing due to their robust construction and precise mechanical guides.

              Reliable intralogistics components from SIVAplan

              The experience gained from numerous projects with renowned industrial partners and trading companies as well as consistent investments in development and production guarantee the highest quality standards at all levels.

              Powerful control systems and computer systems as well as state-of-the-art drive technology ensure extraordinarily high availability. Low wear and tear and a maintenance-friendly design ensure trouble-free operation - with minimum maintenance costs.

              Lifting device with roller conveyor from SIVAplan. Lifters with roller conveyors from SIVAplan.

              SIVAplan supplies:

              • Roller conveyors and chain conveyors for
              • Pallets and other transport containers
              • Integrated accumulation conveyor systems
              • Turntables and corner transfer units
              • Transfer cars, lifters and vertical conveyors
              • Loading and unloading systems for trucks
              • Pallet testing systems
              • Stacking systems and destacking systems for pallets
                • Roller conveyors

                • Customer-specific production (length, width and roll pitch), individually adapted to specified loading aids. Sturdy, height-adjustable supporting structure, high-quality roller design with solid roller floors, powerful drives. The steel construction is powder-coated as standard, the rollers are galvanised.

                • Chain conveyors

                • Generously dimensioned support chains and powerful drives ensure continuous operation. Highest quality standards and maximum loads are also a matter of course for the chain conveyors.
                • Transfer trolley

                • These mobile wagons are used when loading units have to be moved from one conveyor line to another, transported over long distances or served by several marshalling yards. The stable frame construction can be equipped with various conveyor elements such as chain conveyors or roller conveyors as well as turntables and corner transfer units or with a telescope or SAT device.
                • Corner converter

                • With the SIVAplan transfer systems, loading units are shifted by 90° and transported further. Combinations of roller conveyors and chain conveyors become corner transfer units. The roller or chain conveyor can be optionally equipped with a lifting system.
                • Rotary tables

                • If loading units have to be rotated by 90° and conveyed in the same direction, rotary tables equipped with roller or chain conveyors are used. The high-speed version of SIVAplan can even handle 200 pallets per hour!
                • Vertical conveyors

                • The transport between several levels is carried out by powerful vertical conveyors. Variable speeds, frequency-controlled lifting drives and compact lift trucks with mounted chain conveyors or roller conveyors (also with turntable or corner transfer unit) are available. Type-tested safety gears guarantee maximum safety. A conveyor level of 80 mm can also be directly operated without a pit.
              • Pallet testing systems

              • Pallet inspection systems minimize failure rates

                Fast and safe inspection of load carriers: The pallet inspection systems from SIVAplan
                Complex pallet warehouses with fully automatic conveyor and storage technology only work with faultless pallets.

                In the worst case, faulty, defective or even incomplete transport units disrupt or interrupt the material flow and thus influence the availability of the entire logistics area.

                Pallet inspection systems - for a smooth material flow

                Many pallets, which are taken over by forwarding agents or suppliers, do not meet the strict quality requirements for fully automatic conveyor systems.

                Broken top or bottom boards, protruding nails or missing blocks illustrate why pallets must be checked for integrity.

                In addition, pallets often have to be soiled and cleaned before use.

                SIVAplan offers modular and expandable systems for optical, pneumatic and electromechanical quality inspection of pallets.

                The portfolio includes both integrable individual modules and complex complete systems for pallet inspection, including the corresponding conveyor technology.

                Individual solutions - maximum performance

                The structure and range of functions of the pallet testing system is based on the application and customer-specific specifications.

                SIVAplan develops and manufactures testing systems that meet all individual requirements, depending on pallet throughput, space conditions and technical requirements. These can be easily integrated into existing transport systems and conveyor systems.

                Alternatively, independent operation in a continuous process is possible, for example for pallet sorting in forwarding companies or larger trading companies.

                Great advantage of the pallet inspection systems from SIVAplan: After the inspection process, the system provides a detailed report for each individual pallet. Thus, users know directly how many of the tested pallets can be used without any problems.

                  • Stainless steel components for the food industry

                  • SIVAplan manufactures intralogistics components such as rotary tables and roller conveyors made of high-quality V2A to meet the high hygienic requirements of the food industry. Particularly in the food industry, in addition to the robustness of roller conveyors, corner transfer units and rotary tables, the possibilities for simple and efficient cleaning of intralogistics components are also important.