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  • Offer Profile
  • LMT Tools encompasses the manufacturing companies LMT Belin, LMT Fette, LMT Kieninger and LMT Onsrud. At the same time, LMT Tools belongs to LMT Group, a family managed holding company. The Group bundles several, leading technology companies with more than 2,200 employees at 20 locations worldwide.
Product Portfolio
  • Milling and Threading

  • Performance and Ongoing Development
    Make the Difference

    The machining of modern construction materials through milling and threading is increasing in importance worldwide. This applies to large-scale production as well as smaller lot sizes. We rely on a consistent focus on performance, future-focused development, short innovation cycles, and full dedication to your needs. To do this, we have combined milling and threading in one segment. This was a logical decision, as milled surfaces often receive threads as well
      • Solid carbid mills

      • Unparalleled smooth running and process reliability
        With our solid carbide end mills from the DHC (Different Helix Cutter) family, we offer multifunctional high-performance milling cutters for a myriad of roughing and finishing applications. The DHC INOX is especially suited for rust-free materials and the DHC HARDLINE for hardened materials. The SuperFinish2 and SuperFinish4 ball nose cutters are our high-performance tools for die and mould making.
      • Indexible insert milling

      • Top machining volume with high flexibility and reliability
        Our production program for milling with indexible inserts encompasses the entire spectrum of face milling, soulder milling, copy milling, and high-feed milling. The MultiEdge product family is ideal for roughing with high removal rates. With tangential indexible inserts, the MultiEdge T90 PRO4 and PRO8 guarantee maximum stability. Our newest generation of the high-feed milling cutter, the MultiEdge 2feed mini, enables optimized impelmentation of the highest possible removal rate (Q), even at lower-performance machining centers. The indexible inserts of the CopyMax product family are sintered using special technology and guarantee high durability and a quadrupled tool life.
      • Forming taps

      • Efficient and creative
        Thread tapping, as opposed to machining, stands out because of its higher process reliability as well as prolonged tool life. Faster circumferential speeds also significantly increase the economic efficiency of this procedure. A prerequisite for using forming taps is a tool break elongation of at least 8% and a maximum tensile strength of up to 1,400 N/mm2. The new modular HPF Max forming tap is an efficient partner for series production in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. Its long tool life it made possible by a new carbide substrate, a new coating, and an optimized former geometry.

        The FormMAX solid carbide forming tap is made of a newly developed fine-grain carbide with an optimized former geometry. To further incease thread quality and tool life, the coated tool surface undergoes a special smoothing process.
      • Thread cutter

      • For efficient machining
        Efficient internal thread production is the result of intense tool experience and constantly sets new challenges for our engineering experts. A current example is our new Rasant ChipBreaker tap for reliable thread production in blind bores. Our modular XChange tap is ideal for efficient internal thread production. It consists of a thread part made of carbide and a shank made of steel, combining wear resistance and toughness.
    • Gear Cutting

    • When every tenth of a second counts
      Today gear cutting processes are highly optimised. Details are becoming more and more important. This allows for further savings to be achieved. At the same time, expectations for quality and process security have also increased. Our tool solutions set the tone and cadence worldwide: LMT Fette is a dependable partner for large quantities - for example in the automotive industry - and also with very large machinery as seen in wind energy technology. With the power of innovation, experienced application consultants, a worldwide service network and excellent engineering, we will help you, the user, optimize your tool strategy for the future.
        • SpeedCore

        • The new industry standard
          Higher the cutting speeds during gear hobbing increase the thermal and mechcanical stresses on the tool. This is where traditional HSS-Tools reach their performance limits. In contrast, the new SpeedCore hob cutter from LMT Fette is made of completely new cutting materials. It has a significantly higher hot hardness, allowing you as the user to increase hob cutting speeds up to fifty percent. This offers great advantages: You can produce significanltly more parts on existing installations than before. And that, without the need for additional investments.
        • CarbideLine

        • Maximum performance for every application
          The CarbideLine product family stands for maximum performance for gear milling. Be it the solid carbide version CarbideLine-S (S = solid Carbide), the hybrid technology Carbide-H (H = hybrid), or the cutting insert tools of the CarbideLine-I (I = indexable): With the carbide cutting material from LMT Fette, you will always achieve the perfect result.

          Even after up to twenty regrindings at the LMT Service Center, the CarbideLine-S and CarbideLine-H tools deliver the same performance as when they were first commissioned. The CarbideLine-I tools are theoretically indefinitely useable. The indexable insert is simply replaced.
        • ChamferCut

        • Definition of a new standard
          Chamfering with the patented ChamferCut process is economical, precise and reliable. The precise chamfer profile is machined by chamfering. This process, as opposed to conventional transforming methods, does not affect the material structure. The quality of the generated chamfer defines a new standard, while, all the while, maintaining top repetition accuracy.

          The process advantages combined with the low tool costs make deburring and chamfering with the ChamferCut the most economical process on the market.
      • Reaming

      • An Eye for Micromillimeters
        It Can't Get Any More Precise

        The demand for high precision during boring operations is growing more and more. The external accuracy of cylinder bores, valve seats, and functional bores on an oil pump guarantee that vehicle components will have a long service life. The requirements set by the aerospace industry are just as stringent. This makes reaming a key technology in the area of fine machining.
        Our decades of experience with reaming technologies make it possible for our tools to machine down to the micrometer. This shapes every one of your boring operations perfectly – with enormous advantages in productivity, quality and costs.
          • Standard Reamers

          • For Perfect Surfaces
            The TBR standard reamer guarantees unparalleled surface quality within a narrow tolerance range while simultaneously maximizing productivity with two clamped carbide cutting blades. Even the SBR single-blade reamer achieves top precision.
          • Customized Reamers

          • More Cost Efficiency
            In addition to standard reamers, we also offer individual custom tools, which are designed and produced to your specifications. This way, you receive the perfect reaming tool for the narrowest tolerance requirements.
        • Rolling system

        • Our biggest program,
          Fast, reliable, efficient -without chips

          LMT Fette rolling heads create exterior profiles of any type. Cold forming enables high accuracy in just seconds. As a user, thread rolling provides you with several advantages in comparison with machining: Production time is extremely short, while high thread strength and consistent dimensions are achieved. You also benefit from excellent surface quality and long tool life. All of those advantages combined set the bar for chipless forming.
            • Axial rolling systems

            • Success with system
              LMT Fette axial rolling heads have two to three, and in special cases up to six, thread rolls with pitch-free profile rings. The rolls swivel along their horizontal axis, so that the workpiece /the rolling head is axially shifted around the thread pitch with a full revolution. Since the rolls "traverse" axially over the workpiece, they can produce threads of any length and with diameters of 1.4 to 230 mm. Together with our customers, we have developed our axial rolling system even further. Discover our newest generation, the EVOline. Its modular design makes it easy to assembly and very reliable.
            • Radial rollingsystems

            • Achive success faster
              LMT Fette radial rolling heads were developed primarily for short threads with a very short run-out. They enable extremely short processing times with stationary or rotating workpieces. The LMT Fette radial rolling head traverses axially over the workpiece, independet of feed. With a release mechanism, the rolls penetrate the workpiece radially. The desired profile is generated with a single revolution of the roll. The profile of the rolls matches that of the workpiece being produced. The profile length is limited to the roll width.

              The LMT Fette radial rolling heads are available with diameters from 3 to 45 mm.
            • Tangential rollingsystems

            • Applicable indiverse situations
              The LMT Fette tangential rolling heads can be used in several diverse applications, such as machines with controlled feed, CNC lathes, or in machining centers. Their high-precision performance enables a short thread run-out and an extremely short threads, even between tips or bedhind a collar. LMT Fette tangential rolling heads have two rolls which contact the workpiece from the side. The rolls form the thread as they move perpendicular to the workpiece during the feed motion. The roll profile corresponds to the profile of the workpiece being produced. The profile lenth is limited to the width of the rolls.

              The LMT Fette tangential rolling heads are available with diameters from 1.6 to 64 mm.
            • Peeling systems

            • Perfection before rolling
              LMT Fette peeling heads allow you to cover a special area of application: the peeling of the initial diameter to ensure chipless thread production. Use this high-performance tool with indexible inserts to efficiently reduce the diameter of round material and profiled material with a diameter range of 2 to 50 mm. The peeling heads have short production times with high cutting speeds and large feeds. This way, you can achieve narrow production tolerances and excellent surfaces. This system is easy to implement and operate and has a long tool life with low maintenance effort.
          • Advanced Tooling

          • Complete Solutions
            Customized for You

            In the Advanced Tooling segment, we go – together with you – above and beyond the design and deployment of individual tools. The idea: Use us as your strategic technology partner for the development of complete machining strategies (“project engineering”) and extremely precise tool systems. Our central focus: To strengthen your productivity and – especially in large-series production – to reduce the cost per unit (CpU).
              • Automatically Adjustable Tools

              • Control tools more machining crankeshakft bearing bores are implemented with maximum pricision and economic efficiency.These tools function in an actuator like manner. The diameter of the inserts can be adjusted using an interior tie rod to compenste for wear, for example.
              • PKD- Tools

              • Tools with PCD cutting materials guarantee maximum performance when machining engine components and aluminum housing units. Multi-step PCD tools not only achieve absolute precision in the machining process, but also positively influence the costs of the complete process. Several operations can be realized in one tool, thereby decreasing the processing and tool change times. Through these cost savings the tools amortize themselves instantly.
              • KBF- Tools

              • The machining of these joints places high demands on the quality of the precision toolswhen it comes to shape accuracy and, of course,the expected tool life. This is true for the soft milling sector using coated carbide tools, as well as for the hard milling of induction-hardened components using CBN cutting materials. The product range of the traditional ball-nosed milling tool is extended through tools for producing the so-called cages and their corresponding turning applications.
              • Tangential indexable inserts

              • Tangential technology opens up new possibilities for tool conception and construction. With it, it promises maximum performance in the machining process. With tangential technologies, the cutting strengths are absorbed over the entire plate profile, thereby significantly prolonging tool life.
            • Services

            • Our Services
              At Your Side with Words and Deeds

              As our customer, you expect more from us than just the best tool on the market. It is your right to expect us to stand by your side as a partner and as experts who work with you toward success. We do this in a variety of ways. Take advantage of our diverse expertise – from strategic needs analysis to tool supply to production locations.
                • Tool Management

                • We Advise. You Benefit

                  Effective tool management is one of the main drivers of your success. We specialize in optimizing the implementation of your tool systems. As a consultant and operative partner:

                  • We ensure 100% cost control.
                  • We identify your cost causes and drivers.
                  • We help you to reduce your working capital.
                  • We help you to take advantage of savings potential.
                  • We take it upon ourselves to reduce the number of your suppliers without losing know-how.

                  The services you take advantage of as well as the degree of our collaboration is flexible. From simple tool procurement to tool maintenance to the full tool service “complete care”.
                • Tool dispensing

                • Kanban for up to 10,000 Tools

                  A single employee in the production department dedicates up to 20% of their working time to organizing tools. Regular “emergency stock” is often kept as a reserve. But there is a more efficient way to do this! Our tool dispensing system eboy® simplifies your tool logistics and processes with a Kanban approach.

                  Your advantages:

                  • Significantly simplified availability, ordering and delivery.
                  • Smaller inventory and goods in process volumes – this saves costs.
                  • We stock, monitor and administrate the system.

                  You only pay for the tool once you have received it. We also manage the stocking of tools from other tool manufacturers.
                • Reprocessing

                • New, again and again

                  The reprocessing of your tool is a complex and highly sophisticated process. But it is worth doing. With each reprocessing, your overall costs for the tool go down.
                  We reprocess your tools to their original quality. To do this, we have set up a global service network. We guarantee that tool life and cutting parameters are exactly the same when the tool is redeployed. This keeps your production processes stable.