Company Profile

LMT TOOLS combines the competences of leading specialists in the field of precision tool technology. This pooled expertise enables LMT TOOLS to develop and deliver tool solutions world¬wide for processing materials ranging from high-strength steel to composite materials.

The machining of materials such as high-tensile steels, alloys, plastics and fibre-reinforced composites makes extreme demands on tool technology. At the interface between machine and workpiece, tools have a major impact on the performance of modern industrial production processes.

Engineering competence in various disciplines is required to perfectly match precision tools and machining processes to the respective machine and workpiece at hand.

That is why the specialists at LMT TOOLS focus their research, development and production expertise on the applications and machining processes in which they are acknowledged technology leaders.

More than 1,200 employees and a network of specialized partners enable the company to offer its customers worldwide a comprehensive range of tools, cutting materials and services for the most diverse cutting and non-cutting applications as well as various services in the fields of tool reconditioning and tool management.

The LMT TOOLS Group encompasses manufacturing companies LMT BELIN, LMT FETTE, LMT KIENINGER and LMT ONSRUD, production and service facilities and a globally operating sales organization.

As specialists, the companies focus their research, development and production competences on applications and machining processes in which they are technology leaders. They also pool their expertise in joint development projects. LMT TOOLS cooperates with the two partners Boehlerit and Bilz in the fields of development and sales.

• LMT BELIN is based in Lavancia, France, and specializes on precision tools for the machining of plastics, light metals and composite materials. LMT BELIN has been part of the Group since 2001 and together with LMT ONSRUD forms the Group’s competence center for the machining of composites.
• LMT FETTE is based in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg, Germany, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision milling tools, gear hobs, thread rolling systems and taps. LMT FETTE was a founding member of LMT when it was established in 1993 and is the Group’s competence center for applications in the fields of milling and thread cutting and rolling.
• LMT KIENINGER has established a global reputation as a specialist manufacturer of specialized tools for challenging machining applications. As a competence center for die and mould making and component machining, the automobile and automotive supplier industries are a key area.
• LMT ONSRUD specializes in tools for the high-speed machining of aluminium, plastics and composite materials. LMT ONSRUD and LMT BELIN together form the competence center for the machining of composites within the Group.