Business Profile

Fehlmann AG, a family-owned company, develops and manufactures precision machine tools for drilling and milling purposes. Since its founding in 1930, the company has supplied over 12'000 machines worldwide. Development, production and assembly are carried out exclusively at the works in Seon, Switzerland by more than 180 employees. Fehlmann AG not only assembles machines, but also produces parts and components with a high degree of vertical integration, ensuring an optimally coordinated degree of precision. Certification of quality and environmental management according to the newest quality standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 guarantee continuous improvement in all areas, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Highest quality, precision and sustainablity, as well as a high degree of availability are thus ensured.
Trained and specialised staff at the main works in Seon/Switzerland, in our locations in Mönsheim/Germany and Suzhou/PRC China, as well as local representatives, constitute our customer service.

Dedicated and competent staff and management are FEHLMANN's major capital. A modern working environment, as well as a longterm-orientated and cooperative personnel policy guarantee sustainable and continuously increasing know-how within the company. Efficient production flow due to a flat hierarchy and short communication channels are a necessity. FEHLMANN trains approximately 20 apprentices as mechanics, electrical mechanics and business administrators.

We place great importance in the practical efficiency of our products. The focus of our efforts are to be found in the premium-grade, precise workpiece of our customers, as well as in the speed and handiness of machine operation. The well-balanced spectrum of products ranges from simple manual drilling and milling machines to high-performance machining centers and HSC-milling machines.

FEHLMANN machines are mainly used in the following applications:
Production of high-precision parts in small and medium lot sizes
Mold & die making
Precision jigs and fixtures, prototype construction
Apprentice departments, training departments, laboratories
Assembly departments, repair and maintenance workshops

The main market for FEHLMANN machines are:
High-precision machine and apparatus engineering
Automobile and vehicle industry
Electronic, information and electrical engineering
Diagnostics, measuring and control instrument engineering
Medicinal technology
Watch and jewelry industry
Food and packaging industry
Aeronautical, space industry and others