Business Profile

KAAST was founded when several senior executives left the biggest German machine tool importer.

With the start of KAAST we wanted to realize our own idea of a modern trading company for machine tools. We have branches in Germany, USA, Russia and Taiwan. Our vision became reality!

We have grown more quickly than expected as a result of reliable partners and satisfied customers.

Price/ value ratio:

Like many other machine tools manufacturers we also source parts and machines from Asia in addition to our European partners. The price advantage we are forwarding to our customers. The result: an excellent price/ value ratio for all our products and steadily growing market share.


Our suppliers represent an important link in our process chain. Together with our reliable partners, we develop concepts and ideas for continued further development of our products, so that we can always remain competitive. When doing this, we apply the highest standards and norms.

We don’t select these companies over the phone, we do it with on-site visits. After checking the construction, production facility and quality standards, only then do we decide to take a machine into our range - we vouch for the quality.

ISO 9001

Since September 2014, we are ISO 9001 certified. We are pleased to provide you with this certification to prove that you always can expect the highest quality of all our products and services.
This applies from acquisition, sale and service to successful installation.

Close to the customer

Our customers require machines which meet the demands of production equipment.The wrong decision can often lead to very expensive errors when making investments.

This is the reason why we are always available to you during the decision process. After all, this is the only way that we can guarantee an investment which meets the requirement. Cycle times, selection of tool packages, and individual automation solutions provide safety and a fixed calculation for the basis of your planning.