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    • We provide high quality and innovative CNC machine tools, partially customized, partially standardized
    • Our products add value to manufacturing processes at our customers and therefore also add value to Unisign

    Unisign is a family business and our philosophy is to develop, produce and assemble our own products. As partner in productivity we offer our customers a fast and reliable support service.

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Product Portfolio
  • Portal CNC Machines: Ideal for almost any mahine task

      • UNIPORT4000

      • Flexible all-rounder

        For OEMs in the metalworking industry flexibility is extremely important. This makes the Uniport 4000 the ideal gantry style machine for a whole range of applications, particularly for large and relatively flat components. This compact travelling bridge CNC machining centre is the smallest portal machine in our range and has a stationary machine bed and a movable bridge. The rigid construction and double cross rail ensure high stability. Options include split work zones for pendulum machining, an extra fast spindle for high-speed cutting, and more tool pockets.

        • X-axis: 2.000-20.000+ mm
        • Y-axis: 1.000-3.500 mm
        • Z-axis: 500 mm
        • Vertical clearance: 610 mm
        • Width between column: 1.050 - 3.550 mm
        • Direct driven spindle: 36/58 kW, 12.000/16.000 min-1, 135/180 Nm
      • UNIPORT6000

      • Powerful all-rounder

        The Uniport 6000 is the ideal choice for multi-sided manufacturing of large components in the most economical way. It is available in gantry configuration or as a moving table with pallet changer. The high vertical clearance and an optional carousel turning station address even the most challenging workpieces. The choice of machining heads enables milling, drilling, tapping, turning and even grinding and rolling – all in a single, small footprint machine.

        • X-axis: 4.000-20.000+ mm
        • Y-axis: 1.500-4.000 mm
        • Z-axis: 800 / 1.000 / 1.250 mm
        • Vertical clearance: 1.100 / 1.300 / 1.550 mm
        • Width between column: s1.500 - 4.000 mm
        • Gear box driven spindle: 36/54 kW,
          6.000 min-1, 720/1.000 Nm
      • UNIPORT7000

      • Flexible and economic

        The Uniport 7000 is the economic solution to flexible manufacturing. This high-rail gantry machine with its travelling bridge and stationary table is our most flexible machine platform. It will perform 5-sided machining inside the component and has short changeover times and a large working envelope, making it a truly cost-effective production choice for a really wide range of applications. The innovative ‘box-in-box’ construction guarantees superb rigidity and very stable and accurate production processes.

        • X-axis: 6.000 - 20.000+ mm
        • Y-axis: 2.500 - 6.500 mm
        • Z-axis: 1.250 - 1.600 mm
        • Vertical clearance: 1.500 / 1.750 / 2.000 mm
        • Width between column: s1.500 - 4.000 mm
        • Gear box driven spindle: 42/73 kW,
          6.000 min-1, 1.600 Nm
      • UNIPORT6000-HV

      • True flexibility

        The HV (horizontal/vertical) variant of the Uniport 6000 is a truly cost-effective choice for 5-axis machining of large components. In addition to its generous daylight opening, the Uniport 6000-HV features a tilting nutator head. This can travel through an angle of 100°, going from a vertical plane to 10° over the horizontal, making it possible to adopt even the most extreme machining angles. Coupled with outstanding price/performance, this compact portal machine is a must if you’re looking for true flexbility.

        • X-axis: 4.000 - 20.000 + mm
        • Y-axis: 2.500 - 6.000 mm
        • Z-axis: 1.500 / 1.800 mm
        • Vertical clearance: 1.700 / 2.000 mm
        • Distance spindle nose
          to table vertical position200 - 2.000 mm
        • Distance spindle nose
          to table horizontal position190 - 1.950 mm
        • Width between column: s1.500 - 4.000 mm
        • Nutator head with motor spindle63 / 82 kW,
          8.000 / 15.000min-1, 391 / 550 Nm
        • B-axis± 110°
        • C-axis± 185°
    • CNC Machines Moving Column: Easily adaptable for any customer request

        • UNIVERS6000

        • Handles the big stuff

          Particularly suited to heavy machining of work pieces up to 8 metres long, the compact Univers 6000 combines high accuracy with a large work envelope. The unique right angle head allows for multi-sided machining to increase production flexibility. The sizeable working area can also be divided into two work zones for pendulum machining. Uniquely, the vertical main spindle of this travelling column machine can be gearbox driven, bringing increased torque of up to 1.000 Nm. This makes it possible to mill toughened materials and use larger tools.

          • X-axis: 3.000-8.000 mm
          • Y-axis: 825-1.000 mm
          • Z-axis: 600 mm
          • Distance spindle nose to table: 200-800 mm
          • Gear box driven26,5/36 kW,
            6.000 min-1, 1.000 Nm
        • UNIPRO5-L

        • Fast, accurate contouring

          For OEMs looking for a flexible manufacturing solution, this is the answer. The Unipro 5L is a powerful machining centre with a large work envelope and can machine in 3 or 4 axes. Its high speed in combination with excellent contouring accuracy make it ideal for producing long, precision parts as well as complex integrated structural components. It has an innovative machine cooling system that produces extremely high thermal stability. And it features high-resolution direct position measuring systems in all axes.

          • X-axis: 2.000-6.000 mm
          • Y-axis: 600/800 mm
          • Z-axis: 500 mm
          • Distance spindle nose to table: 200-700 mm
          • Direct driven spindle: 36/158 kW,
            12.000/16.000 min-1, 135/180 Nm
      • CNC Machines Multi-Task: Improves your production quality and output

          • UNIPORT7000-MTC

          • Short lead times

            When you need the flexibility of mill-turn operations on both single part and series production, choose the Uniport 7000-MTC. This multi-task machine achieves extremely short lead times and very high accuracy, and is ideal for quick-response manufacturing. A high-rail gantry machine with a travelling bridge and stationary carousel turning station, it is built on our most flexible machine platform. It will perform 5-axis machining within a large working envelope, making it a truly cost-effective production choice for a wide range of applications. The innovative ‘box-in-box’ construction guarantees superb rigidity and very stable and accurate production processes.

            • X-axis: 3.000-6.500 mm
            • Y-axis: 2.000-3.500 mm
            • Z-axis: 1.600 mm
            • Distance spindle nose to table: 500 - 2.100 mm
            • Table size: ø: 2.000-6.000 mm
            • Swing circle: ø: 2.500-6.500 mm,
              95 kW, up to 135.000 Nm
            • Gear box driven spindle: 42/73 kW, 6.000 min-1, 1.600 Nm
          • UNICOM6000

          • Quality and productivity

            The UNICOM6000 is a multi-task machining centre that combines quality and productivity. It is capable of performing milling, drilling and vertical turning operations with ease. This workhorse machine has the distinct advantage of a ram design that allows ‘plunging’ inside the component with short turning tools. It can be equipped with several machining heads, which are stored in designated pick-up stations. For horizontal machining operations, an indexable right angular head is available and to create even further flexibility, a universal head with B- and C-axis can be integrated. The automatic pallet changer reduces loading times and ensures a high uptime to boost productivity. Even with its focus on output, this machine makes no compromise on accuracy.

            • X-axis: 1.950 mm
            • Y-axis: 1.425 mm
            • Z-axis: 1.000 mm
            • Vertical clearnance1.330 mm
            • Table size: ø: 1.250 - 1.800 mm
            • Swing circle: ø:: 2.000 mm, 70/95 kW, 25.000/38.000 Nm
            • Gear box driven spindle: 54 kW, 6.000 min-1, 1.000 Nm
          • UNICOM7000

          • More productivity

            More capacity and more clearance in the working envelope…the Unicom 7000 is all about achieving more productivity for larger components. Like its brother – the Unicom 6000 – this multi-task portal machine delivers the output without sacrificing the quality. What makes it different from the 6000 is that the standard configuration includes a vertical carousel station and pallet changer, and allows for much bigger pallet sizes. With fewer setups and shorter lead times, this extremely accurate machine is a favourite for taking on big work pieces in high output manufacturing.

            • X-axis: 2.675 mm
            • Y-axis: 2.300 mm
            • Z-axis: 1.600 mm
            • Vertical clearance: 1.800-2.200 mm
            • Table size: ø: 1.250 - 1.800 mm
            • Swing circle: ø: 2.000/2.200 mm, 70/95 kW, 25.000/38.000 Nm
            • Gear box driven spindle: 42 kW, 6.000 min-1, 1.600 Nm
          • UNICOM7000-XL

          • Big advantages

            This extra large capacity machining solution for turning and milling really big parts offers more clearance in the Y-axis and can be stepped up in the X-axis to 5 metres. Like the Unicom 7000, this multi-task portal machine manages to deliver high output without sacrificing accuracy or quality. The standard configuration includes a vertical carousel turning station, head changer and pallet changer for big pallet sizes. With less handling and fewer setups lead times are shorter, boosting productivity of extra large work pieces.

            • X-axis: 3.500-5.000 mm
            • Y-axis: 2.500-4.000 mm
            • Z-axis: 1.600 mm
            • Vertical clearance: 2.000/2.300 mm
            • Table size: ø: 2.000 - 4.000 mm
            • Swing circle: ø: 3.000 - 4.500 mm, 70/98 kW, 33.000-70.000 Nm
            • Gear box driven spindle: 42 kW, 6.000 min-1, 1.600 Nm
        • CNC Machines Dedicated: UNISIGN can supply dedicated solutions for everyone

            • UNIPENT4000-AERO

            • Accurate, affordable airframe parts

              For OEMs in the aerospace industry accuracy is crucial, but not at any price. The Unipent 4000-aero is a powerful, compact machining centre that offers an affordable solution for volume production of precision parts. Its very high stability and freely positioned turn-tilt table deliver dependable accuracy. And features like high feed rates and strong milling performance make this vertical machining centre the ideal configuration for aero structures production.

              • X-axis: 1.000 mm
              • Y-axis: 1.000 mm
              • Z-axis: 600 mm
              • Distance spindle nose to table: 60 - 660 mm
              • Table size: 800 x 800
              • Swing circle: 1.000
              • Motor spindle: 10 kW, 25.000 min-1, 90 Nm
            • UNIPRO5000

            • Unique 5-axes configuration

              Machining complex elongated aluminium components is where the Unipro 5000 excels. This powerful machining centre has a unique 5-axes configuration in a vertical long bed (up to 10 metres), so it is ideal for handling tasks where high dynamics and precision are the key requirements. Even so, it is also capable of being highly productive, milling in excess of 10.000 cm3 aluminium per minute. The revolutionary Unisign spindle is one of its secrets!

              • X-axis: 3.000-5.000 mm
              • Y-axis: 800 mm
              • Z-axis: 500 mm
              • Distance spindle nose to table: 200 - 700 mm
              • Motor spindle: 100 KW, 25.000 min-1, 90 Nm
              • B-axis tilting: ± 15°
            • UNITWIN6000

            • Front axles in rapid tempo

              For OEMs wanting real productivity, the Unitwin 6000 is a state-of-the-art machining centre. It cuts cycle times on axle manufacture dramatically – down to as little as 4½ minutes per axle! Equipped with twin spindles that operate either simultaneously or independently, this unique all-in-one solution can machine various kingpin angles. And because the spindles tilt, the Unitwin 6000 can perform all sorts of operations: milling, drilling, boring & reaming. It’s a complete machining centre, offering an excellent return on investment.

              • X-axis: 4 200 mm
              • Y-axis: 600 mm
              • Z-axis: 500 mm
              • Distance between spindle units: 200 - 700 mm
              • Motor spindle: 100 KW, 25.000 min-1, 90 Nm
              • B-axis tilting: ± 15°
          • Applications

              • aerospace

              • Requiring one of the highest chip removal rates in the market, the aerospace industry needs high dynamic machines. The Unipent4000 and Unipro5000 for example are ideal for volume production in this demanding environment and can remove 10 liters per minute of aluminum while maintaining the highest accuracy. For extra large parts or engine components, the Uniport6000-HV, Uniport7000, Unicom6000 and Unicom7000 machines offer the best solutions.

                • jet engine casings & rings
                • missile housing
                • structural parts; fuselage, empennage, bulkhead
                • structural parts; wing rib, spar, stringer
                • seat rails
              • general machining

              • At Unisign we understand that our customers don’t just buy a machine, they buy a process. And price per part is key. So for general applications we offer high torque machines with high material removal rates, including 5-axis and 5-sided machining and a choice of moving table or palletized, depending on the footprint available.

                • machining of machine frames
                • machining of traverses
                • side walls for printing machines
                • material handling parts
                • rotary frame for textile printing machine
                • separators
                • boiler plates
                • torsional elastic steel spring couplings
                • excavator frames, excavator rotating frames, crane beams
                • plate-fin heat exchanger/surface cooler
                • disc harrows/ploughs
                • flange, sliding shoe pump, piston
                • cylinder exchange for circular knitting machines
                • machine beds
              • oil & gas

              • Pumps and valves for the oil & gas industry can be highly complex parts to produce with seals, gaskets, flanges and requirements like spiral grooves and elliptical conical eccentric turning. The machining centers from Unisign, with their high degree of automation and specially designed software, are a unique solution capable of milling parts that others cannot.

                • impellers for industrial blowers
                • turbo changer casings
                • sub-sea valves
                • pump housings, valve housings
                • triple offset butterfly valve
                • control valves
              • energy

              • Heavy duty turning, milling and drilling characterizes the production of components for energy-producing equipment like (wind) turbines. So you need a machine that can take the load. A mill-turn machining centre like the Unicom6000, 7000 and the Uniport7000-MTC or a multi-functional Uniport6000 and 7000 are the ideal solution for producing these demanding parts.

                • planetary gear boxes
                • ring/seals
                • bearing houses
                • turbine & generator parts
              • truck

              • With over a million truck front axles being produced every year on Unisign machines it’s fair to say that we know what we are talking about in applications like these for the truck makers industry. We have established a world leading position by introducing the Unitwin6000, a machine with two very powerful main spindles. The improvement in quality and reduction in cycle time is astonishing!

                • cylinder head
                • engine block
                • forklift mast channel machining
                • rear axle housing machining
                • chassis side members
                • truck front axle beam
              • train

              • For everything from bogies to wheels and weld preparation to wheel carrier machining, Unisign has highly versatile machines like the Univers6000, Uniport6000 and Uniport7000. These moving column and gantry style machining canters are part of the machine tool program that have been designed to deliver extremely high capacity, dynamics, rapid acceleration and offer a generous working area.

                • railway bogie frame machining
                • steel plate weld preparation
                • train wheels
                • side and roof panels