• Offer Profile
  • DIATEC Diamond technology Llc. is a leading manufacturer of high-precision diamond tools. We would be delighted to offer you any information
Product Portfolio
  • Monocrystalline

      • Turning tools - monocrystalline

          • Standart diamond turning tools for polish turning

          • Diamond turning tools for the optical industry

          • Turning diamonds for manufacturing weeding rings

        • Standart diamond milling tools - monocrystalline

          • CVP-PCD-CBN

              • Turning tools - PCD, CVD, CBN

                • PCD and CVD diamond milling tools

                  • Dressing tools

                      • Single point diamond dressers

                        • Cluster type dressers

                          • PCD/MCD dressers / Hand dressers

                            • Solid carbide

                                • Solide carbide tools

                                • By "carbide tools" we mean they are made of sintered tungsten carbide.

                                  They are characterised by their resistance to wear and high level of hardness (especially at elevated temperatures). They are therefore used extensively in tools and parts for chip removal, chipless shaping and in applications involving abradant wear.
                                  • Technology

                                      • Introductionto the world of ultra-hard cutting materials

                                      • Selecting a cutting material: Description - Properties - Suitability

                                      • Cutting edge and selecting cutting edge geometry

                                      • Wiper geometries for high-performance chip removal

                                    • Production & Quality

                                            • Production

                                            • Manufacturing

                                              Rough diamond cutting in Antwerp
                                              Working with trained specialists, we have built up a diamond cutting facility using saws in the worldwide centre of the diamond trade.

                                              YAG laser diamond cutting
                                              Internal profiles and radii are shaped in advance using YAG laser cutters.

                                              Diamond welding in a high vacuum
                                              Diamonds can only be welded in a high vacuum kiln – a special process that we have put into practice with a high-tech system.

                                              Cutting edges polished as smooth as glass
                                              Our grinding machines which we developed and built ourselves are distinguished by their quiet running. Using them, we can achieve the finest, absolutely notch-free cutting edges.

                                              Profiles and radii in the tight tolerance range
                                              We are able to guarantee the tightest tolerances thanks to the precision grinding machines we have developed ourselves.

                                              Manufacture of toolholders
                                              We manufacture toolholders on modern CNC lathes and milling machines in our subsidiary company SDI GmbH.

                                              Fitting diamonds
                                              The diamonds used in machining tools are pressed into a bed of silver solder and fixed with a clamping arrangement. Only a precision-machined fitting perfectly matching the dimensions of the stone and the perfect mounting of the diamond in the bed of solder guarantee the vibration-free operation of the tool. Diamond holders are ground smooth on a surface grinding machine.
                                              • Quality

                                              • What can the customer expect of us?

                                                Support in the development of appropriate tools
                                                Most of these diamond tools are manufactured according to customer specifications using technical drawings. If the customer does not have a drawing, we would be pleased to produce a manufacturing drawing based on a sketch free of charge. We use Unigraphics CAD software to do this. We can use this to present tools in a 3D animation.

                                                Selection of diamonds
                                                We used only homogeneously crystallized rough diamonds.

                                                Sufficient “sharpening reserve” in the holder
                                                Frequent sharpening can only be guaranteed if most of the diamond is in the holder.

                                                Profiles and radii in tight tolerance range thanks to in-house developed grinding machines
                                                Thanks to precision grinding machines developed in-house

                                                Cutting edges polished to a mirror finish
                                                Thanks to the grinding machines we developed ourselves with optimal quiet running, we are able to achieve the finest, absolutely notch-free cutting edges.

                                                Sharpening service
                                                Valuable diamond tools have to be sharpened. The Meyco and Wirz sharpening service offers the following:

                                                Examination of damaged tool cutting edges under the microscope
                                                Preparing a quotation on request
                                                Sharpening diamond cutting edges
                                                Checking the fitting and holder
                                                Practical testing in a lathe or milling machine
                                                Checking all cutting angles and recording on file