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  • Offer Profile
  • Hardinge Inc. is a leading international provider of advanced metal-cutting solutions. We provide a full spectrum of highly reliable CNC turning, milling, and grinding machines as well as technologically advanced workholding and machine tool accessories.
Product Portfolio
  • Grinding

  • Hardinge has become a leader in grinding solutions with product lines like Kellenberger, Voumard, Hauser USACH and more. With offerings across the capability spectrum, let Hardinge be your partner for all your grinding needs.
      • Universal OD/ID Cylindrical Grinders

      • By the use of most modern manufacturing means next generation technology is being created, which can meet the customers technical and economical requirements today and tomorrow. Wherever highly accurate grinding is required, Kellenberger precision grinding machines are in use
          • Kellenberger 100

          • The Kellenberger® 100 is a new high-performance, economical grinder for any of your universal grinding requirements. It delivers the most diverse of configuration options for the widest range of grinding operations.

            Distance between centres mm
            600 / 1000
            Centre height mm
            Weight of workpiece between centres kg
            Load on chucked work Nm
            Mains voltage required
            3 x 380V/50 Hz //3 x 460V/60Hz
            Power consumption depending on equipment A
            Space required / length x width mm
            3000 x 3600/3400 x 3600
          • Kellenberger 1000

          • The new Kellenberger® 1000, with its systematically optimized proven elements, combines newly developed components such as the automatic cylinder correction system and synchronous tailstock, to provide a contemporary platform for flexibly satisfying all the varied requirements of our customers.

            Distance between centres mm
            1000 / 1600 40 / 63
            Grinding length mm
            1000 / 1500 40 / 59
            height mm
            200 / 250 / 300 7.87 / 9.84 / 11.81
            Weight of workpiece between centres kg
            150 / 200 / 300 330 / 441 / 660
            Load on chucked work Nm
            160 / 320 / 750 118 / 236 / 553
            Mains voltage required
            3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 x 460 V / 60 Hz 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 x 460 V / 60 Hz
            Power consumption depending on equipment A
            35-80 35-81
            Space required / length x width mm
            3600 x 2050 / 4600 x 2050 141.73 x 80.70 / 181.10 x 80.70
          • Kellenberger Vista

          • The compact Kellenberger® Vista is one of the most popular CNC universal grinding machines in the market. The Vista is flexible, accurate and cost-effective enough for use in tool and mold making, machine and prototype construction, maintenance workshops and laboratories. It’s designed for use where flexibility, precision and cost-effectiveness are indispensable and offers customers an optimal view on the grinding process. Economical, innovative in set-up and operation.

            Distance Between Centers
            39.37" (1000 mm)
            Center Height 6.88"
            (175 mm)
            Weight of Workpiece Between Centers
            220.46 lbs (100 kg)
            Control Fanuc
            Floor Space (L x W)
            94.48" x 66.92" (2,400 mm x 1,700 mm)
            118.11" x 66.92" (3,000 mm x 1,700 mm)
          • Kellenberger Kel-Vera

          • The Kellenberger® Kel-Vera is an extremely compact precision cylindrical grinding machine developed with a lower table for ease of loading any kind of component up to 400 mm in length. The new very rigid hydrostatic guideway design meets even the most extreme requirements for universal and production grinding, provide the basis for higher performance and dynamics in the X and Z axes, enabling significantly enhanced productivity and precision of unround components. The concept is based on platforms for the table slide and wheelhead supports. The machine models are offered in their standard Configuration. Application- and customer-specific versions are also available

            Distance Between Centers
            30" (750 mm)
            Center Height
            9.84" (250 mm)
            Weight of Workpiece Between Centers
            300 lbs (150 kg)
            GRINDplus 640/GE FANUC 31i
            Floor Space (L x W)
            118.11" x 82.6" (3,000 mm x 2,100 mm)
          • Tschudin T35

          • The Tschudin™ T35 is the modular cylindrical grinding machine for production, satisfying the most varied applications needs in the production of medium and large series. Hydrostatic guides and a large application range, from small integrated handling to complex systems with autonomous cells. The production machine offers synchronous processing, prism and rod grinding, and integration of additional operations. Distance between centers up to 400 mm, height of centers 175 mm, weight of workpieces 150 kg.

            Distance between centers
            400 mm
            Center height
            125/175 mm
            Workpiece weight  between centers
            150 kg
            Bosch / Siemens
        • Cylindrical ID/OD Grinders

        • Voumard has been a leader in innovative ID/OD machines that can support small batch and production environments. It’s product offerings represent multi-purpose, flexible and universal solutions for your ID/OD grinding requirements.
            • Voumard VM 110

            • The Voumard® VM 110 is a flexible tool for ID / OD grinding operations with small to medium sized work pieces in small batches as well as in volume production.

              Typical applications are grinding operations on parts for:
              • Hydraulic components
              • Bearings
              • Fuel injection systems

              • Four position NC indexing spindle turret (for maximum flexibility) or single spindle stock with two parallel spindels (for highest throughput) permits multiple ID / OD grinding operations with different grinding wheels on the same work piece
              • High precision X- and Z-axis
              • Manual or numerical controlled B-axis for angular swivel of the workhead for taper grinding
              • Work head available for either chuck workholding or with devices for centerless grinding
              • Various dressing tools for conventional and CBN grinding wheels

              Loading / unloading options
              • Manual loading / unloading
              • Automatic loading / unloading with double arm
              • device
              • Gantry loader
              • Robot
            • Voumard  VM 150

            • The Voumard®  VM 150 is a multi-purpose tool for ID / OD grinding operations with medium to large sized work pieces in small batches as well as in volume production.

              Typical applications are grinding operations on parts for:
              • Hydraulic components
              • Bearings
              • Fuel injection systems

              • Four position NC indexing spindle turret (for maximum flexibility) or single spindle stock with two parallel spindels (for highest throughput) permits multiple ID / OD grinding operations with different grinding wheels on the same work piece
              • High precision X- and Z-axis
              • Manual or numerical controlled B-axis for angular swivel of the workhead for taper grinding
              • Work head available for either chuck workholding or with devices for centerless grinding
              • Various dressing tools for conventional and CBN grinding wheels

              Loading / unloading options
              • Manual loading / unloading
              • Automatic loading / unloading with double arm
              • device
              • Gantry loader
              • Robot
            • Voumard  VM 300

            • The Voumard®  VM 300 is a universal ID / OD grinding tool specifically designed for machining work pieces with large diameters and / or lengths. The large working space in combination with the extended travelling distance of the spindle head and the optional U-axis provide highest loading capacity and process flexibility. While short work pieces can be ground directly when clamped in the chuck, a variety of manual and automatic steady rests is available for grinding operations with long shafts.

              Typical applications are grinding operations on parts for:
              • Hydraulic components
              • Spindles
              • Bearings
              • Gears

              • Four position NC indexing spindle turret permits mul-tiple ID / OD grinding operations with different grinding wheels at the same work piece and combines maximum flexibility with highest grinding accuracy
              • Optional U-axis for extended OD grinding range
              • High precision X- and Z-axis with large travel distances for maximum flexibility
              • Manual or numerical controlled B-axis for angular swivel of the workhead for taper grinding and easier access when loading and unloading large work pieces
              • Optional work head spindle indexing (C-axis)
              • Various dressing tools for conventional and CBN grinding wheels, including a radius dresser for high precision grinding of circular profiles
              • Heavy duty work head spindle with a load capacity of up to 500kg
          • Jig Grinders

          • Hauser multi-axis jig grinding machines are specially developed for applications requiring complex double curvature profiles where very high standards of surface finish and accuracy are essential. Hauser machines are ideal for super-finished applications where accuracy must not be compromised.
              • Hauser H45/H55

              • The Hauser™ H45/H55 Series is an expandable jig grinding machine, from simple bore and form grinding machine to fully automatic high-tech grinding and hard milling cell. Now with a new Hauser jig grinding/hard milling head which provides an unparalleled variety of grinding and milling strategies with its Z, C and U configuration. With its high grade rigidity and stiffness plus a significantly boosted stroke speed & frequency this has lead to the doubling of stock removal capacity, reducing grinding cycle time, whilst cutting in half spark out time. Hydrostatic guided spindle bearing system allows circular accuracies better than 0,5 µm in planetary grinding and an unparalleled U axis capacity up to +47 mm increases the grinding autonomy. Automated taper grinding is available with Z U axis interpolation. Thanks to this most modern grinding head technology, the combination of high accurate jig grinding with complementary hard milling has become a Hauser focal point. Usable surface on the H45 is 770 x 630 mm, permissible load 500 kg and on the H55 the usable surface is 1440 x 860 mm, permissable load 800kg/optional 1500 kg.
              • Hauser 2000

              • The new Hauser™ 2000, the successor to the H35-400 model, is a universal jig grinder with proven technical features such as automatic taper grinding, automatic grinding tool changer (ATC) and automatic pallet changer (APC). It can be expanded easily to an autonomous grinding unit. The Hauser 2000 not only meets the demand of the market for combined grinding and hard milling on a single jig grinder, but also enables further improvements in machining precision to meet future requirements. The main technical feature is the dual-frame design, which significantly increases the rigidity of the grinder and therefore ensures even higher precision. In this box-type design, the machining head is positioned centrally within the machine frame, thus enabling machining forces to be optimally controlled. Almost no transverse forces are created – the prerequisite for ultra-high geometric precision machining. Since the tool machining point is located at the center of the machine, practically all thermal expansion effects are eliminated.

                With higher dynamic axis movements and significantly greater rigidity, the Hauser 2000 gives the best possible conditions for finishing with hard precision milling.The overall result is a significant increase in productivity not only for the ultra-precise grinding processes on the machine but also for hard milling.
            • Specialty ID & OD Systems

            • Our focus is to address the demands of companies looking for a partner to help them find solutions to today’s challenging, high precision grinding applications and automation projects. When a custom grinding solution is what you require, Usach can be your partner.
                • Usach ID Grinders

                • 75 for dedicated ID, multiple ID’s or combination ID, OD and face grinding up to 8.50″” (216 mm) swing diameters, and configurations with 1 or 2 spindles side by side. Machine available with either Fanuc or Mitsubishi control.

                  100 for dedicated ID, multiple ID’s or combination ID and face or ID and OD grinding up to 17.71″” (450 mm) swing diameters, and configurations with 2 or 3 spindles side by side or multi-spindle turret.

                  150 for dedicated ID or combination ID and OD grinding up to 24″” (610 mm) swing diameter, part weights up to 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) and configurations with up to 4 spindles.

                  200 for dedicated ID or combination ID and OD grinding up to 32″” (812 mm) swing diameter, part weights up to 1,600 lbs. (725 kg) and configurations with up to 4 spindles.
                • Usach OD Grinders

                • 100 OD for part lengths up to 20″ (500 mm).
                  150 OD for part lengths up to 47″ (1200 mm).
                  200 OD for part lengths up to 80″ (2000 mm).
                  300 OD for part lengths up to 138″ (3500 mm).
                  500 OD for part lengths up to 200″ (5000 mm).

                  OD machines can be configured for flexible or dedicated applications with single or multiple spindles.
              • Turning

              • For over 100 years, Hardinge lathes have been and will continue to be a standard for quality, longevity and capability. Whether it is high volume production or holding tight tolerances, Hardinge can provide you with the right CNC lathe solution every time.
                  • Gang/Gang Turret

                  • Our Gang Plate/Gang Turret line of CNC lathes gives you not only the productivity you demand for lean manufacturing but also the Hardinge-exclusive patented interchangeable tool top plate to dramatically reduce setup and cycle times.
                      • Quest-Series

                      • The Hardinge® Quest®-Series turning center machines are designed for the quick changeovers you need to dramatically reduce setup and cycle times. QUEST-series machines include our patented, interchangeable top plates that you can pre-tool for a particular job or range of jobs and a world-renowned, quick-change collet-ready spindle. An excellent complement to a Swiss machining operation, QUEST-series is used on thousands of machine installations worldwide and offers enhanced automation capability and automated robotic parts handling capabilities for an outstanding value.

                        Some of the enhancements to this next generation machine include 4X faster index time, 172% more X-axis Travel, 18% faster X-axis traverse rate, 57% faster Z-axis traverse rate, more rigidity with FANUC servo turret index motor and 30% less floor space.
                      • TALENT  Series (GT)

                      • The Hardinge TALENT GT machines not only set the standard in “high-performance” gang tool turning but offer an exceptional combination of features for accuracy, flexibility and durability in a compact design. TALENT GT machines have been designed to help maximize the ever demanding process requirements today.

                        Enhanced integrated automation capability and automated robotic component parts handling capabilities make the TALENT GT machines an outstanding choice. Depending on how you decide to configure your machine, it can be used as a stand-alone unit, a higher capacity system with a bar feed, or a fully automated system using gantry or robitic units.
                    • Multi-functional CNC Lathes

                    • The Hardinge portfolio of multi-functional CNC lathes can achieve high accuracy and hold very tight tolerances, from to high volume production products to multi-configurable platforms.
                        • T-Series

                        • The Hardinge® T-Series turning centers and SUPER-PRECISION® T-Series turning centers are recognized market leader in super precision and hard turning applications. Designed to produce the most challenging parts in the tool industry, the T-Series machines are ideal for two axis high-precision machining or complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling and for parts made complete in a single setup. Machine packages are pre-configured with our most popular features allowing you to select the proper machine tool configuration to produce your parts in the most effective and profitable manner.
                        • H Series

                        • Hardinge’s turning center, The Conquest® H51 Super-Precision bar machine, features a quick-change collet-ready 20hp, 5000rpm A2-6” main spindle with a 2” bar capacity. It offers a generous maximum turning diameter of 12.3” and a maximum turning length of 25.5”. The 12 station turret offers ½ station index for up to 24 tools. The machine offers a wide variety of standard features such as through-tool coolant, bar feed and chip conveyor interfaces, three position stack light, PCMCIA memory card, USB Capability, rigid tapping and many others including state-of-the-art machine crash protection.
                        • GS-Series

                        • The Hardinge® GS-Series turning centers are designed for multitasking to address complex parts while increasing throughput and reducing cycle time in a single setup. These rigid and reliable CNC lathes feature a robust one-piece cast iron base, heavy-duty linear guideways and ballscrews, and many standard value-added features. Intended for speed, power, accuracy and durability over competitive machines in their class, the GS-series offers you the highest possible return on investment. Choose from the numerous productivity options and you will truly have a versatile machine at a great price.
                        • Talent Series

                        • The Hardinge® Talent® Series multi-tasking CNC lathes are designed to work with a number of different types of workholding systems providing a high level of functionality and accuracy to dramatically increase your manufacturing capabilities. These machines are ruggedly built and offer an exceptional combination of features for accuracy, flexibility and durability in a compact design. Its unique collet-ready main and sub-spindle design increases part accuracy and improves surface finish. With specifications and standard features often found only in much higher price machine tools, Hardinge Talent® Series machines are an exceptional addition to any machining facility seeking increased levels of productivity.
                      • Milling

                      • Through our Bridgeport brand of vertical machining centers, Hardinge continues to set the milling standard around the globe. Our milling machines are designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in a variety of industries and manufacturing environments.
                          • 3 to 4 Axis CNC Mills

                          • We have various product offerings of 3 Axis capable CNC mills that can fit a variety of manufacturing requirements. We have a product portfolio that satisfies versatility, performance, or production needs.
                              • GX-Series

                              • The Bridgeport® GX-Series Performance Vertical Machining Centers and Drill/Tap centers are designed for flexibility and throughput and built for a production environment. Ideal for both job shops and OEMs, these high-quality, highly-specified and rugged machines were developed for applications that require speed as well as accuracy. The unique design allows the machines to literally overlap one another to better utilize valuable floor space and to promote cell manufacturing and perfect for automation. Add some robots or a gantry system and you can increase your productivity with virtually no labor costs.
                              • V-Series

                              • The Bridgeport® V-Series Vertical Machining Centers are new generation machines. These machines are fully digital, high- quality machine tools, designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the Job Shop, OEM, Aerospace, Automotive energy and other demanding markets.
                              • XR-Series

                              • Built for the highest industry standards, the Bridgeport® XR-Series meets and exceeds the demanding metal cutting market. The XR-Series Vertical Machining Centers combine the successful experience and advanced design concept the Bridgeport brand provides with the precision machine tool Hardinge® advantage in a newly redesigned high performance machine. Ideal for those looking for increased capacity, processing efficiency and better all-around performance.
                            • 5 Axis/5 Face CNC Mills

                            • An investment in Bridgeport’s latest generation of 5-Axis vertical machining centers will bring instant and positive results. Our unrivalled technology coupled with an unswerving commitment to improving our customers’ productivity and business performance have contributed to a large, and loyal, customer base.
                                • V/GX Series

                                • Bridgeport’s innovative technology provides superior accuracy, repeatability, a large load rating, stable accuracy, high rigidity and low friction optimum for small to medium parts. All of the robust features are designed into a small cost-effective footprint machine. The machines come packed with standard features including a BIG-PLUS® spindle, oil chiller, chip conveyor, coolant flush system, preparation for through spindle coolant (with rotary union), coolant wash down gun, tri-color stack light and many standard control features.
                                • XT-Series

                                • The Bridgeport® XT630 5AX CNC machining centers are designed for accuracy, speed and productivity. They are built to provide years of dependable machining on parts requiring consistent tolerances, tough to machine materials and fine surface finishes.has been designed to stand above all other machines in its class. With wide range of options to choose from, it’s the best in class against competitive machining centers worldwide. With high end features, it provides a very price competitive machine for the higher end market.The XT630 5AX features and robust traveling beam design on an extremely rigid cast iron base.
                              • Turnkey & Integrated Solutions

                              • Our unique ability to offer you true integrated solutions across turning, milling, grinding and workholding allows us to provide you with a truly innovative solutions that will increase your productivity

                                Part Process Development
                                Our highly-skilled group of applications engineers are qualified to assist shops lacking the key engineers needed to develop new processes for new applications. Complete services include specifying the proper machine, tooling, and workholding, as well as CNC programming and complete process development.

                                Equipment and Cellular Automation
                                Hardinge has the resources and experience to design, manufacture, or purchase innovative components for cellular automation. Examples include robotics, bowl feeders, gantry loaders, part washers, inspection and gaging equipment. Benefits include reduced labor cost, improves consistency and thru-put, improved worker safety, improved machine efficiency and reduction in overall part cost.

                                Machine Modifications
                                Productivity-improvement modifications include auto door, part probing, broken tool detectors, high speed tooling spindle motors, mist collection systems, high pressure coolant, thru-spindle coolant and custom software, to name a few.

                                Custom-Designed Machines
                                Hardinge has a long proven track record for customer machine and workholding design and manufacture to accommodate special requirements.

                                Field Work
                                We’ll travel to your location for part process development, operator training and custom software.
                                  • Workholding & Rotary

                                  • Hardinge Workholding is the leader in quality standard and custom collets. Over the years, we have expanded our collet and workholding options to satisfy a variety of applications and machine types.
                                      • C Series Collets

                                      • Choose from a large inventory of 5C, 16C, 20C, 25C and 3J collets, FlexC vulcanized collet systems, emergency collets and step chucks, as well as B42 and B65 stationary collets. Let Hardinge solve your workholding problems such as hard-to-grip shapes and surfaces, part length control, thin-wall turning, etc. Hardinge supplies D-style, WW and 3C collets and step chucks for instrument lathes, turret lathes and micro-drilling machines for the medical, dental, electronic, watchmaking, model engineering and related industries.
                                      • flex-c-collet-systems-for-cnc-lathes

                                      • Replace your standard collet or 3-jaw chuck to ramp up productivity. When compared to a jaw chuck, the precision-engineered Hardinge® FlexC Collet Systems allow you to increase the spindle rpm without concern for centrifugal forces for faster setup, changeover, higher accuracy, and a wide gripping range for stock variation. Advanced cutting tools, along with higher feed rates and spindle speeds with our FlexC Collet Systems. Systems available for A2-5, A2-6, A2-8 and some flat-back CNC lathe spindles.
                                      • swiss-style-collets-and-guide-bushings

                                      • Hardinge® Swiss-type Collets are ground to precise size and TIR to meet precision machining requirements with a standard accuracy that rivals the industry! Every collet and guide bushing is inspected on a Hardinge Super-Precision (.000015″ TIR) headstock before reaching the stockroom. Hardinge manufactures to Swiss quality, in the USA, for all brands of Swiss-style machines and cam-operated lathes. Hardinge round Swiss Guide Bushings are carbide-lined to keep the stock clean and unmarked. Hardinge manufactures bar feed collets for FMB, IMECA, LNS and Robobar bar feeders. Collets available for other brands on request. Hardinge offers a complete line of tool holders, tap holders, toolholder collets, tap collets and bushings that can be used on Swiss-type lathes. You’ll find reliable and economical solutions for back-end, sub-spindle and end-working slides.
                                      • hcac-collet-adaptation-chucks

                                      • Hardinge® HCAC Collet Chucks offer collet capability for higher precision and accuracy when you need it. Increase productivity, capability and control when compared to 3-Jaw chucks. HCAC Collect Chucks offer faster job changeover at higher spindle speeds for reduced cycle times. Achieve higher precision and improved concentricity for optimum part roundness. Available in 42, 65 and 90mm sizes for A2-5, A2-6 and A2-8 spindle noses.
                                      • Title

                                      • Hardinge® Sure-Grip® Expanding Collet Systems offer solutions to difficult machining problems for turning, milling, grinding, assembly and automation applications. Hardinge is the expert when it comes to exact part length control, patenting the first Dead-Length 5C and 16C collets used for high-production manufacturing. Our Sure-Grip Expanding Collet Systems have true part length control built into its double-angle design, assuring exact workpiece lengths by locating the part against the face of the arbor or against a machineable work stop. The collet draws the workpiece firmly against the stop, producing an extremely stable part. The results are heavier cuts, better surface finishes, and closer tolerances. Long parts can be easily machined due to this added stability. Sure-Grip Collets can be custom manufactured for special applications for spindles, sub-spindles and mill tables. Pick-off collets are frequently engineered for Swiss and multi-spindle machines. Splined or serrated surfaces can be made for special grips and shapes, while recessed draw-plug styles might solve your short gripping problem.
                                      • collet-block

                                      • Hardinge® provides an extensive line of collet blocks that can be used for milling, drilling, grinding, crimping, inspection, testing and assembly applications. Collet blocks can be used vertically or horizontally on mill tables, flat or angled fixture plates, tombstones or rotary trunnions. Sizes are available from the 1C micro medical manufacturing needs up to the 35J mid-range for applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. Purchase individual components to build our own pneumatic or hydraulic system, or let Hardinge configure a complete turnkey package for you.
                                      • Toolholder Collets and Bushings Product

                                      • When it comes to tool holding, value is all about precision and reliability. Hardinge® Toolholder collets, bushings and toolholders are designed and engineered for quality and durability. Hardinge’s standard of performance level is high to help you achieve the level of accuracy required for automotive, medical, aerospace and the electronic industries. Hardinge is committed to being your SINGLE SOURCE for all of your workholding and industrial products. Well known for high accuracy and precision, Hardinge can provide any gripping solution needed.
                                      • Toolholder Collets and Bushings Product

                                      • Hardinge® HQC Quick-Change collets can be changed from one size to another in less than 20 seconds. The HQC System requires less draw bar force to adequately grip the bar, greatly reducing the breakage of closing fingers and pins common when the bar varies beyond the range of a standard solid collet or master collet with pads. Eliminating the need to change collets due to normal variations in bar stock, greatly reduces the downtime normally required. Since solid collets and master collets are of a one-piece construction, considerable force is required to flex the leaves of a solid collet and bring the gripping surface in contact with the workpiece OD. Because there are no leaves in the HQC system, additional gripping pressure is directly applied to the workpiece. Higher feed rates and higher spindle speeds are possible. Because of the extra gripping force, tool life increases and parts come off the machine quicker. There is no collet shank. Therefore, the collet segments remain parallel to the stock even when there are variations in the stock size. Parallel clamping minimizes stock “push back” and requires less draw bar force to achieve the same gripping capability as conventional collets. The HQC patented operator-replaceable slot-seal system eliminates the need to return the collet to the manufacturer to have the seals changed.