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  • Offer Profile
  • FFG Werke GmbH unites major players from the German machine tool industry with a broad range of turning, milling, and gear manufacturing technology with the knowhow of the machine tool brands VDF Boehringer, Hüller Hille, Hessapp, Honsberg, Modul and Witzig & Frank. For more than 200 years, these brands have substantially contributed to the progress in manufacturing technology and are well known as reliable and innovative equipment suppliers for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, machine builders, the metalworking industry, aerospace industry, power generation, and heavy industry.
Product Portfolio
  • Turning

      • Horizontal Turning Centers

          • VDF DUS

          • VDF DUS Series From S to XXL
            • Turning lengths from 1000 mm up to 20,000 mm
            • Swing over bed from 420 mm up to 1600 mm
            • Possible drive power 11 kW up to 65 kW
            • Manual turning for single workpieces
            • Step-by-step working (Cycles) for small batch sizes
            • CNC mode for larger batch sizes
            • State-of-the-art control Siemens Sinumerik 810 D or Heidenhain Manualplus
          • VDF DUS: Option Big Bore

            • Spindle bore up to 365 mm
            • Maximum speed 900 rpm
            • Spindle nose size: A20
            • Workpiece weight up to 8000 kg
            • Optimize bearing arrangement for maximum cutting capacity and excellentthermal behavior
            • Lifetime lubricated spindle bearings
            • 2-step gear box, automatically actuated
            • Hardened double V-guideway for accuracy over the machine life
            • Ergonomically arranged handwheels
            • The entire power supply system is arranged on the outside of the work area
            • Large chip chutes for better chip flow into the chip pan at the rear side of the machine
          • VDF T

          • Configure your VDF T from a variety of modular components to match your individual and specific machining requirements before and after rigging – and save money by only investing in what you really need.

            • Machine concept tailored towards optimized part costs
            • Compilation of the NG machine in line with your specific requirements: “You only pay for what you really need”
            • Robust machine construction ensures reliable, long-lasting precision in production
            • Excellent accessibility to all modules provides easy equipping, setting and operation
            • High technology competence
            • Long-term security for your investment
          • VDF TM

            • Hydropol machine bed for high mechanical and thermal stability
            • X-Hub up to 725 mm / Y-Hub up to 385 mm
            • High torque gear spindle (max. 5340 Nm)
            • Optional lower turret
            • Upper slide with B-axis and high performance milling spindle (max. 380 Nm)
            • Tool magazines with up to 120 tool stations
        • Vertical Turning Machine

            • DVH

            • Pick-up Vertical Turning Machines from Hessapp

              A guarantee of maximum productivity and quality in modern production. More than 20 years of experience in the development and production of pick-up style vertical turning machines combined with continuous further development help you to master the process requirements of today.
              The consistent focus on technological solutions has given rise to an enormous pool of knowledge and experience – from which you, too can benefit.

              The series is divided into three basic models
              • DVH – the classic single spindle pick-up model
                An ideal combination of price and performance coupled with optimum manufacturing solutions
              • DVH DUO – the highly productive dual spindle model
                Dual spindle pick-up vertical turning machine for use in highly productive Manufacturing
              • DVH 4X – the highly productive single spindle model
                Self-loading 4-axis vertical turning machine for the optimum accomplishment of machining operations, offering high potential savings of up to 45 % compared with conventional 2-axis machining
            • DVT

            • Pick-up Vertical Turning Machines DVT – Unique machine design

              The patented design for complete machining without compromise, combined with maximum precision. Nearly two decades of experience have perfectly honed the DVT machine system, making it unrivalled among comparable systems on the market.
              When it comes to high precision in one chucking after another, in particular, the advantages are significant, because the workpiece is transferred to the next chuck still clamped, without losing its position.
              Ever more restricted production floor space requires a compact machine design. Compared to the footprint of two individual machines with interlinking and turnover station, the advantages of the DVT are especially obvious. Ergonomic machine design with large doors and windows for maximum user friendliness, easy setup and fixturing. As the turnover station is dispensed with, automation setup times are also minimized.
            • VDM

            • Know-how
              You provide us with a complex workpiece or process, we develop the appropriate system solution, including work holding, tools and control system that meet your individual demands.
              • Accurate and reliable workpiece clamping through dead load support
              • Highest accuracy through thermosymmetric design of the spindle housing with closed circuit lubrication for oil
              • Extremely rigit cast housing
              • High flexibility for an optimal solution of complex turning tasks
              • Many options
              • Ergonomically convenient for operating and easy access to the working area
              • Optimal chip management through 45° bevel
          • Milling

              • Horizontal Machining Center NBH/ NBH P

                  • NBH 5

                  • Especially suited for automotive and tier supplier applications
                    • Basic model of the new NBH 5 without 180º pallet changer for the manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic direct loading
                    • Very low space requirements. A total width of only 2500 mm can be realized due to the new chain-type tool magazine
                    • Compact chip evacuation to the rear, as an option side-discharge to the front as up to now
                    • Even the basic version with 65 m/min rapid traverse, 8 m/s² acceleration and approx. 3.2 seconds chip-to-chip time is a highly dynamic machining center
                    • Even more momentum and dynamic is ensured by the speed package: 90 m/min rapid traverse,
                      10 m/s² acceleration and approx. 2.1 seconds chip-to-chip time
                    • Option: 180° pallet changer, approx. 9 seconds changing time
                    • Maximal tool length at chain magazine 500 mm
                    • Newest SIEMENS ControI SINUMERIK 840D sl Operate
                    • Alternative, newest Fanuc Control: Fanuc 0iF
                  • NBH 500

                  • Geared up and dynamic

                    The new model NBH 500 adds a pallet size 500 machine, completing Hüller Hille’s NBH series of highly productive horizontal machining centers. Profiting from the modular design, this lower end size machine covers the capacities and benefits of the former NBH 95/135 models and the cost optimized NBH 5/5+. As a universally applicable allrounder, the configurations feature a wide variety of motor and geared spindles, covering the speeds and torque ranges for a vast range of applications. The choice of tool magazines adds to this universality with production proven disc-, chain- and rack-type magazines. The machining centers including 180 deg palette changer and tool magazine is designed as single, compact transport unit. This guarantees easy installation and setup for a quick start of production.

                    Further technical features
                    • High accuracy through jig boring mill axis arrangement (i.e. Z axis in workpiece)
                    • High torque through geared headstock
                      - Economical machining of steel and cast iron
                      - Spindle speed 10,000 rpm suited for mixed machining with aluminum matrials
                    • Speed package with HSC motor spindle for 16,000 rpm
                    • Large choice of tool magazines and sizes suiting your individual production requirements
                    • Easy upgrading for flexible production cells and systems
                      - Multi-pallet storage system
                      - Linear and multi-level pallet storage system
                      - Robot and gantry loader automation
                  • NBH 6 / NBH 6+

                  • Simple idea, convincing in performance.

                    A slightly different concept.
                    • Compact machining center
                    • Easy, reliable, with proven components
                    • High availability
                    Reduction in piece part costs.

                    • Low investments
                    • Convincing price - performance ratio
                    • Increased competitiveness of your company
                    Reliable technology.
                    • Easily controllable technology ”Made in Germany”
                    • Continuing high accuracy
                    • Proven modules
                    • High quality standards
                    • Flexibility
                    • Tailored to suit individual requirements
                    • Assured optimum results for your company
                    Unbeatable delivery.
                    • Standardized production
                    • Certified manufacturing sequences
                    • Fast assembly
                    • Short installation and commissioning times
                  • NBH 630

                  • Cutting-edge performance data across the entire line.

                    From the evolution of the standard and NBH-Centers, Hüller Hille presents the new generation machine, successor to the legendary NBH 170 and NBH 230:
                    • Machine structure based on the jig boring machine-principle
                    • Reduced idle times due to higher acceleration and rapid traverse rates
                    • Reduced chip-to-chip time: approx. 3,2 seconds
                    • Practice-oriented tool data, e.g. tool length up to 800 mm
                    • Modular tool magazine
                    • Previous tool cassettes are compatible
                    • Uncomplicated connection to flexible pallet storage and automation systems
                    • Modern and innovative manufacturing processes yield low investment cost
                    Further Technical Features
                    • Digital axes drives
                    • Heavily ribbed, one-piece casting with high damping characteristics
                    • Backlash-free form rail guidance and space-coded direct position measuring systems in all linear axes, optional glass scales
                    • Chip disposal system integrated in machine bed
                    • Fast 180° swivel changer with rotary set-up station
                    • Fast electromechanical tool changer with automatic mechanical locking when swivelling.
                    • CNC control SINUMERIK 840D sl with "Safety Integrated
                    • Software" for safe and practice-oriented set-up works with chip guard doors opened
                  • NBH 800

                  • The integrated design of the NBH 800 provides for a large work area compared to the total exterior measurements. With the machine bed as a one piece casting, the entire machine is a single transport unit, excluding tool magazine and pallet changer. This means a major reduction of installation and setup times. A further advantage of the tool magazine being separately set up is that it does not affect the machine’s performance in any way. The Z-axis feed is carried out by a gantry drive. Two maintenance-free three-phase servo motors move the table and/or the NC rotary/tilting table for 5-axis machining via two precision ball screws. Gantry drive and the wide guideway layout ensure optimum guiding even with heavy machining.
                  • NBH 1000

                  • Greater productivity for heavy machining and large parts

                    The NBH 1000 completes the NBH series for large workpieces. The new series is based on a modern and modular design, comprising a one-piece cast machine bed with a thermosymmetric column and various table assemblies / configurations, fast 180° swivel pallet changer and a modular tool magazines.
                    • Machine structure based on the jig boring machine-principle
                    • Faster pallet change (approx. 25 sec.)
                    • Reduced idle times due to higher acceleration and rapid traverse rates
                    • Reduced chip-to-chip time (approx. 6 sec.)
                    • XXL work area
                    • Practice-oriented tool data, e.g. tool length up to 800 mm
                    • Combining heavy machining with advanced accuracy and precision requirements
                    • Production-oriented tool management solutions
                    • Easy connection to flexible pallet storage and automation systems
                  • NBH 1200

                  • for large and heavy workpieces
                    Double pallet changer with linear pallet in-feed

                    Original Hüller Hille NBH rack-type cassette magazine
                    • Increase uptimes by changing a set of 50 tools within the machining cycle in 300 seconds
                    Practice-oriented tool data
                    • Tool length 650 mm
                    • Tool weight 40 kg
                    • Bridge-type tools ø 500 mm
                  • NBH: Automation

                  • For the purpose of multiple machine assignment, continuation of production during breaks as well as for unmanned production, all NBH machining centers can be equipped with
                    • Multi-pallet storage (MPS)
                    • Linear pallet container (LPC)
                    • Linear and multi-level pallet storage
                    • Robot automation
                    • Gantry loader automation
                    These optimized modules for flexible production cells and systems are tailored to fit specific production needs and can be equipped with a wide range of processing technology.

                    An indispensable requirement for trouble-free, unmanned production are the following field-tested monitoring systems:
                    • Maintime-parallel drill breakage supervision
                    • Feed force and torque monitoring
                    • Tool time monitoring
                    • Workpiece measuring
                    • Flexible tool management and tool handling
                    • CNC tool management with automatic twin tool strategy
                    • Machine status display via mobile
                    • Video surveillance
                  • NBH P 80

                  • Setting High Standards

                    The new NBH P 80 is a compact machining center with the focus on high economics at low investment. It is the first model of a planned series which is being designed and manufactured in Mosbach. Combining the proven strengths of Hüller Hille machining centers and the capabilities of the global Fair Friend Group, the NBH P is setting standards in quality, price and performance.
                • Multispindle Machining

                    • TURMAT - Mehrwege-Rundtransferautomat

                    • Die TURMAT-Baureihe hat sich in unterschiedlichsten Branchen als vielseitig anwendbare Lösung für die Mehrwege-Bearbeitung bewährt. Das stimmige Gesamtkonzept in 4 Baugrößen zeichnet sich durch vielfältige Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, hohe Steifigkeit und erzielbare Genauigkeiten sowie gute Zugänglichkeit aus. Eine große Auswahl an erprobten Bearbeitungseinheiten zur Dreh- und Fräsbearbeitung sowie zum Einpressen, Fügen und Biegen, entsprechende Spannmittel sowie Antriebs- Steuerungs- und Regelvarianten erweitern den Einsatzbereich. Das Technologie-, Turnkey- und Anlagen Knowhow von Witzig & Frank komplettiert das Lösungsangebot.
                    • LSA - Die Mehrwege-Fertigungszelle

                    • Die Mehrwege-Fertigungszelle mit horizontaler Schaltachse für 3-Seiten-Bearbeitung in einer Aufspannung

                      Ergänzend zum Rundtransferautomaten TURMAT eignet sich je nach Anwendungsfall der Einsatz der Mehrwege-Fertigungszelle LSA mit horizontaler Schaltachse. Das Maschinenkonzept ergibt sich aus der Spannlage des Werkstücks, der benötigten Maschinen-Flexibilität, der Zugänglichkeit beim Rüsten und der Anzahl der radialen Einheiten. Die LSA-Standardtypen haben 4 bis 8 Stationen mit horizontalen und radialen Einheiten. Verstell- und schwenkbar passen sie sich an wechselnde Werkstückformen an.
                    • TRIFLEX – Modulares Mehrstationen-Bearbeitungszentrum

                    • Modulares Mehrstationen-Bearbeitungszentrum für die 5-Seiten-Bearbeitung in einer Aufspannung

                      Die TRIFLEX vereint die hohe Produktivität der Mehrstationen-Bearbeitung mit der Flexiblität und Wandelbarkeit von Standard-Bearbeitungszentren. Dies beinhaltet die gleichzeitige 5-Seiten-Bearbeitung an bis zu 7 Einheiten unter Einsatz bewährter Revolvereinheiten, intelligente Belade- und Automationskonzepte, Planetentische in Standard-, NC- und DUO-Ausführung, die Möglichkeit zur Trockenbearbeitung und hohe Stabilität. Ein standardisiertes System zum schnellen Wechsel von Spannvorrichtungen und die Möglichkeit zur Nachrüstung von Bearbeitungseinheiten runden die vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten ab.
                    • TwinFlex / TwinFlex MD – mehrspindlige Zweistationen-CNC-Bearbeitungszentren

                    • Die Bearbeitung an zwei Stationen mit zwei Revolvereinheiten (Twinflex) oder jeweils 2 Spindeln (Twinflex MD) besticht durch doppelte Produktivität unter Beibehaltung aller Vorteile moderner Bearbeitungszentren. Sie ermöglicht die 5-Seiten-Bearbeitung, kurze Nebenzeiten, geringe Betriebskosten und hohe Ausbringung. Mit der Twinflex überträgt Witzig & Frank das Knowhow aus dem Bereich der traditionellen Volumenfertigung in das heutige, von großer Werkstückvarianz und kurzen Produktzyklen geprägte Produktionsumfeld und schließt so die Entwicklung vom Transfersystem zur flexiblen, modularen Bearbeitungseinheit ab.
                  • Gear manufacturing

                      • Hobbing machines

                          • H 100/130

                          • The H 100/130 series is the first platform of our small hobbing machine line, specifically engineered for automotive applications. These machines have been designed for dry and wet cutting. Chips are conveyed cleanly from the work area by means of a steep and smooth chute to prevent any build-up of residue.

                            The machine design guarantees best stability and sturdiness since hob column and counter column are directly connected with an upper cross beam creating a closed construction concept. Additionally the tailstock with centric force application is guided through the cross beam guaranteeing excellent clamping pressures. This is especially advantageous for the cutting of geared shafts. To cater for your automation needs, the machine is available with a fast portal loader with double gripper. All peripheral units are easily accessible and maintenance-friendly (including pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics and chip disposal).

                            The direct drive technology incorporated in this series makes your machine a safe investment over time, since any future tool developments can be fully exploited.

                            Fast and easy operator guidance throughout the whole process is guaranteed by our latest dialogue software on the Siemens Sinumerik 840 D control.
                          • H 80/160/200

                          • The H 80/160/200 series is the second platform of our smallest hobbing machine line for automotive applications. These machines have been designed for dry cutting applications in particular, though using oil or emulsion is no problem. Chips are conveyed cleanly from the work area by means of a chute, which is steep and smooth in design to prevent any build up. The hob head is housed within the tool column, which is tightly fastened to the sturdy machine bed. The tailstock is located on the tool column above the hob head, leaving the work area remarkably free for workpiece loading and unloading operations. To cater for your line automation needs, the machine is available with a standard, direct-driven double gripper loader. Placing a machine in close proximity to your workpiece conveyor belt, in fact, requires no further automation other than that provided by the completely integrated solution. All peripheral units are easily accessible and maintenance-friendly (including pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics and chip disposal).

                            Moreover, the direct drive technology incorporated in this series makes your machine a safe investment over time, since any future tool developments can be fully exploited.

                            Fast and easy operator guidance throughout the whole process is guaranteed by our latest dialogue software on the Siemens Sinumerik 840 D control with the possibility to make flexible tooth flank.
                          • H 200 T

                          • The T-Version ("T" = Turning) comes equipped with a completely integrated turning unit. The machine is not conceived to replace full-scale, complex turning operations, but it really comes to the fore when extra precision is required. The supplementary turning of the workpiece concentricity in relation to the gearing is a real plus.

                            Optionally the unit is also available with a multi-function head for a variety of tools. Users can rely on all turning process functionalities offered by Siemens with its Sinumerik 840 D.
                          • H 250/300/400

                          • Specially developed for high-performance dry or wet hobbing requirements up to 400 mm in diameter, the H 250/300/400 series guarantees the very best in terms of productivity, whether yours be a small batch or mass production reality. Able to machine straight and helical gears; crowned and tapered gears; worm gears; chain sprockets and toothed belt discs; cluster gears and special profiles.

                            Depending on the specific workpiece range we fit the machine with the appropriate hob head to provide you with the optimum performance for your application.

                            Optionally the H Series can be fitted with a sturdy, high-torque worktable wich is designed for applications with large modules and tooth depths which require higher cutting forces. The countercolumn can be extended in axial direction to reliably cut longer workpieces like shaft-type parts.

                            This series can utilise any known hob or form milling technology, from dry or wet machining with high capacity HSS or carbide tools to skive hobbing of heat-treated gears. The machine is availble with standard ring or portal loaders depending on the application or automation requirement.
                          • H 250 CD

                          • The H 250 CD is based on the modular H-series of medium-sized hobbing machines. Its integrated chamfering/deburring unit deburrs gears and shafts up to 250 mm in diameter. Both processes are actuated time-parallel with minimum auxiliary times. Workpieces are changed by a fast 4-station ring loader.

                            The chamfering/deburring process is completely integrated in the process chain by CNC and controlled by a unified, easy-to-use operator interface.
                          • H 250 CDT

                          • The new H 250 CDT hobbing machines features two integrated chamfering/ deburring spindles to hob and chamfer /deburr gears and shafts on one single worktable. The new chamfering/deburring process is executed in masked time during the hobbing operation. Both processes are operated through the new Siemens 840 D solution line with one common easy-to-use HMI. The innovative solutions features a variety of process otions for cutting and chamfering/deburring. Further processes can be integrated in the multi-functional base unit like the pointing of crowned and synchroniser gears, the concentric drilling of coolant holes or turning functions. The fast gantry loader easily connects the H 250 CDT to existing transport chains, with workpieces in vertical or horizontal position.
                          • H 250 CDM

                          • The H 250 CDM is based on the medium-sized line of hobbing machines. The H 250 CDM integrates an extremely functional chamfering unit with two tool heads. The fast gantry loader makes this series even more efficient and compact. Gears of up to 250 mm in diameter can be hobbed, chamfered and deburred on the same machine, making for great process versatility. Since the integrated gantry loader only works at those stations selected by the operator, different processes can be managed and controlled separately: It is possible to program either hobbing combined with chamfering and deburring or just hobbing or just chamfering and deburring.

                            The machine is naturally equipped with the latest Siemens Safety Integrated control technology.

                            To complete this line, MAG also delivers latest-generation tools, including hobs, chamfering tools and deburring tools which come supplied with the most modern coatings available on the market.
                          • H 600/800

                          • Powerhouse for gears, shafts and screw-type workpieces.

                            The H 600/800 is a very stabile and rigid machine for the most demanding cutting taks. The machine employs all hobbing techniques (axial, radial/axial, tangential, diagonal) of spur and helical gearings using one or multiple cut technology with climb or conventional feed exploiting the different tool solutions available on the market.
                            The H 600/800 series is equipped with an exceptionally strong tool spindle drive and a very stabile and stiff tool head to live up to all gear cutting tasks. Depending on the application we deliver the series with special PowerCutting options.
                            The H 600/800 series can be automated with a standard ring loader for heavy workpieces. The gripper stroke is operated independently. The loader positions are freely selectable (cam-free) and can be saved in the Modul HMI / Operator Dialogue program for each specific workpiece.

                            • Very stable and rigid structure
                            • Wet and dry cutting
                            • High performance hob head with 1000 Nm
                            • Up to 210 mm in hob diameter
                            • Direct drive work table with table plate options
                            • Standard and special workpiece support solutions
                            • Ring loader for heavy workpieces
                            • Compact layout with integrated auxiliary units
                          • H 900/1500/2300

                          • The H 900/1500/2300 is designed for large gear milling and hobbing applications. The large H series cuts straight and helical gears; crowned and tapered gears; worm gears; cluster gears and special profiles (such as compressor-type rotors); oval gears; double helical gears and internal gears. This series can utilise any cutting technology available on the market, from single-cut form milling cutters, to HSS or carbide tools for wet or dry hobbing applications, chamer-hobbing.

                            With the optionally available special milling head internal gears can be cut very economically. It can be easily exchanged against the external hob head.
                        • Chamferring & deburring machines

                            • CD 250

                            • The CD 250 is ideal suited for chamfering and deburring of cylindrical spur and helical gears in a single operation before heat treatment. Moreover, cylindrical spur and helical gears can also be simultaneously chamfered, rolled and deburred using special tools. Machining special profiles (such as gears with connecting radii or inclined faces) is made simple with dedicated tools. This hand-loaded machine is suitable for small to medium batch sizes.

                              The CD 250 is also available with an integrated loader for larger workpiece batches. See CDA 250.
                            • CDX 250

                            • The CDX 250 is engineered with 2 tool slides, each mounting a rotating tool revolver. Each revolver can assemble up to 5 different tool heads, meaning that it is possible to have 10 different tool groups readily available at all times! Thanks to this innovative design concept, it is possible to work shafts with up to 5 different gearings or different families of gears and shafts, at the same time or one after the other, without having to reset machine parameters or change tools (provided that the same clamping can be used). Setting up and operating the machine is aided by a user-friendly Modul operator interface with onscreen operator guidance. Optionally, the CDX 250 can also be equipped with a drilling unit to apply coolant holes to workpieces. To prevent drill breakage, an integrated phasing unit can be supplied to ensure that drills are positioned correctly, and an automatic drill tool inspection unit is also available to monitor drill condition. The CDX 250 can be adapted to suit many different automation systems. If you are interested in this state-of-the-art product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiries.