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  • Offer Profile
  • The demand for materials and operational capability is constantly increasing. Complex areas of expertise must be brought into harmony with individual customer needs. This requires a high level of experience and know-how.
    We are your professionals when it comes to high-quality blasting solutions for surface technology. Responsible thinking and acting determine the long-term value creation in the customer relationship and are the basis for a trusting cooperation.
Product Portfolio
  • Sand blasting machines

      • Dry blasting

      • Injector method

        The injector method is based on the pressure reversal principle. In the blasting gun, compressed air is blown through the air nozzles into the blasting gun body. The air flow creates a negative pressure (optionally electronically measurable and evaluable) whereby the blasting medium is torn in via the blasting hose. At the same time the blasting medium is further accelerated with air and then hits the workpiece surface at high speed. The process can be completely monitored and even the finest adjustments are possible.

        Pressure blasting method

        In the pressure blasting process, a pressure vessel filled with blasting medium is subjected to compressed air, which presses the blasting medium directly through the blasting hose and is entrained by the air flowing through it. In this method, a very high velocity is achieved. The advantage of this method is the exact dosage of the blasting medium (optionally electrically adjustable) and a large blasting power. The machine is basically the same as with the injector method, but it includes additionally a pressure vessel.

        Shot peening machines

        The blasting medium (shot) is accelerated by means of compressed air or water and is thus fired onto the workpiece surface. There, so-called dimples are produced. The shot-peening process is a surface strain hardening.
        The individual dimples cause plastic deformation and create a limited compressive residual stress layer in the workpiece surface. This layer leads to a strong increase in fatigue strength and resistance to stress corrosion cracking. This process is used in the aerospace, automotive, tooling, medical, etc. Restec developed special machinery and equipment with this process mainly for the tooling, medical technology, turbine blades (gas turbines). Fully automated systems (robots) were realized here.

      • Wet blasting

      • Wet blasting method

        In the wet-jet process, the water-blasting-medium mixture is pumped to the blasting gun. This is accelerated by the air nozzle and thus hits the workpiece surface. This method is particularly suitable for processing sensitive, high-precision parts. It can be used for cleaning, paint stripping, stripping or shot peening. Therefore, this method is the first choice for explosive and combustible materials (aluminum, hafnium, magnesium, etc.). The big advantage over dry blast systems is that there is no dust development. The use of finest blasting mediums is enabled by this method.
        The wet blasting system WA 5000 is the most advanced machine from Restec and is absolute state-of-the-art in the blasting market.

        Continuous blasting system with conveyor belt
        fully automatic pallet loading and unloading station

        With the revolutionary, ten-stage Restec-blasting process!

        The Restec blasting process of the WA 5000 BRILLIANT

        10 steps for perfect blasting results:

        • The loading station automatically places a tray with your workpieces on the conveyor belt.
        • 8 blasting guns blast the tray.
        • The innovative Restec flat jet nozzle ensures uniform irradiation of the entire tray and creates an optimal surface structure.
        • Rough cleaning of workpieces.
        • The tray is lowered into the ultrasonic bath and cleaned.
        • Fine cleaning (1) of the workpieces.
        • Fine cleaning (2) of the workpieces.
        • Fine cleaning (3) of the workpieces.
        • The workpieces are dried and come out of the machine ready for packaging.
        • The tray automatically moves to the unloading station.

        Your advantages – our know-how

        • All blasting processes integrated in one machine: blasting, cleaning, drying!
        • 24/7 machine runtime!
        • Fully automatic from loading to unloading.
        • 10 hermetically sealed cabins without abrasion.
        • All processes can be tracked and optimized on the control panel.
        • 2 independent blasting processes in one machine: round jet nozzles for precise edges and flat spray nozzles for the activation or de-coating process.
        • Special filter system ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
        • 4 cleaning stations ensure optimum cleaning immediately after blasting.

        Our competent team will assist you with know-how and ensure that you receive the exact blasting results you expect from us.

        Our know-how

        • Over 40 years of blasting experience!
        • Restec machines are in use worldwide and prove their worth even under the most difficult conditions!
        • Our research and development brings your workpiece to maximum performance!
      • Carousel

      • Carousel (turn table) machine

        Turntable systems (carousel / planetaric) enable targeted blasting of individual or several workpieces. The blasting is extremely uniform and also offers the possibility to partially radiate on the workpiece. The processing spectrum ranges from cleaning, deburring to shot peening. The dimensions of such systems depend on the dimensions of the workpieces and the desired cycle time. Thanks to the modular design, the system can be easily configured with 4 to 24 workpiece fixtures (satellites) and thus be operated fully automatically (single, series production). The integration into existing production lines and thus complete automation (for example robots, handling systems) make these systems universally applicable. All systems can be equipped with a clever abrasive preparation. These systems are available in injector, pressure or wet jet versions.

        • fully automated handling system
        • Carousel blasting machine KA 8/8 (e.g. with 8 satellites)
        • z-axis system
        • with fully automatic workpiece clamping system
      • Blasting medium processing

      • Elevator

        The elevator is used on our machines to transport used abrasive from the blasting cubicle to the screening plant. For this purpose, the blasting agent is passed through a bucket elevator from the bottom of the plant to the top of the screening plant.


        • Input of used blasting media via screw conveyor.
        • Output of used abrasive into the sieve.
        • The elevator buckets are screwed firmly to the elevator belt by means of 2 cup screws. By further screws, the elevator belt is also connected to a loop.
        • The tightness of the belt is secured by 2 screws on the head of the elevator.
        • The ball bearings for the elevator belt are protected by a sheet metal and thus easily accessible for any maintenance work.
        • The motor of the belt is mounted on the head of the elevator and protected by a sheet of external influences.

        Screw conveyor

        The screw conveyor is fixedly mounted under the catch basin in the blasting cubicle and transports the blasting material just used, as well as radiated impurities from the catch basin directly into the elevator.

        Process steps:

        • Entrance of the screw conveyor, where blasting media, dust and other particles fall into it.
        • Between the screw conveyor and the bucket elevator a connecting pipe is attached.
        • A sensor checks whether the conveyor is turning.

        Screening Plant

        In the screening plant, the used blasting medium supplied by the elevator is filled up fully automatically and cleaned of any impurities by a complex screening system. Too fine or too coarse abrasive is sorted out, so that in the end only recyclable blasting medium remains, which is passed back into the machine.

        Process steps:

        • Supply of used abrasive from the elevator.
        • Output of unusable blasting material (too fine and / or dust).
        • Output of unusable abrasive (too coarse).
        • Collection basin for reusable blasting medium (blasting medium thickness 850 – 1000 μm).


        • Gate valves
        • Mixing cup
        • Hoses for blasting machine
        • Inspection and maintenance window
    • Industries & Applications

    • Since 1973 we have been specialising in the production of standard and customised sand blasting machines in our facilites in Bachenbulach, Switzerland, and have established ourselves as technology leader in the market.

      Research and development in cooperation with our clients and technical universities.

      Full automation and highest process reliability, 24 hours running time on 365 days per year.

      Integrated concept with focus on low-maintenance result in high operational readiness and availability.
        • Tool technology

        • Restec products prove their worth on a daily basis and under extreme conditions. As sand blasting experts we offer innovative ideas and solutions for the tooling industry as well as other areas where reliable and reproducable results for surface treatments are required.

          Some of the advantages of Restec machines in the tooling industry:

          Dry blasting:

          • Honing and stripping can be integrated in one machine
          • Two different grain sizes can be used and recycled simultaneously
          • Special double-level screens with self-cleaning mesh
          • Both injector jet and pressure blasting technology applicable
          • Shorter flow times through optimisation of the pallet position
          • Outstanding blasting results over the complete pallet area

          Wet blasting:

          • Honing and stripping can be integrated in one machine
          • Two different grain sizes can be used and recycled simultaneously
          • Individually isolated processing chambers with pneumatic lift gates
          • Special round nozzle holders with eight blasting guns and newly developed wide flat jet nozzle with 90° swivel and tilt area
          • Work pieces are clean, dry and thus ready for packaging


          • Worldwide the first series production machine for shotpeening of cutting inserts
          • Innovative blasting system made of round and flat jet nozzles
          • Highest process reliability through reproductibility of Almen values
          • Verifiable increase in tool life > 100% possible
          • Special filters or cleaning technology of blasting medium

          Restec High-Tech Components

          • Visualisation and control of processes – latest SPS technology
          • Remote support module for worldwide quick and reliable assistance directly from manufacturer
          • Low-wear blasting guns and dispensers (available: made out of polyurethan)
          • All Restec blasting machines are equipped with an innovative blasting medium recovery – special filter/cleaning unit of the blasting medium
          • 24/7 machine running time
        • Medical engineering

        • Cutting-edge and high-quality solutions in medical engineering

          Optimum adhesion is achieved through the creation of various surface structures (roughness). Through the possibility of simultaneous use of the most different of blasting media and grain sizes, several surface treatments can also be carried out in one machine. Shot peening is the most rational and meaningful process for the creation of internal pressure tensions on the surface. This evens out the tensile stress or reduces it which in turn leads to an appreciable extension of the service life. Shot peening machines for the most various of applications are a core competence of Restec and have proven themselves in the market.

          Our high-tech solutions:

          • 100% process control for perfect blasting results
          • Exact dosage and flow control by means of special sensors
          • Automatic parameter adjustment (e.g. barcodes, RFID, etc.) possible
          • Precise blasting of complex parts through specific nozzle movements
          • Automatic loading and unloading of implants
          • Full automation enables economical small series
          • 100% process reproducibility
          • Low-wear blasting guns
          • Flexible configuration of the number of satellites and nozzles
          • Optimum adhesion is achieved through the creation of varying surface structures (roughness)
          • Restec makes the simultaneous use and recycling of different blasting media in diverse grain sizes on one machine possible
          • The Restec wet blasting technology ensures, amongst other things, the highest homogeneity for knee endoprotheses
          • Complete recording of all relevant signals and parameters during the blasting process
          • Programmable blasting pressure regulation
        • Surface preparation

        • Perfect blasting results with maximum machine availability.
          Almost every surface requires an individual blasting solution. Restec’s high-tech solutions meet these needs. Uncompromising.
          Whether roughening, deburring or cleaning: Restec guarantees unbeatable results. Depending on the field of application, the blast machines are controlled with state-of-the-art, user-friendly software. Of course – in the corresponding models – the control devices are programmable (PLC modules).
          No matter how complex, critical or challenging the surface to be treated may be – there is always the right procedure from Restec. Even if the respective requirements are divergent, the Restec blast machines are convincing in almost all industries. Even and especially when it comes to highly sensitive components.
          All Restec solutions for surface technology have one thing in common: perfect blasting results with maximum machine availability; also when operated under maximum load.
        • Turbine blades

        • Since every customer has different needs, the solutions also look different; of course, this also applies to the field of turbine technology. In this area, craftsmanship and expertise in Switzerland is already a tradition. A tradition that Restec proudly continues and has perfected over the years. The complexity of matter can best be discussed in a personal conversation.
          We are looking forward to your contact.
        • Gears and engine technology

        • Restec relies on successful and proven high-tech standards. As a globally positioned, professional company, we offer the best possible quality and orient our solutions to customer requirements and customer requirements. Personally and completely individually.
          We are looking forward to your contact.
      • Services & Spare parts

          • Services & Maintenance

          • In addition to machines and spare and wear parts, we also offer services and maintenance for sandblasting machines.

            • Commissioning
            • Maintenance (filters and other wear parts)
            • Remote maintenance and support
            • etc.

            Inquire by email or by phone for our comprehensive service offer.
          • Spare & wear parts

          • Here you will find all spare and wear parts for Restec and Nicolis machines. Please ask for an offer by email or telephone.

            Wear Parts:

            • Restec & Nicolis blasting guns
            • Restec & Nicolis hoses
            • Restec & Nicolis filter
            • Restec & Nicolis mixing cups
            • Restec & Nicolis rubber protection
            • Restec & Nicolis sieves
            • Restec & Nicolis transport belt
            • etc.

            Spare Parts:

            • Restec & Nicolis engines
            • Restec & Nicolis magnetic valves
            • Restec & Nicolis control panel & other elements
            • Restec & Nicolis frequency inverter
            • Restec & Nicolis axes
            • Restec & Nicolis ball bearings
            • etc.
          • Do not believe glossy brochures. Come by our Live Test Center and see for yourself the quality of our machines, the excellent blasting results and the cutting-edge technology.

            You will be amazed. We promise.