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Company Profile

Baumüller is a specialist for intelligent drive and automation systems The Baumüller Group offers industry and customer-specific automation solutions as a system partner. At the center is the development of a total machine concept. The Baumüller Group develops and manufactures: - Electric motors - Converters - Control engineering - Networks in industrial communication - Control cabinets, control pillars, control fields, control consoles - Sheet metal components and coverings - Drive systems Baumüller uses these components to plan and manufacture complete drive and automation systems that are used in all sectors of the mechanical engineering industry for automation purposes. The drive spectrum includes: - DC motors - Three-phase motors - Disc motors - Linear motors - Specialty motors This drive spectrum allows for the development of an automation system that operates machines with complex functions in a highly-dynamic and absolutely precise manner. Today, drive solutions and automation systems from Baumüller can be found in all sectors of mechanical engineering. The main areas are represented by the sectors - Printing - Plastics - Textile - Packaging and - General motion. Years of industry-specific experience and a profound expertise in automation systems and drive solutions make the Baumüller Group a reliable system partner.

Product Range

  • Controller: Mini servo controller
  • Controller: Servo controller
  • Controls: Control terminal
  • Controls: Field bus components
  • Controls: I/O components
  • Controls: Industrial controller
  • Controls: Machine control
  • Controls: Motion controller
  • Controls: PC based automation
  • Controls: PLCs
  • Controls: Soft-PLC
  • Electrical motor: Asynchronous motor
  • Electrical motor: General three-phase motor
  • Electrical motor: Synchronous motor
  • Electrical motor: Synchronous motor, three-phase, geared
  • Fully controlled drive system
  • Linear motion: Linear actuator
  • Linear motion: Linear motor
  • Servo motor: Dynamic servo motors
  • Special motors: Disc motor
  • Special motors: High-torque motor
  • Torque motor