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AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions
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  • Offer Profile
  • Haydon Kerk Pittman is the combination of 3 world class brands in the field of motion control. Formed under AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions (AMS), Haydon Kerk Pittman together offer a broad range of precision linear and rotary motion products. Recognized as a leading manufacturer of precision acme lead screw and anti-backlash nut assemblies, stepper motor based linear actuators, linear rail and guide systems, brushed and brushless motors and complete custom systems.

    Haydon Kerk Pittman offers high performance solutions and global supply in demanding markets such as laboratory automation, medical instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, transportation, building automation and industrial automation.

Product Portfolio
  • Advanced Linear and Rotary Motion Solutions

      • Lead Screw Nut Selection

      • Kerk™ Lead Screw Assemblies are modified acme thread forms optimized for performance and available in a broad range of lead screw diameters, leads and nut styles, custom designed for your application. Kerk lead screws are self-adjusting, maintenance-free and require no lubrication. Providing maximum accuracy, high reliability, smooth, quiet operation and low cost, Kerk lead Screw Assemblies are your best choice for high performance linear motion control.
      • Lead Screws by Size

      • KERK® brand lead screws utilize the latest in precision rolling technology. Lead screws are available in standard diameters from 5/64" to 15/16" and includes metric and left hand threads. Most standard lead screws are manufactured from 303 stainless steel and are produced using Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions exclusive precision rolling process. Other lead screw materials are available for application-specific requirements.
    • Linear Actuators

    • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has the exact size and type of linear actuator to solve your motion application.
        • Hybrid Stepper

        • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers a unique line of hybrid stepper motor linear actuators that open new avenues for equipment designers who require high performance and exceptional endurance in a very small package. These high-performance hybrid actuators directly drive a rotor drive nut on a stainless steel precision acme lead screw. This patented interface reduces tolerances and noise while increasing efficiency and durability over v-thread and bronze nut configuration commonly used in other linear actuators. Actuators are available in captive, non-captive and external linear configurations.
        • Dual Motion

        • The Haydon Kerk™ line of dual motion hybrid actuators provide independent linear and rotary motion in either Size 14 or Size 17 actuators. Each actuator incorporates two stepper motors which can be controlled independently using a standard two axis driver. Dual motion actuators integrate precise 2 axis motion in one simple and compact actuator.

          • Available in bipolar and unipolar coils
          • Step resolution of 0.9° and 1.8° degree
          • Available standard and custom winding voltages
          • Large range of leads
          • Run using a standard two axis driver
        • Can-Stack Stepper Motors

        • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers a full range of can-stack linear actuators from 15 to 46 mm in size with a wide range of force outputs. Actuators are available in Captive, Non-Captive and External configurations. All stepper motor linear actuators can be customized for application specific needs.

          Captive, non-captive and external linear configurations.
          Linear Step Accuracy ranging from 3 – 400 microns.
          Dual ball bearings for greater precision and durability.
          Black Ice coated lead screws available.
          Custom nuts and configurations available.
      • Linear Rail Systems

      • Haydon Kerk offers both motorized and non-motorized linear rails, guides and splines that deliver enhanced system stability, high positional accuracy, low friction and long life for a variety of linear motion applications.
          • Slide Guided Rail Systems

          • Haydon Kerk Slide Guided Rails are available in many styles and sizes to meet your application needs. Many rails are offered with integrated drive, motorized, non-motorized or guide only versions without lead-screw. Rails are available with wear-compensating, anti-backlash driven carriages to insure repeatability and accurate positioning. All moving surfaces include engineered polymers that provide a precise, strong and stable platform for a variety of linear motion applications.
          • Ball Guided Rail Systems

          • The BGS Linear Rail combines many technologies into a single integrated linear motion platform. The system provides excellent load capability and is engineered for both normal and overhanging loads. High roll, pitch, and yaw moment loading capability allows the system to maintain tight accuracy and repeatability, even in applications requiring significant cantilevered loading. The lead screw drives a machined aluminum carriage mounted to a precision stainless steel ball rail resulting in a rigid, smooth-operating motion system. The BGS Linear Rail platform also features a wear-compensating anti-backlash driven carriage. The screw is coated with Black Ice® TFE coating providing a permanent wear-resistant dry lubrication. When integrated with an IDEA Drive, the system combines Haydon hybrid linear actuator technology with a fully programmable, integrated stepper motor drive. By combining technologies into a single preassembled unit, Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions is able to improve system integration for the equipment OEM or end user. The overall cost for the customer is also lowered by offering a complete solution as it eliminates the need for rotary-to-linear conversion, and simplified product development.
          • Linear Guide Element

          • Spline Shafts and Guide Rails deliver low-cost, low friction and long life for a variety of linear motion control applications.

            KERK® SS and SZ Spline shafts are available in stainless steel and can be coated with our proprietary Kerkote® TFE or Black Ice® coatings. Spline Shafts provide anti-rotation for one axis motion or a drive mechanism with rotation for two axes of motion. The bushing is supplied with an integral brass collar to facilitate various mounting configurations without nut distortion.

            KERK GR Guide Rail is the perfect choice for light load applications requiring minimal frictional drag, low cost and long wear. It features a burnished, centerless ground stainless steel shaft (available either uncoated or with Kerkote® TFE for additional lubricity) and a graphite and PTFE-filled thermoplastic bushing.

        • Motors

        • Pittman and Haydon Kerk DC motor lines span a wide range of sizes in brushed, brushless and stepper motor technologies. We provide rapid turn-around for prototypes and production orders. Custom designs and special engineering requirements such as special shaft diameters, lengths and mounting flanges are welcome. If there’s a need for precision rotary motion, more than likely there’s a Haydon Kerk Pittman motor to meet your requirements.
            • Brushed DC Motors

            • Pittman brush commutated DC motors have a wide range of frame sizes and magnetic technologies from 22 to 54mm diameter and power ratings from 3 to 94 watts. These motors are designed to offer smooth low speeds, quiet operation and long life.

              • Spur and Planetary gears
              • Optical Encoders from 50 to over 8000 counts of resolution
              • Fail safe brakes in both rear and front mounting options
              • Fully customizable per your requirements
            • Brushless DC Motors

            • Pittman offers an extensive range of sizes and configurations from 10 to 120mm diameter with power ratings from 6 to 2000W and speeds to 100,000 rpm.

              Features :
              • Spur and Planetary gears
              • Optical Encoders from 50 to over 8000 counts of resolution
              • Fail safe brakes in both rear and front mounting options
              • Fully customizable per your requirements
            • Brushless Motors with IDEA Drive

            • Pittman offers a new brushless motor line with integrated drives.

              Features :
              • GUI programming interface with RS-485
              • Gearboxes
              • Available in 3 lengths
              • Fully customizable per your requirements
            • Can-Stack Rotary Motors

            • Haydon Kerk's rotary motors are built to provide exceptionally high torque to size ratios. By utilizing a patented enlarged rotor with low inductance coils, the motors provide superior torque and continuous, reliable high performance. At rated voltage, the 46 mm motor produces 16 oz.-in. of holding torque, the 36 mm motor produces 4.5 oz.-in., the 26 mm motor produces 1.8 oz.-in. and the 20 mm motor produces 0.65 oz.-in. Optional rare earth magnets may be specified for even higher torque. Bronze sleeve bearings are standard, ball bearings are also available.

              • High Energy Neodymium magnets
              • Bipolar & Unipolar windings with 5 & 12VDC ratings
              • 7.5° and 15° degree step angle
            • Pancake Rotary Motors

            • The Haydon 80000 Pancake Series Planetary Gear Train

              For a given size motor, the larger the rotor the greater the torque. Haydon Kerk provides an advanced, compact, low profile pancake stepper motor with a specially engineered, rotor-embedded, single-stage planetary gear train... designed to meet or exceed your most demanding small space high-torque applications. This motor has a maximum diameter of 3.15-in (80mm) and is .75-in (20mm) thick.
          • Motor Accessories

              • Drives

              • Stepper Motor Programmable Drives
                The IDEA™ family of programmable Stepper Motor Controllers uses an intuitive patent-pending Graphic User Interface (GUI) which greatly simplifies set up and use in the machine design process. Units are available in either USB or RS-485 communication. In addition to the stand-alone models shown, drives are available integrated on motor and linear actuator assemblies.
                • RoHS Compliant
                • Stand-alone drive unit or integrated directly onto a linear actuator
                • Programming done through Graphic User Interface (GUI)
                • Automatic population of motor and drive parameters
                • Programmable Speed / Current / Accel-Decel /
                • Current Boost / Interrupts / I/O
                • Encoder Input / Stall Detection with
                • Compensation / Position Verification
                • USB or RS-485 Communication protocols
                • Movement Profile Plotter
                • Interactive Program Debug Feature
              • Gearboxes

              • PLG42S
                The PLG42S is a 42 mm planetary gearbox suitable for servo applications where DC Servo brush or BLDC motor technology is specified. The PLG42S provides excellent efficiency in a compact and industry compatible output configuration.

                • Maximum Load torque up to 14 Nm
                • All steel gearing for high torque capacity
                • Dual ball bearings on output shaft
                • High efficiency
              • Encoders

              • Haydon Kerk Pittman offers cost effective feedback devices for positioning applications with different technologies in the incremental encoder's format such as reflective optical technology, transmissive optical technology with and without differential line drives and multitude of line counts in compact low profile sizes. These incremental encoders are offered in both modular and bearing construction. The bearing style encoders provide significant performance upgrades in demanding applications.
            • MARKETS

            • Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing motion control products and systems around the world, combined with an in-depth knowledge of related applications and industries makes us an invaluable resource and partner for your next project. We have successfully developed DC motors and linear solutions over the past 80 years and have built a reputation upon our ability to deliver high quality products to our customers exact requirements. Whether it’s a miniaturized solution for low-noise patient care equipment, or an application for a clean-room semiconductor environment, Haydon Kerk Pittman has consistently met your critical needs.
                • Medical Equipment

                • We develop solutions for demanding medical applications. Whether a Home Healthcare CPAP or complex Robotic Surgical System, Haydon Kerk Pittman can deploy a solution designed to your program requirements. We offer lube-free systems for clean, maintenance free operation; specialty materials for radiation, autoclaving and chemical environments; smooth and quiet operation for patient facing applications; and miniature and micro product designs for precision fluid pump and drug delivery systems.
                • Industrial Automation

                • We have a considerable footprint into industrial applications and automation due to the wide variety of linear and rotary solutions from 1 – 2000 Watts of output performance. Large bearings, special lubrication, environmental sealing, corrosion resistance, and integrated drives are just some of the features we can employ to insure repeatable motion with high reliability in challenging environments. Look to Haydon Kerk Pittman for a single source of supply in linear and rotary motion components and complete systems.
                • Laboratory Instrumentation

                • Haydon Kerk Pittman has developed motion control systems used in: multi-axis sample management systems requiring high performance and reliability to meet high duty cycle requirements; microscopy stages demanding high precision positioning in multiple axis simultaneously; motion systems for automatic pipetting which requires very accurate motion for aspiration and dispense modes helping to eliminate manual pipetting errors.
                • Semiconductor

                • The semiconductor industry faces continuous pressure to reduce device size and costs while improving performance and reliability. Semiconductor, test and assembly automation manufacturers demand the same improvements from the motion technology which drives it. Haydon Kerk Pittman continues to develop new technologies in motors, lead-screws, gears, encoders, actuators, slides, drives and complete sub-systems that increase operational speeds and accuracy while lowering the cost of ownership.
                • Transportation

                • The use of automation and advanced motion solutions are opening up new applications in Transportation for Haydon Kerk Pittman. Convenience, safety, and increased performance are some of the factors driving demand for advanced motion. Motorized active suspension systems improve vehicle performance and driver comfort. Seed planting systems using both rotary and linear motion help farmers maximize field density and yield. Linear automation in bike rental kiosks provides city dwellers a convenient and a healthy form of transportation while providing urban planners solutions to city challenges. Haydon Kerk Pittman provides motion solutions in these and many other transportation applications.
                • Business Machines

                • Innovation in 3D Printing, Automated Lighting, Mobile Communications, Commercial Printing and other industries is driving demand for linear actuators, lead screws and rails as well as DC motors. Haydon Kerk Pittman’s diverse product range and technology often makes it the preferred single source supplier of components or custom sub-systems. Whether you choose stepper, DC brushed or brushless technology as part of your rotary or linear mechanism, Haydon Kerk Pittman can provide the optimum solution.