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  • Offer Profile
  • Since 1977, Ever Elettronica developes and manufactures devices for motion control through step motors being recognized for its innovations and wide solutions range.

    Ever Elettronica, certified in 1997, manages all primary business processes according to the ISO 9001 procedures defined in the business quality manual and makes since the beginning use of skilled application engineers that help the customers to find the best fitting solution for every motion control problem.
Product Portfolio
  • Gearboxes

  • Planetary gear units with input flange for NEMA stepping motors and:
    • Large range of ratios: four different pairings of sun gear and planets provide four ratios per gearbox stage. The modular design provides a total of 68 reduction ratios. The reduction ratios are not whole numbers.
    • Operating dynamics: the balanced load distribution of the planet gears and a minimisation of the rotating parts ensure low moments of inertia. Balanced load distribution is achieved by a optimising the tooth form and by a continuous monitoring of the manufacturing quality.
    • Life-time lubrication: planetary gearboxes are life-time lubricated with grease in line with their expected performance, and therefore they are maintenance-free. This allows them to be installed practically in any location.