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  • We specialize in reliable, powerful and compact AC servo drive systems and brushless PMSMotors (Permanent Magnet Synchronization Motor), motion controller and machine control electric relay box integration with our unique and innovative motion control technology.
    We have a high-tech oriented in-house R&D team and apply our state-of-the-art know-how to each servo system in order to provide you with top performance and the highest reliability for your specific application.
Product Portfolio
  • Servo Systems

    • EDB series digital AC servo system

    • Five important & incontestable reasons for you to select our outstanding EDB servo systems:
      1.Stable and reliable
      All of our AC Servo specifications have passed EMC accreditation and up to the EMC international standard while the production is performed strictly in accordance to ISO90001 quality system. The servos have provided over load, over voltage, over current, overheat, and wires disconnected alarms and so on to ensure high stability of the controller.

      2.Full range functions
      - Speed control, torque control and position control available
      - 3 rotating speed can be set and switched by external contact.
      - 32 internal nodes position control with deceleration and acceleration value programmable. 
      - 13 control modes optional including feed-forward position control, feed-forward torque control, external current limit, and speed limit in torque control mode.
      - JOG, zero-clamp, two electronic gears allow dynamic switching
      - Various modes of stop: Dynamic brake, plug brake, coast to stop.
      - brake interlock output signals.

      3.Advanced technology
      - We apply advanced technology of DSP and IPM and engineering.
      - Full range 3 times overload allowable
      - 40CR material for motor axis with heat treatment
      - Magnetic steel of motor is made of high temperature resist material

      4.Full range types and series to meet all your need
      According to the need of market, we have launched two series (EDA&EDB) with 7 specifications servo drive to match EMD and EMS motors respectively. The power range from 500W to 3KW; rated torque ranges from 2.5Nm to 19.1Nm.

      5.Easy to use, easy to maintain
      No accessories required, all the parameter setting, operation and status monitor could be realized in drive panel.

    • EDC Digital AC Servo

    • In order to adapt our products to broader fields, our company promotes the new generation EDC series servo system with small power range, which represents the milestone and pioneer of domestic small power range’ servo system.

      The EDC series AC servo system with outstanding small bulk, is the combination of modern industrial structural art design and the up-to-date electronic manufacturing industry technology. Its compact structure has added a pretty picture to the servo system family. EDC series servo system will be widely applied in instrumental machinery, weaving machines, packing machines, printing machines, spring machines, robotics, electrical motors, and so on.

      EDC applies the newest digital signal processor(DSP) with high speed, and has reached the control requirements of high speed and precision’ servo system.

      The EDC series, with the forward feed techniques of combining self anti disturbance control and speed observing control arithmetic to compensate the servo system’ delay, and instruction smoothing technique, has really realized the servo system’ features of high function, high response, high precision, and high reliability with better dynamic tracing and stable features compared with traditional PI control.
  • EDC Digital AC Servo - Specifications