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Company Profile

SONCEBOZ is committed to design motion solutions living into harsh environments, dedicated at improving safety, decreasing consumption and improving ecological impact. Innovate and anticipate technological breakthroughs are fundamentals of our industrial strategy in order to set worldwide standards and become the benchmark for a selected number of value-added applications. Develop smart, complete and compact solutions, targeting to 0 ppm, is the tangible result of our continuous improvement and efforts, driven by customer’s satisfaction. To guarantee reliability of our products, we develop, manufacture and assemble in house all the fundamental elements and key functions of our solutions. Tests and validation steps emphasize our concern to quality and zero defect. SONCEBOZ Board of Directors.

Product Range

  • Integrated stepper motor
  • Mini motor
  • Mini motor: Microstepper
  • Mini motor: Mini custom motor
  • Motor: Custom motor
  • Servo motor: DC brushless servo motor
  • Special motors: Hybrid drive
  • Special motors: Hybrid motor