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Business Profile

working well.

Giving people more space. Inspiring new ideas. Supporting motivation and better results. That is what we strive for. We create furnishings that match your requirements optimally.

We are a medium sized company that designs, produces and distributes office furniture. Furnishings that combine ergonomical standards with factors of well being. You can experience what that means on these pages.

ROHDE & GRAHL. working well. - we design, produce and distribute furnishings that are a perfect combination of design and wellness.

facts of ROHDE & GRAHL. working well:
Grahl was founded over 150 years ago. Since then the way we work has changed completely. At that point no one knew that we would be working mainly seated. Through the years we have learned to listen and to understand the needs of our customers. We strive to stay ahead of all new developments in ergonomics and technology. It\'s our goal to make perfect office furniture for you.