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  • Offer Profile
  • BN Office Solution is a Nowy Styl Group brand.

    Our offer comprises of highly functional, integrated office furniture systems, modern chairs collections and comfortable office armchairs and sofas.

    Our furniture is exceptional regarding quality of manufacture as well as design based on world trends.

    The company possesses the modern machinery and software, which guarantee the highest quality of products.
Product Portfolio
  • Office furniture

  • Our Solutions

    • CX 3200

    • We all like to have a choice these days. Space arrangement tailored to customer's specific needs is a standard. Responding to those needs BN Office Solution proudly presents its new conference table system. CX 3200: a blend of modern, light design with intuitive and simple assembly and a broad range of arrangement options. Solutions applied in this system allow the arrangement of different types of conference spaces, from small rooms seating a few people up to large conference or video conference rooms. CX 3200 is distinguished by its unique mobility: settings can be assembled or disassembled very quickly. It is made possible by a specially designed base which can be installed without any tools and which reduces the number of legs under the table thanks to a shared leg fixed at the joint of two tabletops.
    • ERANGE

    • We value demanding customers. We care about details. That is why the eRange, an executive furniture system from BN Office Solution was developed at London design studio WertelOberfell Platform. The furniture system is expressed in a revolutionary and stylish form that is based on the modernist ideas of the Bauhaus and functionalism. We present a dynamic solution for those who are demanding of others, but can be demanding of themselves too.
      Its designers describe it as follows: "eRange is a contemporary yet timeless system. The ‘e’ refers to electronics, but it also stands for "essential". The eRange is a refined, modern and discreet system. It is a pure form of elegance. With the eRange top quality comes as a standard.

    • Flexibility is the most important feature of SQart. For that reason we have extended the system with new components to create an executive version of the system: SQart Managerial. Slab-end leg furniture distinguishes area designated for the manager within office space. New SQart components are nobler, even dignified. Yet they still work for you in the service of comfort, functionality and mobility.

      SQart is perfect, whatever angle you take. It is a furniture system suited to everyone's requirements: designer's, because it offers countless functional solutions, salesman's, because sets can be composed of simple and comfortable components delivered in no time at all, and client's, because with its excellent quality SQart is a very economical system. Now SQart will meet the expectations of even the most demanding managers: it provides a stable and very comfortable base for your work and that of your team.

    • SQart is a new furniture system that provides almost limitless office furnishing solutions. This system enables you to create a range of combinations that are ideally suited to fit your space making SQart totally practical. SQart allows the realization of a wealth of goals and meets the variety of wide ranging requirements of interior designers, sales people and clients alike.

      To clients it offers an opportunity to create a number of comfortable, practical and efficiency-enhancing workstations. SQart offers high quality materials, aesthetics and functionality at a reasonable price.

      The flexibility offered by the system allows easy arrangement of functional spaces and even easier rearrangement of space whenever required. These are the principal requirements of interior designers. Architects, on the other hand, are presented with an opportunity for creative and original work that emphasizes their individual style and the unique characteristics of each project.
    • PRIMO SPACE Managerial

    • Primo Space is a modular executive office furniture system created to meet the high individual demands of contemporary managers, created by the well-known studio Castiglia Associati. It is a collection characterized by the highest quality and intelligent, ergonomic functional solutions. Primo Space can be used to create executive Office, meeting points and workstations according to preferred style, modern or traditional. Primo Space are high-class furniture at a price adjusted to market conditions.
    • PRIMO SPACE Front Office

    • Primo Space Front Office provides for the comprehensive and coherent arrangement of managers’ offices and demanding workstations alike. The system is elegant and youthful in spirit; comfortable and contemporary in outlook. A delightful combination of flexibility and variety of functional features makes the furniture easily adaptable to individual requirements, depending on the nature of your work, your company profile or its visual identity.

    • Easy Space is an integrated office furniture system which is based on easy solutions thanks to which we can form various work place combinations. This system enables to form individual, double or group work places, open spaces, receptions or conference rooms. The desktops are available in various forms and sizes, whether for stand-alone desks or combined with other elements. The desks come in five types of legs: round-shaped or square-shaped, C-shaped (with a table connector or a steel beam) and panel-ended. Easy Space desks allow for electrical and data wiring.
    • Flib

    • With agility and speed, it can instantly adapt to any situation. The Flib conference table system enables the free arrangement of rooms in a matter of minutes. It’s mobile, functionaland exceptionally easy to use. Thanks to Flib a space can be rearranged with literally a few movements. And when it is not needed, it takes up very little room waiting for its next job.
    • Velum

    • Velum reception counters are not only flexible but, above anything else, cost effective thanks to their simple structure. They will work perfectly well not only as a traditional reception desk but also as a customer service desk in a bank or office.
  • Chairs

  • Lounge seating

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  • BN unlimited comfort comprises of perfectly made sofas, armchairs, chairs and desks in seven lines, each of unique patterns. This exceptional brand is characteristic of diverse and high quality materials such as metal, wood, glass, leather and a whole range of aesthetically chosen fabrics. Our furniture is an excellent combination of comfort and discreet luxury.