Company Profile

Plank dates back more than a hundred years. Founded in 1893 by Karl Plank, the company has been handed down from father to son till today as is the tradition of the best Italian enterprises. Passed down first to Karl Jr. and then to his son Martin who since 1979 has been running it and, recently, has been helped by his son Michael, the company in this lapse of time has transformed itself from its artisan origins to an industrial enterprise. Today Plank´s production makes use of sophisticated automation systems whenever this will allow an optimal balance between costs and the quality of the product; nevertheless some aspects of the workmanship, where manual ability is indispensable, remain artisanal. Design The chairs produced by Plank are very different from one another. An ample range of articles for satisfying the demands of the market as much as possible, with particular attention, since Martin Plank has been in charge, to the design projects, to more meaningful products, more mindful of a harmonious combination of practicality and aesthetic value. Entirely or prevailingly made of wood, destined to different uses and spaces, they present themselves with the same essential quality, with a simplicity that is the essence of technological research correctly addressed to obtaining a formal and functional harmony and not just something theoretical. Philosophiy Plank offers a modern product, because it corresponds to the desire of immediateness that the world today needs and, at the same time, capable of collecting the suggestions and influences of its own time. This does not mean tying itself to the day to day fashions, but rather corresponding to the personal tastes of some, if possible of many, for as long a time as possible. The Plank products do not need to be placed in homogeneous surroundings; rather, their vocation is that of cohabitation, of exchange, of the idea of modernity - a research through everyday use and aesthetics. Quality and Ecology Situated close to the border, in the district Alto Adige, the company has been able to make good use of the characteristics of the two countries it is close to, creating a cultural symbiosis that has enabled it to earn a solid reputation, capable of evolving and of living the present fully, without ever forsaking the high quality standards that have always been a trademark of its products. The artisan made object, durable in style and reliable in the workmanship, has by and by transformed itself into the industrial product of nowadays, capable of being offered to an international market, but as in the past, solid, reliable and confident also in its looks. On the other hand this capability of offering quality of the materials and of the workmanship, so typical of the attentive and refined work of an artisan, would not have been possible to maintain in an industrial type of production without the experience acquired over the years. The Plank company has always been close to the needs of efficient managing and was one of the first in Italy to receive the ISO 9001 quality certifications. In the year 2009 the company adapted to the new quality requirements and is nowadays in possession of an integrative management system according to ISO 9001:2008. The innovative philosophy of their new system of responsibility towards the environment views this last and our natural resources as properties of the collectivity and affirms the social and economical importance of giving them full value and respect through a sensible management.

Product Range

  • Design living room table
  • Home office furniture: Chair
  • Home office furniture: Swivel chair
  • Living room coffee table
  • Living room lamp table
  • Living room occasional table
  • Living room seating: Chair 1/2
  • Living room seating: Chair and armchair
  • Living room seating: Stool
  • Living room seating: Traditional chair and armchair
  • Living room seating: Upholstered chair
  • Living room seating: Wicker chair
  • Living room table