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  • Offer Profile
  • Bansbach easylift has been developing and producing all types of gas springs for more than 40 years now. The portfolio has consequently been enlarged during the last years:

    gas springs
    special pneumatics
    easyERF (electrorheological dampers)
Product Portfolio
  • Gas springs

  • Bansbach gas springs are manufactured out of the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials. Consistent quality is guaranteed because of diligent monitoring of raw materials, an aggressive testing program and a redundant quality control program throughout the production process. Re-ordered products are consistently produced accurately by using our technologically advanced manufacturing processes.
    • gas springs
    • Gas springs

    • Controlled pushing, lifting or lowering without external energy.

      Our production range covers nearly all dimensions and forces which are required for your specific application. Easylift gas springs are used anywhere in the industrial field. Besides the automobile and furniture industry, there are innumberable applications in the machinery and equipment design. We can also offer special solutions to meet the requirements in the medical and aircraft industry. The continuous production of special sizes and our extensive stock enable us to meet nearly all requirements within a remarkable short time.

      You, as an engineer, have a certain problem which has to do with controlled movement and which should be solved without extra energy? Then, this website will be a big step to the solution of your problem. We support well-known companies in developing new products – please contact us! Our product engineers will answer most of your questions on the phone.

      Force: 7-5000 N
      Stroke: 10-1000 mm
      Diameter cylinder/piston rod: 3/8 – 20/40
      Push-out speed/damping:
      Our gas springs are available with fast normal and slow extension speed. Regarding the damping, you can choose between normal, increased and no end damping, however, this becomes only efficient if the gas spring is mounted
      with the piston rod showing downwards.

    • lockable gas springs
    • Lockable gas springs

    • Controlled pushing, lifting and adjusting up to absolutely rigid locking in both directions.

      When considerable forces influence moveable construction parts, the reliable locking is important. The piston rod of the lockable easylift gas spring can be adjusted in every required position of the whole stroke by actuating the release pin. Depending on the occuring forces in your application, we can fit your lockable easylift gas spring for different load limits in a reasonable way. In this production program, the absolutely rigid locking easylift gas spring in both directions is a worldwide recognized innovation.

      The main use of the lockable gas springs of the easylift system is the independence of an external energy source, the comprehensive measures and the damped, controlled movement. Please see the 4 basic models and further function variations on our website. Or if you have the possibility you can see numerous function models in our facility. We assist you in the realisation of your projects.

      Of course, lockable easylift gas springs have the same positive characteristics – low friction forces and high reliability – as the other easylift gas spring types. You will receive the lockable easylift gas springs with the requested size and force within shortest time.

      Force: 0-2600 N
      Stroke: 10-800 mm
      Diameter cylinder/piston rod: 8/22 – 14/40
    • gassprings
    • Release Systems

    • Release Systems overview:

      Mechanical release systems:
      Release System with lever
      Variable release lever
      easytouch by wire
      Bowden wire release system
      Accessories bowden wire

      Hydraulic release systems:
      Classic hydraulic release
      Hydraulic release "easytouch"
      Classic hydraulic release 5.3
    • gas traction springs
    • Gas traction springs

    • The big variety of easylift gas traction springs offers "attractive" arguments for creative engineers. Controlled pulling and adjusting, also damped on request - according to your requirements.

      Easylift gas traction springs are also available with your requested pull-in force and all features, e. g. end damping or length suited exactly to your application. The continuous production of special sizes and our extensive stock of components and parts enables us to meet nearly all requirements within remarkably short time, i. e. within few days or weeks.

      In many technical fields, there are structural requirements which can be solved by easylift gas traction springs or lockable gas traction springs. In one respect can mechanical comprehensive force deflections be saved and a well-designed integration in the most different products is also possible.

      As Bansbach easylift assists well known producers worldwide and in different branches in the development and construction of new products, we are surely able to give you advice. Contact us regarding your planned product as well as the supposed functions of movement.

      Short type:
      Pull-in force: 100-4000 N (depends on diameter piston rod/cylinder)
      Stroke: 10-600 mm
      Diameter cylinder/piston rod: 8/22, 10/28 and 14/40
      The speed of gas traction spring with short construction is always fast and cannot be damped. A valve (undamped) is possible for this Type.

      Long type:
      Pull-in force: 50-2500 N (depends on diameter piston rod/cylinder)
      Stroke: 10-200 mm
      Diameter cylinder/piston rod: 6/19, 8/22, 10/28 and 14/40
      Our gas springs are available with fast normal and slow extension speed. Regarding the damping, you can choose between normal, increased and no end damping, however, this becomes only efficient if the gas spring is mounted
      with the piston rod showing downwards.
    • Lockable gas traction springs

    • Lockable gas traction springs are continuously adjustable over the whole stroke. The lockable gas traction spring can be released by pushing the release pin. When the piston valve opens, gas or oil can flow through the piston and the piston rod will be inserted. Due to the high reliability, this type of spring is preferentially used for medical equipment.

      Pull-in force: 100-4000 N (depends on diameter piston rod/cylinder
      Locking force in push and pull direction max. 10.000 N
      Stroke: 10-350 mm
      Release travel: Short release possible; release travel < 1mm
      Diameter piston rod/cylinder:  10/28 and 14/40
      Speed/damping: normal, fast & slow
    • Stainless steel gas springs

    • Gas springs are available with a lot of different lengths, forces and variants. They are also available in highly corrosion-resisting material.

      We mostly use high-quality stainless steel material, e. g. 1.4404 (V4A i.e. AISI-no. 316L) for the production of the stainless steel gas springs. They are not only resistant to water but are commonly found in the food, chemical and salt water applications. Please note the stainless class of the available connecting parts. All gas springs of these high-quality product groups are made with valve, with the exception of P-models and traction springs with damping.
    • MC Damper (Motion Control)

    • MC-Damper are used as safety and function elements in order to damp speed and to slow down masses.

      MC-dampers (motion control) is the generic term for special, delaying (damping) easylift products which can be used for many different safety and operating functions.

      Easylift MC-dampers slow down masses or damp speed according to the model. (They are not shock-, impact absorbers, or limit stop dampers.)
    • Connecting parts

    • The reasonable variety of the easylift connecting parts knows only one measure... your daily experience!

      For a detailed and controlled force development, you also need connecting parts which guarantee movement and force transfer in an ideal way. The comprehensive easylift range of hinge eyes, clevises, elbow joints, ball joints and metal fittings will fit nearly every mounting requirement.

      Regarding connecting parts, there will, of course, be new requirements from time to time for our easylift system. If the prospective application can be solved with easylift gas springs, we will also solve the problems regarding the connecting parts.

      Please note that the length of gas springs will change depending on your choice of different connecting parts. The length of the easylift gas springs is calculated as follows:

      From mid boring to mid boring for hinge eyes, clevises and hinge heads
      From mid ball to mid ball for elbow joints
      Without connectors the thread length is not included
  • Easymotion

  • Function of easymotion
    An alternative to the linear adjustment with Bansbach gas springs is our linear hydraulic actuation system which controls multiple adjustment cylinders synchronously. This is achieved by simultaneously controlling each cylinder. If light or heavy, the easymotion can be fitted on any application and can be customised to fit your individual needs - even if on multiple legs. Numerous Bansbach gas spring components are used in the production of the easymotion, which guarantees our well known high quality.

    easymotion components
    The easymotion system consists of a hydraulic pump, adjustment cylinders and the tubes for connecting each component. The system can be operated using an electric motor or manual crank.
    • E-Cylinder

    • - max. weight 600 kg per system
      - stroke length from 150 mm to 400 mm
      - force per E-Cylinder required to compress: 50N
      - several connecting parts
      - special E-Cylinder designs on request
    • A-Cylinder

    • Further guiding of the A-Cylinder is not required

      - max. weight 600 kg per system
      - stroke length from 150 mm to 400 mm
      - force per A-Cylinder required to compress: 50N
      - several connecting parts
      - special A-Cylinder designs on request
    • Z-Cylinder

    • Combination of hydraulic adjustment cylinder and gas traction spring

      - No external compression force required
      - max. weight 600 kg per system
      - stroke length from 150 mm to 400 mm
      - Standard compression force: 100N
      - several connecting parts available
      - Special Z-Cylinder designs on request
    • Pumps

    • - pumps for operating 1 to 6 cylinders
      - max weight 600 kg per system
      - anodized aluminium
      - operation by crank or electric motor
      - mounting in any position possible
      - further specification see table

      The pump must be selected in correspondence with the adjustment cylinder model!

      The stroke of the systems activated by electric motors are reduced by approx. 30mm. If a system is ordered with 300mm stroke, the effective stroke is only 270mm. As a safety aspect, the system doesn’t extend to the limit stop of the pump. The systems activated by crank are not effected.
    • Actuation

    • easymotion can be operated using a manual crank or electric motor (230V or 12V). It's your choice: Comfortable adjustment by electric motor or 100% independent of electricity. An adjustement speed up to 44 mm/sec can be reached depending on the load and the corresponding electric motor.

      The ideal solution for your application.
    • Guide column

    • Due to the modular construction, the Bansbach guide column is very flexible and can be used for numerous applications. It doesn't matter if the application will be moved with one or more columns. Due to the variable lengths of the traverse members, nearly all requirements can be met. The piston rod which is secured against rotating offers an additional security.

      - rotating-secured
      - available in any length (Attention: please consider the minimum length in relation to the stroke length)
      - hose connection possible on both sides
      - traverse members to connect the columns are available in variable length
      - suitable for all adjustment cylinders
  • Gas spring "Click & Go"

  • Only one push on the release button...

    The new Click & Go gas spring is a very comfortable alternative for all applications where the lockable gas spring shall always be pushed out completely after the release process. Due to the new Click & Go gas spring, this is possible with a single short push on the button. A permanent release over the whole stroke of the gas spring isn't necessary anymore. After a single release, the gas spring remains in
    released position.

    This gas spring type can, of course, be released by a hydraulic release system as well as by bowden wire. For further information about release systems and its respective connecting parts, please see our latest Bansbach-catalogue.

    Size : 8/28 or 10/28 mm
    Force F1: up to 1300 N
    Stroke: up to 700 mm
    CeramPro® piston rod, very corrosion-resistant