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Albion chairs

Company Profile

Albion Chairs Limited was established in 1987. However, its origins go back more than 30 years. Albion has built on this extensive experience to develop 14 ranges of office seating. A personal approach to business allied with total customer support have been the most significant factors in the continued development of our company. Through a continual process of listening to the needs of our customers and monitoring the changes and advancements taking place in the seating industry globally, Albion Chairs remains at the cutting edge of technology, style and design. Health and safety considerations are an increasingly important factor in the decision-making process when office seating is purchased. Albion Chairs endorses any change of emphasis to accommodate the well-being and needs of the operator. As a leading manufacturer, we believe it is our responsibility to promote productive and healthy seating.

Product Range

  • Seating: Ergonomic task seating
  • Seating: Executive and managerial seating
  • Seating: Guest seating