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Ares Line

Company Profile

1987 was the year in which life was given to a new and ambitious project: the Ares Line. Since the beginning, the development of the company pivoted on three basis concepts: Quality, Design and Service. - Quality • The Ares Line Quality System is certified ISO 9002, and allows a guarantee of the products for a full five years. - Design • Established and up-to-date designers, in tune with the most advanced ergonomic research and with the architecture of furnishing, collaborate with Ares Line, both in the design phase, as well as in that of product development. - Service • Always an integral part of the company’s policy, particular attention is dedicated to service to anticipate and support the differing requirements of a qualified clientele, both before and after sale. Today Ares Line is a leading company and exports its 250 models daily to over 40 countries, and is the confirmation that the road to success passes through the Culture of Quality.

Product Range

  • Seating: Ergonomic task seating
  • Seating: Executive and managerial seating
  • Seating: Guest seating
  • Seating: Lounge seating