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  • Offer Profile
  • Allsteel is one of the world's most respected providers of office solutions. Wherever there's a need for outstanding office solutions, Allsteel is there with products that perform in the global workplace. We produce quality, functional furniture that will work for you.

    Allsteel service offerings are designed to provide your organization with solutions that support the entire furniture ownership cycle. This is how Allsteel assures smooth, seamless transactions, predictable and excellent service, and reduced total costs.

    Designed to work.
    Built to last.
Product Portfolio
  • Office Systems

  • Allsteel offices meet today's needs and provide decades of use. Choose from systems that are cost-effective or elegantly detailed; you'll find function and beauty, everywhere you look.
    • Stride

    • Stride offers great design for the environment, for a variety of work styles, and for changing business needs. This complete system creates more personalized and productive places to work - for different tasks and different generations.
    • Align

    • Align is where beauty and function converge. It's a comprehensive, harmonious platform of panels, storage, and desking with endless options for a variety of applications, configurations and aesthetic expressions.
    • Terrace DNA

    • Whether you need space that's open and airy, dense with storage, ortraditionally panel-based, Terrace DNA-on its own and enhanced withother Allsteel products-gives you maximum flexibility, considered detailing, and a wide range of finish options.
    • Terrace

    • One system, multiple solutions. Two panels, freestanding desking, and creative storage configurations allow Terrace to meet any needs, including demanding technology requirements.
    • Concensys

    • Concensys delivers exceptional quality at an attractive price. Its durable construction, ease of specification and installation, and quick ship delivery options make it the best in its class. Concensys features thin profile panels, multiple options for finishes and fabrics, and thoughtful, functional details.
  • Seating

  • Allsteel offers seating solutions that fit your organization, office environment, and staff preferences. Every chair is designed for user comfort, engineered for performance, and manufactured for years of durable service. And Allsteel offers chairs in a range of designs that complement any interior design and every work application.
    • 19

    • #19 began with you: how you sit, move, work, adjust, and think. Weight-activated recline allows the chair to move with you, naturally. Innovative materials create a streamlined profile that is supportive, reduces pressure and fatigue, and regulates body temperature. And, #19 is easy on the environment. Not only does it meet strict indoor air quality standards, but it's made from 100% recycled aluminum, 88% of the materials used in its manufacture are recyclable, and Allsteel will voluntarily reclaim any #19 chair that's no longer useful.
    • Acuity

    • Acuity is a chair that enhances any environment, any body. Designed in collaboration with Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia, Acuity is designed with Italian sensibility and Allsteel ingenuity. Its design and ergonomics work seamlessly while the controls are intuitive. Acuity is elegant and pleasing to the eye, as anything inessential has been stripped away, leaving behind only a purity of form.
    • Ambition

    • Ambition offers great value, with six different ergonomic adjustments, significant functionality, and a simple shape that allows it to complement almost any interior design.
    • Get Set Seating

    • Get Set's features include a folding, padded seat, innovative recline mechanism, and perforated or padded back to ensure comfort over long hours of focused work, which makes it ideal for any learning environment. It comes with durable casters and with or without arms so you can pull it up to a workstation or conference table. Complementary Get Set tables are also available.
    • Inspire

    • Inspire is designed to support a multitude of higher education environments. In Allsteel’s second collaboration with Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia, Inspire responds to the specific needs of today’s dynamic learning environments. Incorporating automatic comfort technologies, students can now stay comfortable longer promoting active, engaged learning.
    • Nimble

    • The minimalist design of Nimble allows legs and feet to fit more comfortably under the chair. Nimble is made with the thickest wire frame in the industry, but only weighs approximately 15 pounds. This stable structure adds durability – Nimble is warranted for users up to 300 pounds – and the comfort of flexible support. In addition to a range of standard colors, custom matching of its 100% recyclable, fire-code rated, contoured, polypropylene shell is also available.
    • Relate

    • Relate combines several innovative technologies that offer active ergonomics and superior support. Relate gives you more comfort and more control.
    • Scout

    • Scout covers a wide range of territory. Open plan. Private office. Conference rooms. Any way you look at it – everywhere you look at it – Scout is always in the right place.
    • Seek

    • Acuity delivers a noticeably different sitting experience, with intuitive controls and AcuFit®, automatic support adapting to the individual.
    • Sensible

    • Sensible offers everything you'd want in a chair, along with some important extras, like ergonomic controls, deep cushioning, attractive proportions, and durable construction that means it will work without wobbles for years. All this, at a practical price, makes Sensible a smart specification.
    • Sum

    • Sum's AutoFit lumbar system uses air displacement to automatically support the user's back, reduce pressure points, and improve circulation. Avatar 2 uses a weight-activated mechanism to provide customized support for every task. And Sum fits the office population from the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male.
    • Tolleson Side

    • Tolleson Side has been designed to combine elegance with practicality, for a chair that is as versatile as it is comfortable. In the conference room, dining area, reception or training center, its curved arms, padded, fully upholstered seat and back, and options from back shape to arms and glides or casters, make Tolleson Side a chair for anywhere.
    • Trooper

    • Visually and functionally rugged, Trooper comes in a range of models from basic to 24-hour, and for workers up to 500 pounds. With a single specification for the entire office, you get aesthetic coordination, maximum comfort, and substantial durability.
  • Storage

  • Allsteel is where the lateral file was invented, and we’ve been refining storage systems ever since. Whether it’s a rolling pedestal or entire wall units, Allsteel storage maximizes personal organization and productivity, simplifies planning and makes offices more productive.
    • Align Storage

    • Align coordinates with almost any Allsteel frame and tile system, letting you extend the interior design statement begun on panels across storage systems, as well. Dress up Align storage fronts with Landscape surfaces or almost any other 1/8" material and put a new face on practicality.
    • Essentials

    • Practical, reliable and reasonably-priced, Essentials is a full offering of filing solutions that meet almost any need, integrate seamlessly with panel systems, complement a range of interior designs, and are easy on the bottom line.
    • Persona

    • Persona brings distinction to the highest quality and most durable filing systems you can find. Available in a wide variety of customizable configurations with personalized details on everything from pull styles, paint colors, drawer configurations and more, Persona files contribute both beauty and brawn to the office environment.
    • Reach

    • With Reach, files, drawers, shelves, and overheads are integrated into a single storage wall, which becomes the foundation for individual workstations and the entire floorplan. Reach is a smarter solution that creates more efficient, open, ergonomic, and organized offices.
  • Tables

  • Allsteel tables promote effective collaboration and teaming, whether in the formal setting of a conference room, the focused environment of a training area, or the informal and impromptu meeting and gathering spaces of an individual office, reception area, or open plan.
    • Merge

    • Merge tables combine advanced features with a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes in a complete collection of tables. Technology can now be quickly set up and later, simply and cleanly stored. Workstations are easily meeting places when collaboration is needed, and instantly become spacious when it's not.
    • Get Set Tables

    • Get Set tables make any space more productive. Because they're so easy to move and set up, you'll spend less time rearranging the furniture, and more time collaborating, training, meeting, and gathering. All mechanisms are intuitive and easy to use, plus you'll find a variety of features, like integrated handles and accessories for power integration that mean these tables can go from plugged in to stored away in just moments.
  • Accessories

  • Allsteel offers a wide range of product that help you personalize your individual workspace whether it is for organizing, lighting, or to allow for ergonomic adjustments to personal specifications.
    • Ergonomics

    • Workplace ergonomics doesn't need to be an afterthought. Allsteel offers these four new keyboard platforms to make workstation personalization a whole lot easier. And that makes employees happier and more productive too.
    • Organization

    • With a full line of organization, ergonomic and illumination tools, Extensions™ allow you to create a comfortable, ergonomic work area. The slotted, aluminum tool tile and Tool Rails hold Extensions™ work tools to keep everything off the worksurface, but within arm's reach. Designed to work with our Concensys, Terrace and Align systems.
    • Lighting

    • Allsteel Extensions offers Illumination in four styles, the Ibis Light, Down Light, Link Light and undercabinet task light. There are new ways to create a softer work environment by utilizing ambient light without obtrusions over the panel for a clean look throughout the office.