Company Profile

The condition of the office furniture industry today is such that the larger office furniture system manufacturers are constrained by obsolete product designs, marketing, production and distribution methods. Office system furniture is still being manufactured and sold as it was in the ‘70s and ‘80s. For several years companies have overpaid for high quality system furniture. Moreover, these so called grade "A" furniture systems are equipped with less than adequate cable management capabilities for today’s corporate LAN environment. Introduced at Neocon in June 1997 and winner of "Best-of-Neocon – Systems Components, Special Mention", MACsys is the only high quality, affordably priced furniture system with advanced cable management capabilities that meets or exceeds all telecommunications industry standards for telecommunications cable management, including category 6 and fiber optic cabling.

Product Range

  • Communication: Networking and telecom furniture solution
  • Computer ergonomics: Mousing surface
  • Computer furniture: Computer desk