Company Profile

Wireless spread spectrum radio technology was first developed during World War II as an anti-jamming, interference immune communications method. In 1984, Proxim was founded to continue the development of wireless data networking for military applications. Then, in the late 1980s, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission authorized the use of unlicensed spread spectrum technology for commercial applications. Proxim redirected its wireless expertise towards products for the commercial market. Since its entrance into the commercial market in 1989, Proxim has supplied its wireless products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In 1992 Proxim introduced the RangeLAN family of products to deliver wireless capabilities directly to corporate customers. In 1998, Proxim unveiled Symphony, offering cost-effective, easy-to-use wireless broadband networking for home, small office and classroom users. To further build the company’s wireless offerings, Proxim acquired Wavespan in 1999 to offer Stratum, the industry’s fastest high-capacity license-free building-to-building wireless bridge for voice and data. In 2000, Proxim acquired Farallon, the leading provider of wired and wireless networking solutions for the Mac market. Combined, the Symphony and Farallon product lines offer a complete range of wireless, HPNA and Ethernet networking solutions for homes, small offices and classrooms. Today, Proxim is a leading supplier of wireless broadband networking solutions.