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American seating

Company Profile

American Seating has three divisions that serve three distinct markets: Transportation Products, providing coach and city bus seating; Architectural Products, providing auditorium, stadium, arena and classroom seating; and Office Products, providing contract seating, tables and systems furniture for offices and laboratory settings. - The Transportation Products Group is the recognized leader in mass transit seating. This group designs seating primarily for buses and rail cars, and its products are known for outstanding quality, long life, and providing passengers with exceptional safety and comfort. - The Architectural Products Group designs public seating for stadiums, arenas, auditoriums and classrooms. These products can be found in many of the country's most prestigious public venues. - American Seating's Office Products Group provides a full line of ergonomic office seating, and a versatile interior furniture system called Framework Access(tm), which adapts readily to the needs of individual workers.

Product Range

  • Seating: Ergonomic task seating
  • Seating: Executive and managerial seating
  • Seating: Guest seating
  • Seating: Office stacking chair