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  • Offer Profile
  • Vanderlande is dedicated to improving its customers’ business processes and competitive position by providing automated material handling systems and services.

    Focus is to improve our customers’ logistics processes and increase their logistics performance today, tomorrow and throughout the entire life cycle.

    Our systems and associated services enable fast, reliable, labour-saving goods handling in distribution centres and parcel and postal sortation facilities, as well as for baggage handling at airports.
Product Portfolio
  • Warehouse Automation

  • Reliable partner for value-added logistic process automation

    General merchandise, fashion and food retail companies face a number of challenges. They need to be flexible in handling the levels of orders and SKUs, fulfil online orders and store deliveries, and cope with a lack of available workforce.

    Such companies need to continuously improve their supply chains and invest in innovative technologies. In such a dynamic environment, you need a reliable partner that can deliver value-added logistic process automation.

    Vanderlande understands the complexities associated with operating a successful warehouse operation and can help you to exceed your customers’ expectations and improve your competitive position.

    Vanderlande can meet any warehouse’s demands in full. Through its in-depth understanding of business processes in warehousing and distribution, the company provides competitive solutions that help its customers improve delivery performance and meet changing market demands.

    Its extensive portfolio for warehouses and distribution centres extends across the entire range of processes, and offers a wide range of benefits. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are a key innovation in logistic processes, and Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE family makes optimal use of floor space, as well as increasing storage density by up to 60%.

    In addition, automated order-picking systems can improve accuracy up to 99.99%. Depending on individual requirements, Vanderlande offers various flexible solutions, including zone-picking, goods-to-person and batch picking, through to fully automated case- and tote-picking systems. The company also provides line and loop sorters to improve productivity, throughput and delivery accuracy.

    Vanderlande’s commitment to ergonomic solutions is evident in its @EASE range of workstations. Designed solely around operators, PICK@EASE and PACK@EASE offer high-performance, ergonomic order-picking and packing respectively. The RECEIVE@EASE workstation facilitates the efficient and ergonomic receiving of items.

      • The next generation of scalable solutions

      • In order for Vanderlande to meet any warehouse’s demands in full, it has defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will allow these challenges to be met through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

          • AIRPICK - Efficient picking and smart returns handling

          • E-commerce and omni-channel warehouses and distribution centres (DCs) are challenged to fulfil thousands of orders with ever-increasing service level requirements. However, it is difficult to accommodate time-critical processes in a DC that may not be optimised to meet these requirements. Unpredictable demand and seasonal trends call for flexibility. Warehouses and DCs have to cope with the changing – and increasing – variety of stored products and order volumes. They also need to efficiently handle the expanding number of returns.

            As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers AIRPICK, which seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. This solution combines efficient picking with flawless automated sortation to individual orders in our pocket sorter, AIRTRAX Pocket. AIRPICK can sort an extremely wide range of products at a low investment level.

            AIRPICK offers:

            • efficient picking
            • smart handling of returned goods
            • easy processing of varying order lead-times
            • flexibility in product handling.
          • FASTPICK - High operator efficiency and easily scalable for unpredictable growth requirements

          • The e-commerce revolution offers huge growth potential. However, this also means that your warehouse can reach its limits much sooner than expected. E-commerce and omni-channel warehouses face increasing pressure to tackle rising operational costs. These arise from increasing customer requirements, such as the demand for fast order delivery. In addition, increasing storage requirements, expanding SKU ranges (stock keeping units) and dealing with variable order sizes can be serious challenges, as well as a lack of available workforce.

            To keep up with an exponentially growing market, scalable solutions are vital. As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers FASTPICK, which seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

            FASTPICK is a goods-to-person order fulfilment system that uses the advanced ADAPTO shuttles for product storage and retrieval for day-to-day operations. To handle short-term peaks in a cost-efficient way, highly efficient trolley picking is used to complement the goods-to-person system.

            It offers:

            • high operator efficiency
            • easy scalability to cope with short-term peaks and long-term growth
            • high storage density
            • rapid order fulfilment.
        • Automated goods receiving

        • Goods receiving is the basis for all other warehouse activities. It is important to receive products correctly in order to handle them appropriately for put-away, storage, order picking or shipping. After unloading, Vanderlande’s VISION warehouse management system drives the identification, checking and registration of products. The functionality includes handling of returns, unexpected goods and repacking. Goods are directed to storage, order picking or directly for shipping through a cross-docking process.

          Depending on product velocity and specific characteristics, goods can be stored either on pallets or trays, and in cartons or totes. They can be automatically directed for storage or order picking, minimising manual handling and providing speed and efficiency in replenishment and supply.

          A number of companies, including La Halle – Vivarte, Onninen and Argos have already trusted Vanderlande to deliver automated goods receiving solutions.

            • Telescopic belt conveyors

            • With increasing offshore sourcing, more goods are being received in containers. Loose-loaded parcels can be unloaded using Vanderlande-Dinamic telescopic belt conveyors. These systems can also be used for faster unloading of trucks.

              In addition to faster and more efficient loading and unloading, the telescopic belt conveyor vastly improves ergonomic working conditions for operators. The extendable variation minimises the need for operators to carry products manually and places drop-off points at their side on demand by a simple joystick movement.

              Vanderlande has implemented telescopic belt conveyors (extendables) at Argos, Casaventa, NG2 and VF Europe.

            • RECEIVE@EASE

            • After the successful PICK@EASE order-picking workstation, Vanderlande extended the range to handle goods receiving. The high-performance, ergonomic repacking/receiving workstation, RECEIVE@EASE, has been developed for use in goods-to-person compact picking systems.

              It facilitates the efficient and ergonomic repacking/receiving of items (from cartons) into totes. In addition, it offers various levels of automation (for higher productivity levels) and receiving into single and multi-compartment totes.
              Each variant of the RECEIVE@EASE workstation is geared towards specific productivity and functional process requirements. They have been designed in line with the ergonomics of the PICK@EASE range with the support of Dutch research institute TNO, and implemented for a number of customers, including Onninen. The benefits of RECEIVE@EASE include:

              • broad range of functional features and value-added services
              • operator learning curves of only 30 minutesoptimal ergonomics based on horizontal repacking/receiving (one level), and limiting vertical movements
              • consistent productivity levels through fatigue-free working
              • high accuracy and safety.
            • Automated cross docking

            • Cross-docking is a lean logistics solution that meets the challenges of modern retail distribution. Direct trans-shipment of products to stores on an on-demand basis – instead of delivery from stock – ensures products get to customers faster, and eliminates warehouse stock costs, material handling and personnel time.

              Automated cross-docking is especially beneficial for fresh products to ensure product quality. Vanderlande has implemented automated cross-docking systems for food retailers, such as E.Leclerc.

              The system is especially useful for push flows to create a fast fashion model when handling apparel and footwear. Automated cross-docking is also gaining popularity for dealing with high-tech products and electronics to achieve a short time-to-market window.

              Vanderlande’s cross-docking system, based on automated sortation and VISION software, has a wide range of benefits, including:

              • reduction of manual labour by as much as 50%
              • easier and more efficient way to fill store shelves
              • significantly improved accuracy – ensuring 100% correct deliveries
              • built-in tracking and tracing, making the supply chain more visible
              • the overall process can be actively monitored and managed.

          • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)

          • Warehouse operations are coming under increasing pressure due to labour scarcity, expensive floor space and higher customer demands for delivery response times and accuracy.

            Vanderlande recognises the important role played by automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) in meeting the tough demands of any logistics operation. The company’s solutions help to maximise efficiency and productivity in distribution centres and make optimal use of floor space.

            Vanderlande’s complete range of AS/RS includes miniloads, shuttles and load-handling devices that integrate seamlessly into existing operations. These systems can handle different types of products, such as pallets, totes, trays, cartons and even car tyres. The company’s experience in logistics and material handling is an invaluable resource when deciding on the most appropriate solution for individual requirements.

            The AS/RS have been implemented in a wide range of industries for more than 300 well-known companies, including Van Den Ban, Audi and Kaufland.

              • ADAPTO

              • Future-proof
                Through multidirectional movement and sequencing, ADAPTO delivers goods in the appropriate order to the correct picking station. Therefore, the order fulfilment is fast and accurate. This facilitates same-day deliveries, which is ideal for the e-commerce market.

                ADAPTO requires a limited initial investment. As and when a DC needs to change in the future, its adaptive and scalable configuration makes it possible to expand on a ‘step-by-step’ basis. Additional aisles can be added while the system is operational. If order volumes grow, more shuttles can be deployed to cope with extra demand.

                In addition, storage capacity and throughput can be scaled independently, which helps you to keep any future investments in line with your individual requirements. The modular design makes optimal use of all existing space within your DC, regardless of shape or size.


                • Lean infrastructure:
                  built-in sorting and sequencing with multidirectional shuttles, and no requirement for additional equipment to create redundancy.
                • Flexibility:
                  throughput and storage are independently scalable, and ADAPTO facilitates modular applications.
                • Maximum availability:
                  no single point of failure and shuttles can be maintained offline.
              • QUICKSTORE HDS shuttle system

              • The QUICKSTORE HDS shuttle system is ideal for storing cartons, totes, trays and  tyres. It provides optimum access to stored goods for a wide range of applications.

                This system can achieve extremely high throughput rates, and is especially suitable for the highest capacity goods-to-man order picking and consolidation processes. This is due to its ability to access all goods quickly and deliver them when required,  which also helps to improve operator efficiency.

                The shuttle system is a cost-effective solution for short-term storage of order totes. Store-friendly delivery is facilitated by the automatic presentation of  totes/cartons in the required sequence for stacking on pallets or roll cages. The result is fast, efficient order consolidation with minimum manual labour requirements.

                The QUICKSTORE HDS has been implemented in a wide range of industries, such as  parts and components,  food retail and e-commerce.  A number of companies have already installed this particular system, including  Zalando, Edeka, Onninen and Tesco.  

              • QUICKSTORE miniload AS/RS

              • Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE miniload AS/RS automatically stores and retrieves cartons, trays and totes from racking locations. They help to save floor space, reduce energy use and lower handling costs.

                The company offers a range of standard miniloads and load-handling solutions, including: single or double-deep storage; single or double mast; single, double or quadruple shuttles; and load-handling devices based on belts, telescope or vacuum telescope.

                Vanderlande’s BARRACUDA is a highly reliable load-handling device for multi-deep products in post-beam racking. It handles cartons, totes and trays of variable dimensions in a form-locked, positive way, which guarantees maximum availability.

                Selecting the appropriate miniload AS/RS depends on the storage capacity and required throughput. Vanderlande’s miniloads have been implemented in a wide range of industries, such as parts and components, automotive, food, fashion and non-food. More than 1,000 miniloads have already been installed for companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, Herma and GAME Stores.

                These solutions offer a range of benefits, including:
                • high-storage density, saving up to 60% in floor space
                • no heating or lighting requirements in the storage area
                • high performance – up to 250 movements per hour optimising throughput
                • improved accuracy, delivering enhanced customer service.  
              • Unit load (Pallet high-bay storage)

              • Pallet handling forms a vital part of the production and distribution process. It  extends from goods receiving to the shipping of finished products or sorted  deliveries. Therefore, fast, smooth and efficient pallet handling is essential.

                By sorting pallets in automated storage and retrieval  systems (AS/RS), or pallet high-bay storage, a reduction in handling can  be achieved. Optimum use of available floor space is also a benefit. Various  types of (semi) AS/RS solutions can be integrated for (temporary) storage of  raw materials or (semi) finished products.

                Traditionally pallets are stored in racks, flow racks or block stacking and picked by forklift trucks. Automated pallet-picking systems can deliver significant benefits by ensuring constant capacity and careful product handling.

                When combined with pallet conveyors and sortation systems, this can provide a fully  automated pallet-picking process. Vanderlande has already implemented these  systems with Argos, Colombini,  Arrow Electronics, Edeka and Tchibo.    


              • Vanderlande’s MICROSHUTTLE is a value-added and energy efficient solution for low- to medium-throughput applications in a broad range of industries. An important advantage is its scalability – as throughput requirements increase, the system can be expanded with additional shuttles.

                The MICROSHUTTLE is an automated storage and retrieval system and part of Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE range of miniloads, shuttles and load-handling devices. The shuttles are not dedicated to one storage level, but can move between different levels in the racking via a lift. They make use of capacitors – ensuring they can operate autonomously, without the need for power rails in the aisles – and utilise wireless communication.

                Scalability and flexibility
                Each MICROSHUTTLE system can grow with an inpidual business and match the required throughput. For example, a system with 12 levels can start with only two shuttles, keeping the initial investment low. As throughput requirements increase, shuttles can be added inpidually until the maximum lift capacity is reached.

                Cost effective and energy efficient
                During the development of the QUICKSTORE MICROSHUTTLE, much attention was paid to minimising weight, with the design geared towards a lightweight, energy efficient and cost-effective system. The optimum combination of motor performance, acceleration and speed ensures energy efficiency.

                High accessibility and availability
                Every location in the racking can be reached manually. If a shuttle needs to be serviced, it can easily be removed from the system while other shuttles take over the responsibility for storage and retrieval. This creates a highly redundant system with a high level of availability.   
            • Automated Order fulfilment

            • Order picking – also known as order fulfilment – is the process of retrieving products from storage in order to meet a specific customer demand. Processing orders rapidly and accurately has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.
              Selecting the best order-picking solution depends on the requirements of inpidual operations and products. Vanderlande’s experience and expertise in designing and implementing these systems takes into consideration such criteria as volume and item velocity.

              These integrated order-picking systems ensure each product is picked via the most suitable method. Attention will also be given to whether they will handle inpidual items, full cases or pallets. Vanderlande has already supplied these systems to companies such as Amazon, Arrow Electronics and Nike.

              Automated order-picking systems can:
              • increase productivity by up to 1,000 lines per man hour
              • improve picking accuracy by up to 99.99%
              • help to deliver higher customer service levels
              • optimise space utilisation by up to 40% (compared to conventional warehouses).
                • Goods-to-man/Goods-to-person, compact-picking systems

                • Vanderlande’s goods-to-man compact-picking system (CPS) is an ideal concept for slow-moving products in retail and wholesale distribution centres.  It is also beneficial for distribution centres that handle parts and components, and manage a large product range and extremely high service-level requirements.

                  At the heart of the CPS is the PICK@EASE ergonomic order-picking workstation. This innovative workstation enables operators to achieve a consistently high order-picking performance – up to 1,000 order lines  per operator per hour – over a prolonged period. This is also achieved without risk of any work-related injuries.

                  CPS takes advantage of the QUICKSTORE family of automated storage and retrieval systems. These miniloads and shuttle systems automatically store and retrieve product totes, and make optimal use of available floor space.

                  Vanderlande’s goods-to-man order-picking systems are supported by the VISION warehouse management system, which ensures the effective handling of the entire warehousing process. Companies, such as PLUS Retail, Onninen and TVH, have already installed Vanderlande’s CPS solutions.    

                • Zone picking system (ZPS)

                • Zone picking is a man-to-goods order-picking concept that can be used for a wide range of applications. Vanderlande’s zone-picking system (ZPS) provides a reliable, accurate and structured process, with short order throughput times. 

                  The picking area is pided into inpidual pick zones, and operators assigned there will only pick items within that zone. Products in a zone can be stored in flow racks or shelving.

                  Once picking in a zone is complete, the order tote or carton travels via a conveyor to the next zone (pick and pass). This system reduces walking distances during picking and eliminates crowded picking aisles during peak hours. It is highly efficient, owing to the way in which operators can pick directly into shipping cartons or totes (pick and pack).

                  Vanderlande has a broad experience of designing and implementing ZPS, which can be supported by a number of methods within the VISION warehouse management system (WMS). These include, paper based, RF terminals, Pick-to-Light and Pick-by-Voice. Other WMS functions related to zone picking are slotting, replenishment strategies, order planning and release, and integrated checking.

                  Vanderlande’s picking systems have already been implemented at many companies, including DA Retail, Rossmann and Fabory.

                • Automated case picking

                • Vanderlande’s automated case picking (ACP) systems provide the tools to outperform traditional order fulfillment methods. These improvements not only benefit distribution centres, but also the efficiency of the processes at work in stores. Vanderlande’s ACP design is setup to allow modular growth and ensures availability by utilising parallel activities.

                  The service levels of a supermarket are highly dependent on the quality and speed  of its replenishment systems. When the store orders a shipment from the  distribution centre, it is essential that the pallets are selected in the same sequence of product groups as the store’s layout. Before the pallets are stacked, the load forming logic software defines an optimal stacking pattern, with this product group sequence in mind.

                  It also defines staple pallets that are filled with maximum efficiency, so that the transport volume is minimised. The finished pallets will be wrapped and  transported to stores, where there will be no need for extra sortation and they  can be used immediately to fill the shelves.

                  The  Load Forming Logic (LFL) software ensures:
                  • optimal  fill rates
                  • lower  transportation costs
                  • a  green solution, with less trucks needed for transportation
                  • direct  shelf replenishment
                  • improved  customer experience
                  • lower  costs in store
                  • a  distribution centre with the smallest footprint.

                  Robotic technology
                  In the automated distribution centre, a robot with a special mechanical gripper is used to take full layers of product from the pallet. The layers are then deposited on a conveyor system, where inpidual products are oriented correctly by a series of processes. Safe handling in the storage system is ensured by a 3D-measuring system that uses laser technology.

                • Pallet picking

                • Traditionally, pallets are stored in pallet racks, flow racks or block stacking and picked by forklift trucks. Automated pallet-picking systems can deliver significant benefits by ensuring constant capacity and careful product handling.

                  Pallets can be picked from pallet high-bay storage with an automated storage and retrieval system. When combined with pallet conveyors and sortation systems, this can provide a fully automated pallet-picking process. Vanderlande has implemented pallet-picking systems at Argos, Colombini, Arrow Electronics, Edeka and Tchibo.

                • Batch picking

                • Batch picking also known as multi-order picking is characterised by combining product demand from multiple orders into one pick instruction. After order picking, goods are sorted/consolidated by order or shipping destination. Batch-picking systems are common for food, non-food, fashion and e-commerce applications.

                  Batch picking increases both throughput and operator efficiency. It optimises order-picking effectiveness by maximising pick quantities and minimising operator walking distances. Orders are either sorted/consolidated by order or destination automatically, which reduces manual handling and the problems normally associated with congested aisles in traditional order picking.

                  Vanderlande’s batch picking systems are supported by the VISION warehouse management system for the effective handling of the entire process. Functionalities include batch and resource planning, sorter control and a dashboard to display key performance indicators.

                  The company has broad experience of designing and implementing batch-picking systems, for companies including Amazon, Game Stores, Euro Shoe and Staples.  

                • Automated tote picking

                • Automated tote picking can significantly lower operational costs and improve store-friendly delivery. Totes are not stored in traditional racking, but in automated storage and retrieval systems. Totes are transported automatically to a palletising system and arranged in order to fulfill store requirements.

                  Picking takes place with virtually no manual labour. This type of solution is especially beneficial for fresh food in a retail environment, such as meat, poultry, deli, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Examples have already been installed at Micarna, Edeka and Hilton Meat.     

                • Smart Item Robotics

                • In the e-commerce market, omni-channel warehousing companies are continually looking for ways to run their operations more efficiently. They must maintain the highest level of service, meet growing consumer expectations, as well as cope with an increased order frequency, a growing number of smaller orders, and factor in the challenges associated with labour scarcity.

                  Vanderlande has developed smart item robotics (SIR) to help you deal with these challenges. It can handle dynamic product ranges without SKU teaching. Intelligent stacking enables the efficient positioning of goods, while products are handled smoothly and securely. SIR can also be deployed in a flexible way by allowing for operator intervention as required.

                  SIR has two applications. With bin-to-bin item picking, the robot picks single products from a source bin. The dimensions of each are measured while the robot is in motion and it gently stacks these into the required order carton or bin. In bin-to-belt item picking, the robot picks single items from a source bin, again taking the dimensions of the product into account, before placing it on a belt. This can then feed a pocket sorter, packing machine or other type of sorter. With SIR, Vanderlande offers the next step in flexible warehouse automation.

                • PICK@EASE

                • Vanderlande’s PICK@EASE workstations offer a range of value-added service functions for multipurpose use. The modular and functional setup supports all possible business and order profiles. All versions are designed for seamless integration with Vanderlande’s goods-to-person order fulfillment solutions.

                  PICK@EASE is a portfolio of ergonomic workstations offering a wide range of capacities – from 100 to 1,000 order lines per hour, per operator. They provide the optimal solution to support operator and process productivity.

                  PICK@EASE workstations help to reduce errors to almost zero. Pick-to-Light displays, detection light grids and a touchscreen maximise quality control. The touchscreen application is the central user interface for optimal process support. PICK@EASE is also supported by user-friendly VISION software.

                  Ergonomic design
                  PICK@EASE enables operators to maintain high productivity levels for sustained working periods. It features horizontal picking at the same level, optional height adjustable platforms and ergonomic mats.
                  In addition, Philips Dynamic Lighting is an advanced solution that brings the benefits of natural daylight indoors. This creates a natural lighting ambience that provides control over the working environment and helps to improve operator wellbeing.

                  The benefits of PICK@EASE include:

                  • between 100 and 1,000 order lines per hour, per operator
                  • value-added service functionalities
                  • quality control, reducing errors to almost zero
                  • pick-pack operations to decrease product handling
                  • horizontal picking at the same level for optimal ergonomics
                  • 15-minute operator learning curve
                  • sustainable productivity levels.
              • Automated sortation systems

              • Automated sortation systems can improve productivity, throughput and delivery accuracy. They can be beneficial in several parts of the supply chain:
                • efficient unloading of inbound containers
                • fast distribution to retail outlets through cross-docking
                • cost-effective order picking
                • fast and accurate shipping sortation.

                Vanderlande offers a range of sortation systems tailored to inpidual business processes, products, required throughput, and the volume and nature of sort destinations.These systems consist of both line sorters (sliding shoe sorters, pusher sorters and pop-up sorters) and loop sorters (cross-belt sorters and tilt-tray sorters). Vanderlande has implemented automated sortation systems at many well-known companies such as Amazon, Urban Outfitters and Edeka.

                  • CROSSORTER (CROSS-BELT SORTER)

                  • The CROSSORTER is a cross-belt sorter suitable for a wide range of product carriers, such as media, envelopes, sacks, cartons, trays and totes. It can also sort loose items, including clothes and accessories.

                    It is used mainly in batch-picking processes and cross-docking systems, and as a shipping sorter. It has capacity for up to 18,000 carriers per hour. Vanderlande has a range of CROSSORTERs, which include the 700, 1200 and 1500 versions.

                    The company is committed to ensuring materials are used in a way that ensures their return into technical or biological cycles. The CROSSORTER is built using sustainable materials, consisting of technological or biological materials that are safe and healthy for both humans and the environment.

                    The company has implemented cross-belt sorters at many well-known companies, including Nike, Urban Outfitters, Marie Claire and GAME Stores.

                    The following results have been achieved with the CROSSORTER:
                    • 99% of all materials used are easy to dismantle and recycle
                    • 90% of the materials used are environmentally friendly
                    • 80% more energy efficiency than conventional cross-belt sorters.
                  • POSISORTER

                  • The POSISORTER is a sliding shoe sorter that combines advanced conveyance technology and careful product handling. The POSISORTER provides the positive, high-capacity sortation of a wide range of products and can handle over 10,000 cartons per hour. Shoes slide across the carriers and push the products gently into the output spurs in a diagonal movement. The system is available for either single- or dual-sided sortation, and is suitable for handling totes, trays, cartons and sacks. It is used especially in batch-picking processes and cross-docking systems, and as a shipping sorter.

                    Vanderlande has implemented POSISORTERs at many well-known companies, such as Argos, Edeka and Staples.

                  • TRAYSORTER

                  • The TRAYSORTER is a highly flexible flat sorter, also known as a Bombay sorter. It is suitable for handling a wide range of products, from clothing, accessories and small parcels, to shoe boxes and multimedia items. The adaptability of the interchangeable tray types meets various sorting needs.

                    The modular design means the TRAYSORTER is fully scalable and the configuration can be adapted to inpidual requirements. It can also be adjusted to fit into existing warehouse architecture.

                    Cost effective
                    With a low initial investment, the TRAYSORTER is an affordable and innovative sorter that helps to boost a facility’s overall performance. The optimum design of the modules results in the smallest footprint concept per sorted item and a favourable ROI.  

                    Several tray types are available:

                    • the drop-tray sorts clothing, small parcels and products in packages of up to 6kg
                    • the double-drop tray sorts similar items, and can handle larger sizes and weights
                    • the tilt-tray handles goods that need to be sorted carefully, it can also process small parcels, boxes and totes
                    • the slide-tray offers the smoothest sorting option and is used for delicate items.
                  • AIRTRAX

                  • The modular, flexible and convenient hanging goods concept
                    AIRTRAX is an innovative and reliable concept for transporting, sorting and storing hanging goods. It is effective for high-frequency environments including, for example: goods on hangers specifically developed for the fashion industry; pocket sorter solution suitable for handling non-hanging items and returns in the e-commerce market; and the carton carrier solution for efficient and user-friendly transportation. The benefits of AIRTRAX include:

                    Fast installation and concepting
                    AIRTRAX is extremely modular by design, containing one base on to which all types of carrier modules are fitted. Just Click & Go! Building a complete system requires a low number of parts, which makes design, installation and expansion fast and straightforward.

                    Efficient space utilisation
                    AIRTRAX makes the most of existing warehouse space and enables full 3D layouts. It also facilitates left and right sortation exits and offers the shortest curve radius on the market.

                    Long service intervals
                    AIRTRAX is the very first 100% friction-driven concept on the market and runs without the interruptions associated with traditional chains and with fewer controls required. In addition, it is free from tensioning, which results in longer service intervals.
                • Automated cross docking

                • Cross-docking is a lean logistics solution that meets the challenges of modern retail distribution. Direct trans-shipment of products to stores on an on-demand basis – instead of delivery from stock – ensures products get to customers faster, and eliminates warehouse stock costs, material handling and personnel time.
                      • Automated cross docking

                      • Automated cross-docking is especially beneficial for fresh products to ensure product quality. Vanderlande has implemented automated cross-docking systems for food retailers, such as E.Leclerc.
                        The system is especially useful for push flows to create a fast fashion model when handling apparel and footwear. Automated cross-docking is also gaining popularity for dealing with high-tech products and electronics to achieve a short time-to-market window.

                        Vanderlande’s cross-docking system, based on automated sortation and VISION software, has a wide range of benefits, including:
                        • reduction of manual labour by as much as 50%
                        • easier and more efficient way to fill store shelves
                        • significantly improved accuracy – ensuring 100% correct deliveries
                        • built-in tracking and tracing, making the supply chain more visible
                        • the overall process can be actively monitored and managed.
                  • Consolidation and shipping

                  • Automated order consolidation and shipping can significantly enhance the efficiency and speed of an outbound operation. It can also enhance store-friendly delivery and reduce transport costs by optimising the loading of dollies, pallets and roll cages.

                    Order consolidation
                    Material flows from different (order picking) areas come together in an automated storage and retrieval system. Vanderlande’s shuttle systems (MICROSHUTTLE, ADAPTO and HDS) are cost-effective solutions for the short-term storage of order totes and cartons. Due to its high capacity, QUICKSTORE HDS is most suitable for this purpose.

                    Within a short time period, flows can be sorted and grouped per order, delivery unit or shipment, and then dispatched in the precise sequence required. The result is fast, efficient order consolidation and store-friendly delivery with minimum manual labour requirements.

                    Automated shipping sortation
                    By implementing automated shipping sortation systems, goods can automatically be directed to a lane associated with a retail outlet, delivery route or provider, and geographical area. This significantly increases efficiency, improves accuracy and reduces the costs per carton, or tote, handled.

                    Vanderlande has installed automated shipping sortation systems at many companies, including, Casaventa, Nike, Staples, Colombini and Herma.

                      • PACK@EASE

                      • Several activities come together in the packing process, such as weighing, void filling, carton closing and labelling. Requirements for packing workstations are increasing to improve efficiency and quality, while ensuring that the workstation meets the latest ergonomic standards. The new PACK@EASE high-performance packing workstation increases sustainable productivity and packing accuracy, and reduces product damage. It also creates an ergonomically sound working environment for operators that both decreases the risk of injury and improves employee motivation.

                        Packing systems with PACK@EASE workstations can be integrated with other picking concepts or delivered as stand-alones. These solutions enable customers to organise their processes in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

                        PACK@EASE workstations have been designed on the same ergonomic basis as the PICK@EASE range in cooperation with the Dutch research institute TNO.

                        This solution has been installed for a number of companies, such as Life Technologies.

                        The main benefits of PACK@EASE are:

                        • broad range of functional features and value-added services
                        • operator learning curves of only 60 minutes
                        • optimal ergonomics based on horizontal packing (one level), and limited vertical movements
                        • optimum productivity levels achieved through fatigue-free working
                        • high accuracy realised through supporting displays and a touchscreen.
                      • Robotics

                      • Vanderlande’s customers demand greater flexibility and a higher level of logistics automation. Robotics is becoming increasingly important in this area, for example, when palletising and depalletising products. This can help to improve and optimise efficiency, profitability, operational availability and ergonomics. There is a large scope for potential robotic applications – especially in warehouse automation – and this is set to become increasingly prominent.

                        Vanderlande Robotics is overseeing a number of projects to develop value-added solutions. Since the acquisition of Ferdar in 2014, the company has been keen to develop workable robotic technology in anticipation of customer demand. Vanderlande Robotics strives to combine its know-how with a number of partners, such as its suppliers and universities, to create a range of practical applications. The automatic case picking concept already incorporates standard robotic solutions for the food industry.

                        In the near future robotic technology will be developed for other market segments, such as baggage handling; parcel and postal; fashion; and parts and components. This will be mainly in warehousing, with automatic item picking and ULD loading as examples of promising applications offered to Vanderlande’s customers. Robotic technology provides a number of benefits:

                        • the ability to withstand tough working environments
                        • 24/7 operations
                        • fewer operational errors
                        • a reduction in labour costs
                        • less workplace injuries.

                    • Internal transport

                    • The success of automated storage, order-picking and sortation systems depends on their reliability and cost effectiveness, or the internal transport that connects all logistic processes. The .M conveyor range is designed specifically to meet these requirements.

                          • Automated cross docking

                          • The multi-talented conveyor system
                            The .M conveyor range heralds a new vision in internal transport suitable for modern warehouse logistics. These conveyors combine three technologies – belt, roller and multibelt conveyors – to allow transportation of any product type in all applications.
                            The conveyors have been designed to allow functional units to operate as interchangeable modules. These allow for future adjustments to the system to match changing business requirements. This optimises the value of the initial investment.

                            The .M conveyors have already been selected by a number of companies, such as Amazon, Tommy Hilfiger and Tesco.
                            Vanderlande’s solutions provide the following benefits:
                            • maximisation of the production and installation process
                            • 30% reduction in operational costs during the life cycle of the system
                            • energy consumption is reduced by up to 20%.
                      • Intelligent software

                      • To enhance the effectiveness of warehouse operations, Vanderlande has developed VISION, a warehouse management and control system. It includes: turnkey solutions for material flow handling; user applications for picking, counting and exception handling; and management functions in a web-based supervisor application (business process installation).
                        The system supports value-added services and different user interface technologies, such as RF terminals, pick-by-voice and pick-to-light. VISION also offers extendibility, scalability and flexibility, which ensures investment security to highly automated warehouses.

                        VISION can cater for the demands of single-aisle warehouses and highly complex systems, thanks to its extensive functionality. Vanderlande has been a certified SAP partner since 2003.
                          • MARKET SEGMENT: Fashion

                          • The dynamics of the fashion industry are changing significantly and the market is expanding faster than ever. Consumers not only want to have access to the latest trends, but also enjoy a discerning shopping experience. This concerns buying as well as returning products, even to a location they have chosen themselves.

                            This presents fashion warehouses with a unique set of challenges. These include the increased pressure to handle rising operational costs, linked to a lack of available workforce, intensive training for operators and the need for shorter lead times. In the fashion industry, you also have to cope with unpredictable demand and seasonal trends, as well as handling a high volume of returns. The fast-moving nature of the market means that you must meet consumer expectations instantly and respond with the right product at the right time and place.

                            At Vanderlande, we understand the complexities of running a successful fashion business. As such, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. Theyare designed to efficiently handle returns, flexibly cope with seasonal and fast-changing trends, andcan be easily scaled up.

                              • MARKET SEGMENT: General merchandise

                              • Consumers demand speed, accuracy and flexibility throughout the ordering and delivery process. Warehouses face increased pressure to handle rising operational costs linked to a lack of available workforce, intensive training of operators, expanding ranges of SKUs, and variable order sizes with frequent short delivery times. At all times, fulfilling thousands of orders and delivering a positive customer experience are vital. Warehouses must also factor in a combination of both store-friendly and home deliveries.

                                In matching the growth of your markets, your warehouse can reach its limit sooner than expected. In such a situation, an investment in fast and scalable solutions is critical.

                                At Vanderlande, we understand the complexities of running a successful warehousing operation. As such, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They will support you through an integrated portfolio of innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

                                  • MARKET SEGMENT: Food retail

                                  • In today’s food retail market, consumers demand fresh, high-quality products, and excellent service. They expect their shopping experience to be stress-free with a high availability of products.

                                    As a result of increasing consumer demands, food retailers must cope with the growing volumes of diversified stock and multiple store formats. E-commerce requirements must also be factored into distribution centre (DC) processes.

                                    The expanding number of SKUs means that efficient space utilisation in the stores is another vital consideration. Stores have strict budgets and need their deliveries on time and full shelves in the store. With this in mind, employees are faced with added pressure in the back of the store when it comes to splitting pallets and roll containers, which leaves them little time to assist customers.

                                    At Vanderlande, we understand the complexities of running a successful food retail business. As such, we have defined the next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions. They are designed to deliver the highest level of flexibility and scalability, and can facilitate store-friendly deliveries.

                                      • Airport Baggage handling

                                      • Reliable partner for value-added automated baggage handling solutions
                                        Vanderlande provides fast, safe and robust solutions for the transportation, storage and sortation of baggage, from check-in to make-up, as well as for transfer and arrival baggage.
                                        The optimum performance of Vanderlande’s integrated baggage handling systems is highlighted by its combined approach, covering innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. The company can provide initial business and logistical planning, concept analysis and design, through to reliable project execution and lifetime operational support.

                                        Reliable partner
                                        Vanderlande is responsible for the installation of more than 1,000 baggage handling systems at 600 locations worldwide, from major international hubs to smaller regional airports. The company is the market leader in automated baggage handling solutions. It is renowned for its unrivalled experience, and a wide range of products and services that can be used to create the optimum solution. It is also the only supplier to offer and integrate all advanced technologies, including robotics, security screening, vision technology and RFID.

                                        Value-added baggage handling
                                        Each Vanderlande system is tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. No two airports are the same in terms of layout and distances, traffic volumes and patterns, the percentage of transfer passengers and numerous other factors. That’s why there are no standard baggage handling concepts – only the most reliable solution for each individual facility.
                                          •  Parcel and postal

                                          • Reliable partner for value-added automated parcel handling solutions
                                            Vanderlande integrates and supplies fully automated systems for parcel-sorting centres. Its wide range of solutions caters for all sizes of hubs and depots, and covers the entire process – from arrival and unloading, to sorting, loading and onward transportation.

                                            Reliable partner
                                            With an impressive track record and more than 500 satisfied customers, Vanderlande is a leading supplier of automated parcel handling solutions. It works closely with customers to meet their requirements and has extensive international experience in the industry.
                                            Its market-leading approach satisfies the needs of the world’s largest express parcel companies, such as DHL, UPS and FedEx. National-based operators, such as Bartolini BRT and Trans-o-flex, have also benefitted from Vanderlande’s automated sortation systems.
                                            The company’s expertise has enabled it to build solid relationships with 15 of the top 25 postal operators. It is continuing to invest in parcel systems, with almost 20% of its revenue coming from this segment of the market. Vanderlande has executed successful projects for national operators, such as Austria Post, Swiss Post and Royal Mail, and its products are already sorting more than one million parcels per hour.

                                            Value-added automated parcel handling
                                            Vanderlande is a one-stop shop for innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. Its integrated approach extends from an analysis of the initial business process to a comprehensive life-cycle support programme, and results in an optimum performance throughout the system’s lifetime.
                                            In addition to state-of-the-art technology, Vanderlande has a strong focus on providing real-time process and system intelligence using IT solutions. This enables maximum efficiency of sorting processes and continuous improvement of operations. The company’s systems provide:
                                            • the most cost-effective solution
                                            • the best product handling
                                            • high performance and reliability
                                            • maximum transparency of internal processes and product flows.
                                              •  Life-cycle services

                                              • In a constantly evolving business environment, Vanderlande’s customers need the support of flexible partners committed to their specific requirements. Every day more than 100 of the company’s service teams are actively supporting its customers’ system maintenance, logistics management and business improvement processes on a global basis.

                                                As a reliable partner for over 65 years, Vanderlande believes that delivering its industry leading services tailored to customers’ needs is the only way to add real value. These integrated future-proof solutions provide efficient and sustainable benefits to ensure their businesses run smoothly and profitably. In boosting customers’ performance and competitiveness in the market, it allows them to focus on achieving their strategic goals.

                                                Vanderlande offers different levels of partnership, from being a full business partner or dedicated logistics partner, to an experienced service partner providing and supplying maintenance solutions to the customer.